The StreetCheck API

Due to high levels of fraudulent access and non-payment, the API has been permanently closed to new signups, starting 14th November 2018. The ongoing costs of running the API when combined with the costs of dealing with bad debts were exceeding the income generated from legitimate API customers, and so the decision has been taken to remove the API functionality from public access.

We are not accepting new customers under any circumstances. Unfortunately, we will not accept requests from potential customers for any reason or under any conditions, guarantees, contracts or offers of pre-payment. The closure is permanent and completely non-negotiable.

Our data is largely sourced from open datasets, so we encourage you to use the free data directly published by the government at and the ONS Open Geography portal. We also have details of other open datasets on our Data Sources page. We do not recommend that you scrape data directly from our website as we have strong countermeasures in place against scraping and the bulk access of data, which can lead to access being blocked permanently and without notice.

Existing API customers are not affected, and will still be able to use the API indefinitely, as long as the account is in active use. We may remove dormant accounts on occasion, having first contacted the customer to establish if access is still required. If you are an existing customer and want to find out more, you may contact us here. API documentation for existing customers is still available by logging into your account.

Thank you for your understanding.