Latest Area Information for Santa/Father Christmas, Santa's Grotto, Reindeerland, XM4 5HQ

Santa's Grotto, Reindeerland, XM4 5HQ is home to Father Christmas, as well as the many Elves who help to run the top secret research centre, factory, and Santa residence.

Unfortunately, we are unable to give a precise location on the map for this postcode - the location is known only to Elves, reindeer, Santa himself and his overworked postman. The Royal Mail estimates that this postcode has received over 200,000 letters in Christmas 2013.

Basic Information

Area Type Isolated
Climate Cold, Snowy
Approximate Location North Pole
Delivery Times (Inbound) Post your lists early for the best chance of a reply
Delivery Times (Outbound) One delivery slot available (eve of December 24th-25th). All postcodes delivered to.

Housing Types Back to Top

This area is unusual for a high concentration of grottos, a building type rarely seen in the United Kingdom

Housing Types
Detached 0
Semi-Detached 0
Terraced 0
Flats 0
Grotto 1
Total 1

Species Back to Top

The North Pole is home to a healthy variety of species who play their part in the local economy. Apart from Santa and Mrs. Claus, the area has an extremely large population of Elves, reindeer, snowmen and other Christmas creatures.

Elves 10,000
Reindeerinc. those not employed in sleigh-pulling 1,000
Snowmenexcluding abominable snowman, see Yeti 100
Yeti 100
Santa Claus 1
Mrs. Claus 1
Total 11,202

Passport(s) Held Back to Top

Santa gets around a lot, and as a major celebrity has been bestowed honourary citizenship the world over. Santa also doesn't like to wait around at airports, so has been granted special dispensation to fly the world over by private sleigh, one night a year.

Passport(s) Held
All of Them 1

Employment Industry Back to Top

An operation as big as that at Santa's grotto requires a sizeable workforce. As well as the production of presents, lists need to be maintained, sleighs tuned and reindeer fed.

Employment Industry
Sleigh Pullinginc. Rudolf 9
Toy Making 9,000
Administrationinc. list making, inventory management 1,000
Delivery & Managementinc. list checking (twice), sleigh piloting 1
Total 10,010