All Postcodes in the YO61 Postcode District

Below are all of the active postcodes that we currently have on file for the YO61 postcode district. The list also includes expired postcodes that we may have data for (those that have been discontinued by Royal Mail). We maintain several years of data on expired codes. Click here to view demographic information about YO61 as a whole.

Note: Some postcodes may be listed as "Large User" - this indicates that they are assigned to large businesses and similar entities, rather than residential homes. While we often have data on the areas in which these postcodes exist, some are not tied to a particular place, so data on these may be more limited.

Jack Hole, Alne, York, YO61 1AA
Woodbyne Way, Stillington, York, YO61 1AD
Soutersfield, Stillington, York, YO61 1AF
Inhams Fold, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1DE
Sterne Way, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1DG
Harland Close, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1DH
The Gowans, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1DJ
The Gowans, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1DL
Main Street, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1DN
Main Street, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1DP
Grey Close, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1DQ
The Green, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1DR
West End, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1DS
Huby Road, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1DT
South View, Huby Road, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1DU
Main Street, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1DW
Coombes Close, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1DX
Huby Road, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1DY
York Road, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1DZ
York Road, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1EA
Carr Lane, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1EB
Well Lane, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1ED
Well Lane, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1EE
Well Lane, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1EF
Well Lane, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1EG
Stillington Road, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1EH
Stillington Road, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1EJ
York, YO61 1EL (No Longer In Use)
York Road, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1EN
York Road, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1EP
Stillington Road, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1EQ
York Road, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1ER
York Road, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1ES
Goose Lane, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1ET
Carr Lane, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1EU
Jacobs Court, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1EW
East Moor, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1EX
Carr Lane, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1EY
Newton Farm Court, York Road, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1EZ
Walton Close, Huby, York, YO61 1HA
Skates Lane, Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1HB
Sutton Road, Huby, York, YO61 1HD
Brown Moor Lane, Huby, York, YO61 1HE
Sutton Road, Huby, York, YO61 1HF
Robin Lane, Huby, York, YO61 1HH
Easingwold Road, Huby, York, YO61 1HJ
Easingwold Road, Huby, York, YO61 1HL
Easingwold Road, Huby, York, YO61 1HN
Tally Hill, Huby, York, YO61 1HP
Main Street, Huby, York, YO61 1HQ
Gracious Street, Huby, York, YO61 1HR
Main Street, Huby, York, YO61 1HS
Tollerton Road, Huby, York, YO61 1HT
Tollerton Road, Huby, York, YO61 1HU
Stillington Road, Huby, York, YO61 1HW
Tollerton Road, Huby, York, YO61 1HX
South View, Tollerton Road, Huby, York, YO61 1HY
Tollerton Road, Huby, York, YO61 1HZ
Tollerton Road, Huby, York, YO61 1JA
Tollerton Road, Huby, York, YO61 1JB
Tollerton Road, Huby, York, YO61 1JD
Tollerton Road, Huby, York, YO61 1JE
Shaw Crescent, Huby, York, YO61 1JF
Maple Lane, Huby, York, YO61 1JG
York, YO61 1JH (No Longer In Use)
White Rose Close, Easingwold Road, Huby, York, YO61 1JL
Parkfield, Stillington, York, YO61 1JN
Parkfield, Stillington, York, YO61 1JP
Maple Croft, Huby, York, YO61 1JQ
Parkfield, Stillington, York, YO61 1JR
Main Street, Stillington, York, YO61 1JS
Mossey Terrace, Stillington, York, YO61 1JT
Main Street, Stillington, York, YO61 1JU
Parkfield, Stillington, York, YO61 1JW
The Green, Stillington, York, YO61 1JX
The Green, Stillington, York, YO61 1JY
Main Street, Stillington, York, YO61 1JZ
Main Street, Stillington, York, YO61 1LA
Sycamore Terrace, Main Street, Stillington, York, YO61 1LB
Carr View, High Street, Stillington, York, YO61 1LD
South View, High Street, Stillington, York, YO61 1LE
High Street, Stillington, York, YO61 1LF
High Street, Stillington, York, YO61 1LG
York Road, Stillington, York, YO61 1LH
York Road, Stillington, York, YO61 1LJ
North Back Lane, Stillington, York, YO61 1LL
North Back Lane, Stillington, York, YO61 1LN
West View, Easingwold Road, Stillington, York, YO61 1LP
York, YO61 1LQ (No Longer In Use)
Easingwold Road, Stillington, York, YO61 1LR
Easingwold Road, Stillington, York, YO61 1LS
Easingwold Road, Stillington, York, YO61 1LT
Stillington, York, YO61 1LU
Back Lane, Stillington, York, YO61 1LW
Stillington, York, YO61 1LX
Stillington, York, YO61 1LY
Lundgreen Lane, Huby, York, YO61 1LZ
Stillington, York, YO61 1NA
Stillington, York, YO61 1NB
South Back Lane, Stillington, York, YO61 1ND
Chantry Gardens, Stillington, York, YO61 1NF
Mill Lane, Stillington, York, YO61 1NG
Marton in the Forest, Stillington, York, YO61 1NH
Farlington, York, YO61 1NJ
Farlington, York, YO61 1NL
Thompson Garth, Stillington, York, YO61 1NN
Farlington, York, YO61 1NP
Mill Lane, Stillington, York, YO61 1NQ
Farlington, York, YO61 1NR
Farlington, York, YO61 1NS
Marton in the Forest, Stillington, York, YO61 1NT
Marton in the Forest, Stillington, York, YO61 1NU
Farlington, York, YO61 1NW
Stillington, York, YO61 1NX
Brandsby Road, Stillington, York, YO61 1NY
Ings View, Tollerton, York, YO61 1PR
Tollerton, York, YO61 1PS
Chestnut Meadows, Tollerton, York, YO61 1PT
South Back Lane, Tollerton, York, YO61 1PU
The Green, Tollerton, York, YO61 1PX
Back Lane, Tollerton, York, YO61 1PY
Back Lane, Tollerton, York, YO61 1PZ
Alne Road, Tollerton, York, YO61 1QA
White House Close, Tollerton, York, YO61 1QB
Alne Road, Tollerton, York, YO61 1QD
Tennis Court Lane, Tollerton, York, YO61 1QE
Forge Cottages, Tollerton, York, YO61 1QF
Pinfold Terrace, Tollerton, York, YO61 1QG
Tollerton, York, YO61 1QH
Youlton, Tollerton, York, YO61 1QJ
Youlton, Tollerton, York, YO61 1QL
Youlton, Tollerton, York, YO61 1QN
Forge Lane, Tollerton, York, YO61 1QP
Tollerton, York, YO61 1QQ
Moorlands Lane, Tollerton, York, YO61 1QR
Church Close, Tollerton, York, YO61 1QS
Newton Road, Tollerton, York, YO61 1QT
Kyle Close, Tollerton, York, YO61 1QU
Hambleton View, Tollerton, York, YO61 1QW
Newton Road, Tollerton, York, YO61 1QX
Newton Road, Tollerton, York, YO61 1QY
York Road, Tollerton, York, YO61 1QZ
York Road, Tollerton, York, YO61 1RA
Cross Lanes, Tollerton, York, YO61 1RB
Station Road, Tollerton, York, YO61 1RD
Sykes Lane, Tollerton, York, YO61 1RE
Jubilee Court, Tollerton, York, YO61 1RF
Warehill Lane, Tollerton, York, YO61 1RG
Station Court, Tollerton, York, YO61 1RH
Sadlers Court, Alne, York, YO61 1RJ
Thornhill Wind, Alne, York, YO61 1RL
Hallgarth, Alne, York, YO61 1RN
Main Street, Alne, York, YO61 1RP
Mitchell Lane, Alne, York, YO61 1RQ
Main Street, Alne, York, YO61 1RR
Main Street, Alne, York, YO61 1RS
Main Street, Alne, York, YO61 1RT
St Marys View, Alne, York, YO61 1RU
Maltings Court, Alne, York, YO61 1RW
Alne, York, YO61 1RX
Monk Green, Alne, York, YO61 1RY
Avenue Cottages, Alne, York, YO61 1RZ
Alne, York, YO61 1SA
Youlton Lane, Alne, York, YO61 1SB
Alne Cross, Alne, York, YO61 1SD
Flawith Road, Alne, York, YO61 1SE
Flawith, Alne, York, YO61 1SF
Flawith Road, Tholthorpe, York, YO61 1SG
Tholthorpe, York, YO61 1SH
York, YO61 1SJ (No Longer In Use)
Tholthorpe, York, YO61 1SL
Tholthorpe, York, YO61 1SN
Tholthorpe, York, YO61 1SP
Fleet Bank Lane, Tollerton, York, YO61 1SQ
Moor Lane Industrial Estate, Tholthorpe, York, YO61 1SR
Tholthorpe, York, YO61 1SS
Tholthorpe, York, YO61 1ST
Derrings Lane, Tholthorpe, York, YO61 1SU
The Green, Tholthorpe, York, YO61 1SW
The Orchard, Tholthorpe, York, YO61 1SX
Braviners Row, Main Street, Alne, York, YO61 1TA
Main Street, Alne, York, YO61 1TB
Main Street, Alne, York, YO61 1TD
Home Farm Court, Alne, York, YO61 1TE
Hill Top Cottages, Alne, York, YO61 1TF
Alne, York, YO61 1TG
Gale Road, Alne, York, YO61 1TH
Back Lane, Alne, York, YO61 1TJ
York, YO61 1TL (No Longer In Use)
Snowfield Lane, Alne, York, YO61 1TN
Station Road, Alne, York, YO61 1TP
Gale Garth, Alne, York, YO61 1TQ
Station Road, Alne, York, YO61 1TR
Station Road, Alne, York, YO61 1TS
Forest Lane, Alne, York, YO61 1TT
Forest Lane, Alne, York, YO61 1TU
Forest Lane, Alne, York, YO61 1TW
Aldwark, Alne, York, YO61 1TX
Aldwark, Alne, York, YO61 1TY
York, YO61 1TZ (No Longer In Use)
Aldwark, Alne, York, YO61 1UA
Aldwark, Alne, York, YO61 1UB
Aldwark, Alne, York, YO61 1UD
Aldwark, Alne, York, YO61 1UE
Aldwark, Alne, York, YO61 1UF
York, YO61 1WA (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 1WB (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 1WD (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 1WE (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 1WF (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 1WG (No Longer In Use)
Sutton-on-the-Forest, York, YO61 1WH (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 1WN (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 1WP (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 1WQ (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 1WR (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 1WS (No Longer In Use)
Alne, York, YO61 1WT (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 1WU (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 1WW (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 1WX (No Longer In Use)
Alne, York, YO61 1WY
York, YO61 1WZ (No Longer In Use)
Bell Lane, Huby, York, YO61 1YA
West Villas, Bell Lane, Huby, York, YO61 1YB
Horner Avenue, Huby, York, YO61 1YD
Horner Close, Huby, York, YO61 1YE
Chapel Court, Huby, York, YO61 1YF
Paddock Close, Tollerton Road, Huby, York, YO61 1YG
York, YO61 1YH (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 1YL (No Longer In Use)
Huby, York, YO61 1YN
York, YO61 1YT (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 1YU (No Longer In Use)
Huby, York, YO61 1YW
York, YO61 1YX (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 1YY (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 1YZ (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 1ZU (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 1ZW (No Longer In Use)
Dunroyal Close, Helperby, York, YO61 2NH
St Peters Close, Brafferton, York, YO61 2NP
The Maltings, Helperby, York, YO61 2NQ
The Orchards, Brafferton, York, YO61 2NR
Main Street, Helperby, York, YO61 2NS
Main Street, Helperby, York, YO61 2NT
Bridge Street, Helperby, York, YO61 2NU
Brafferton Hall Gardens, Brafferton, York, YO61 2NW
Bridge Street, Brafferton, York, YO61 2NX
Hall Lane, Brafferton, York, YO61 2NY
Brafferton, York, YO61 2NZ
School Terrace, Brafferton, York, YO61 2PA
Boroughbridge Road, Brafferton, York, YO61 2PB
Boroughbridge Road, Brafferton, York, YO61 2PD
Chestnut Row, Raskelf Road, Brafferton, York, YO61 2PE
Raskelf Road, Brafferton, York, YO61 2PF
Raskelf Road, Helperby, York, YO61 2PG
Helperby, York, YO61 2PH
Drury Lane, Helperby, York, YO61 2PJ
Back Lane, Helperby, York, YO61 2PL
The Leas, Helperby, York, YO61 2PN
Park View, Main Street, Helperby, York, YO61 2PP
Brafferton, York, YO61 2PQ
Main Street, Helperby, York, YO61 2PR
Main Street, Helperby, York, YO61 2PS
Main Street, Helperby, York, YO61 2PT
Tofts Lane, Helperby, York, YO61 2PU
Main Street, Helperby, York, YO61 2PW
Swale View, Helperby, York, YO61 2PX
Dunroyal, Helperby, York, YO61 2PY
Balk Avenue, Helperby, York, YO61 2PZ
Manor Drive, Brafferton, York, YO61 2QA
Boroughbridge Road, Brafferton, York, YO61 2QB
Pilmoor Road, Brafferton, York, YO61 2QD
Pilmoor, York, YO61 2QE
Pilmoor, York, YO61 2QF
Pilmoor, York, YO61 2QG
Pilmoor, York, YO61 2QH
The Oaks, Brafferton, York, YO61 2QJ
Fox Garth, Brafferton, York, YO61 2QL
Birchwood Gardens, Brafferton, York, YO61 2QN
Helperby, York, YO61 2QP
Pilmoor Cottages, Pilmoor, York, YO61 2QQ
Helperby, York, YO61 2QR
Helperby, York, YO61 2QS
Helperby, York, YO61 2QT
Myton on Swale, York, YO61 2QU
Myton on Swale, York, YO61 2QX
Myton on Swale, York, YO61 2QY
Myton on Swale, York, YO61 2QZ
Moor Lane, Myton on Swale, York, YO61 2RA
Haddocks Lane, Myton on Swale, York, YO61 2RB
Hall Lane, Myton on Swale, York, YO61 2RD
Pasture Lane, Helperby, York, YO61 2RE
Raskelf Road, Brafferton, York, YO61 2RF
Moorhouse Lane, Helperby, York, YO61 2RG
Thornton Bridge, Helperby, York, YO61 2RH
Cundall, York, YO61 2RJ
Cundall, York, YO61 2RL
Cundall, York, YO61 2RN
Swale Avenue, Cundall, York, YO61 2RP
Fawdington, Helperby, York, YO61 2RQ
Norton Le Clay, York, YO61 2RR
Norton Le Clay, York, YO61 2RS
Norton Le Clay, York, YO61 2RT
Helperby, York, YO61 2RU
Cundall, York, YO61 2RW
Humberton, Helperby, York, YO61 2RX
Helperby, York, YO61 2RY
Humberton, Helperby, York, YO61 2RZ
Helperby, York, YO61 2SA
Treblesykes Houses, Helperby, York, YO61 2SB
Raskelf Road, Brafferton, York, YO61 2SE
Cundall, York, YO61 2SF
York, YO61 2WY (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 2WZ (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 2YZ (No Longer In Use)
Market Place, Easingwold, York, YO61 3AA
Market Place, Easingwold, York, YO61 3AB
Market Place, Easingwold, York, YO61 3AD
Chapel Street, Easingwold, York, YO61 3AE
Chapel Street, Easingwold, York, YO61 3AF
Market Place, Easingwold, York, YO61 3AG
Little Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3AH
Kilburn Terrace, Easingwold, York, YO61 3AJ
Market Place, Easingwold, York, YO61 3AL
Market Place, Easingwold, York, YO61 3AN
Bonneycroft Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3AP
Little Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3AQ
Bonneycroft Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3AR
Manor Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3AS
Manor Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3AT
Manor Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3AU
Bonneycroft Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3AW
Old Coach Yard, Easingwold, York, YO61 3AX
York, YO61 3AY (No Longer In Use)
Church Hill, Easingwold, York, YO61 3AZ
York, YO61 3BA (No Longer In Use)
Uppleby, Easingwold, York, YO61 3BB
Uppleby, Easingwold, York, YO61 3BD
Back Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3BE
Barley Court, Back Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3BF
Back Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3BG
York, YO61 3BH (No Longer In Use)
Spring Street, Easingwold, York, YO61 3BJ
Spring Street, Easingwold, York, YO61 3BL
Spring Street, Easingwold, York, YO61 3BN
Back Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3BP
Uppleby, Easingwold, York, YO61 3BQ
Park Close, Easingwold, York, YO61 3BR
Paddock Rise, Easingwold, York, YO61 3BS
Paradise Field, Easingwold, York, YO61 3BT
Crabmill Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3BU
Back Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3BW
Crabmill Close, Easingwold, York, YO61 3BX
Hopwith Close, Easingwold, York, YO61 3BY
Kellbalk Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3BZ
Croft Close, Easingwold, York, YO61 3DA
Croft Close, Easingwold, York, YO61 3DB
Crabmill Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3DD
Crabmill Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3DE
Crabmill Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3DF
Crabmill Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3DG
Central Avenue, Easingwold, York, YO61 3DH
Galtres Drive, Easingwold, York, YO61 3DJ
Galtres Drive, Easingwold, York, YO61 3DL
Galtres Drive, Easingwold, York, YO61 3DN
Meadowfields Close, Easingwold, York, YO61 3DP
West Avenue, Easingwold, York, YO61 3DQ
Meadowfields Close, Easingwold, York, YO61 3DR
Easingwold, York, YO61 3DS
Leasmires Avenue, Easingwold, York, YO61 3DT
Leasmires Avenue, Easingwold, York, YO61 3DU
East Avenue, Easingwold, York, YO61 3DW
Stillington Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3DX
Stillington Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3DY (No Longer In Use)
Stillington Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3DZ
York, YO61 3EA (No Longer In Use)
York Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3EB
York Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3ED
Hambleton Way, Easingwold, York, YO61 3EE
York Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3EF
Hawkhills, Easingwold, York, YO61 3EG
York Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3EH
York Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3EJ
York Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3EL
York Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3EN
York, YO61 3EP (No Longer In Use)
York Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3EQ
Blackwoods, Easingwold, York, YO61 3ER
Stillington Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3ES
Stillington Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3ET
Penny Carr Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3EU
Hawkhills, Easingwold, York, YO61 3EW
Hambleton Close, Easingwold, York, YO61 3EX
Hambleton Garth, Easingwold, York, YO61 3EY
Rosemary Court, Easingwold, York, YO61 3EZ
Oaklands Way, Easingwold, York, YO61 3FA
Birch Way, Easingwold, York, YO61 3FB
Orchard Close, Easingwold, York, YO61 3FD
Hawkhills, Easingwold, York, YO61 3FE
Manor Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3FG
Longbridge Drive, Easingwold, York, YO61 3FH
Longbridge Close, Easingwold, York, YO61 3FJ
George Long Mews, Easingwold, York, YO61 3FL
Blacksmith Court, Easingwold, York, YO61 3FN
Oxmoor Place, Easingwold, York, YO61 3FP
Deira Court, Easingwold, York, YO61 3FQ
Hurns Way, Easingwold, York, YO61 3FR
York Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3FS
Driffield Avenue, Easingwold, York, YO61 3FT
Howlett Close, Easingwold, York, YO61 3FU
Suskers Close, Easingwold, York, YO61 3FW
Clayhithe Mews, Easingwold, York, YO61 3FX
Joseph Hutchinson Place, Easingwold, York, YO61 3FY
Coachmans Court, Easingwold, York, YO61 3FZ
Tiplady Close, Easingwold, York, YO61 3GA
Whiteoak Avenue, Easingwold, York, YO61 3GB
Showfield Drive, Easingwold, York, YO61 3GD
Catherine Love Drive, Easingwold, York, YO61 3GE
Prospect Avenue, Easingwold, York, YO61 3GF
Chase Garth Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3GG
Wilkinsons Court, Easingwold, York, YO61 3GH
Low Medstone Drive, Easingwold, York, YO61 3GJ
Stone Cross Court, Easingwold, York, YO61 3GL
Lockwood Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3GN
Stillington Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3GP
Hunters Close, Easingwold, York, YO61 3GQ
Long Street, Easingwold, York, YO61 3GR
Stillington Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3GS
Cowling Court, Easingwold, York, YO61 3GW
Gill Croft Court, Easingwold, York, YO61 3GX
St Monicas Court, Easingwold, York, YO61 3GY
St Monicas Garth, Easingwold, York, YO61 3GZ
St Monicas Place, Easingwold, York, YO61 3HA
The Spinney, Easingwold, York, YO61 3HB
Tanpit Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3HD
Church Avenue, Easingwold, York, YO61 3HE
Church Street, Easingwold, York, YO61 3HF
St Johns Mount, Thirsk Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3HG
Gill Croft, Easingwold, York, YO61 3HH
Thirsk Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3HJ
Thirsk Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3HL
Thirsk Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3HN
Husthwaite Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3HP
Thirsk Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3HQ
Husthwaite Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3HR
Long Street, Easingwold, York, YO61 3HS
Long Street, Easingwold, York, YO61 3HT
Long Street, Easingwold, York, YO61 3HU
Thirsk Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3HW
Long Street, Easingwold, York, YO61 3HX
Long Street, Easingwold, York, YO61 3HY
York, YO61 3HZ (No Longer In Use)
Long Street, Easingwold, York, YO61 3JA
Long Street, Easingwold, York, YO61 3JB
Long Street, Easingwold, York, YO61 3JD
Stillington Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3JE
York Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3JF
Stillington Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3JG
Buckden Close, Easingwold, York, YO61 3JH
Sandholme Close, Easingwold, York, YO61 3JJ
Thornton Close, Easingwold, York, YO61 3JL
Oxenby Place, Easingwold, York, YO61 3JN
Millfield Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3JP
Ingleton Drive, Easingwold, York, YO61 3JQ
Millfield Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3JR
Church Hill, Easingwold, York, YO61 3JS
Church Hill, Easingwold, York, YO61 3JT
Church Hill, Easingwold, York, YO61 3JU
Station Court, Easingwold, York, YO61 3JW
Church Hill, Easingwold, York, YO61 3JX
Raskelf Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3JY
Alne Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3JZ
Raskelf Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3LA
Raskelf, York, YO61 3LB
The Green, Raskelf, York, YO61 3LD
The Green, Raskelf, York, YO61 3LE
North End, Raskelf, York, YO61 3LF
Raskelf, York, YO61 3LG
Raskelf, York, YO61 3LH
Raskelf, York, YO61 3LJ
Raskelf, York, YO61 3LL
Raskelf, York, YO61 3LN
Hebdon Court, Easingwold, York, YO61 3LP
The Green, Raskelf, York, YO61 3LQ
Raskelf, York, YO61 3LR
Raskelf, York, YO61 3LS
Back Lane, Raskelf, York, YO61 3LT
West Moor Lane, Raskelf, York, YO61 3LU
Raskelf, York, YO61 3LW
Knott Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3LX
The Nurseries, Easingwold, York, YO61 3LY
Apple Garth, Easingwold, York, YO61 3LZ
Stonefield Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3NA
North Moor, Easingwold, York, YO61 3NB
Thirsk Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3ND
Millfield Rise, Easingwold, York, YO61 3NE
Thirsk Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3NF
Thirsk Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3NG
Thirsk Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3NH
Thirsk Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3NJ
Mill Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3NL
Dawnay Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3NN
Drovers Court, Easingwold, York, YO61 3NP
Thirsk Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3NQ
Stonefield Avenue, Easingwold, York, YO61 3NR
Conroy Close, Long Street, Easingwold, York, YO61 3NS
York, YO61 3NT (No Longer In Use)
Crankley Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3NU
Stonefield Garth, Easingwold, York, YO61 3NW
Low Crankley, Easingwold, York, YO61 3NX
Low Crankley, Easingwold, York, YO61 3NY
Low Crankley, Easingwold, York, YO61 3NZ
The Lund, Easingwold, York, YO61 3PA
The Lund, Easingwold, York, YO61 3PB
Alne Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3PD
Forest Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3PE
Forest Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3PF
York Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3PG
New Inn Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3PH
Pebble Court, Stonefield Avenue, Easingwold, York, YO61 3PJ
Galtres Mews, East Avenue, Easingwold, York, YO61 3PL
Crayke Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3PN
Sunny Bank, Oulston Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3PP
York Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3PQ
Oulston Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3PR
Oulston Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3PS
Oulston Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3PT
Myra Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3PU
Mill Mount, Crayke Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3PW
Oulston, York, YO61 3PX
Thornton Hill, Easingwold, York, YO61 3PY
York, YO61 3PZ (No Longer In Use)
Thornton Hill, Easingwold, York, YO61 3QA
Thornton Hill, Easingwold, York, YO61 3QB
North Moor Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3QD
North Moor Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3QE
Husthwaite Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3QF
Husthwaite Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3QG
Dove Court, Easingwold, York, YO61 3QH
Craykefields, Easingwold, York, YO61 3QJ
Highland Court, Easingwold, York, YO61 3QL
White Horse View, Copperclay Walk, Easingwold, York, YO61 3QN
Tylers Walk, Crabmill Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3QP
Thornlands, Easingwold, York, YO61 3QQ
Woodyard Court, Easingwold, York, YO61 3QR
Carpenters Court, Easingwold, York, YO61 3QS
Gatenby Garth, Easingwold, York, YO61 3QT
Cedar Place, Easingwold, York, YO61 3QU
Bannister Court, Back Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3QW
Regent Drive, Easingwold, York, YO61 3QX
Abbott Close, Easingwold, York, YO61 3QY
Post Office Slip, Manor Road, Easingwold, York, YO61 3QZ
Oulston, York, YO61 3RA
Oulston, York, YO61 3RB
Oulston, York, YO61 3RD
Oulston, York, YO61 3RE
Oulston, York, YO61 3RF
Oulston, York, YO61 3RG
Tower Croft, Easingwold, York, YO61 3RP
Oulston, York, YO61 3RQ
Penny Lane, Easingwold, York, YO61 3RR
Barns Wray, Easingwold, York, YO61 3RS
Lime Tree Avenue, Easingwold, York, YO61 3RT
Copperclay Walk, Easingwold, York, YO61 3RU
Woodside Close, Easingwold, York, YO61 3RW
Rowan Avenue, Easingwold, York, YO61 3RX
Mallison Hill Drive, Easingwold, York, YO61 3RY
Larch Rise, Easingwold, York, YO61 3RZ
Somerset Pastures, North End, Raskelf, York, YO61 3UF
Roedeer Cottages, Raskelf, York, YO61 3UY
Moorfields, West Moor Lane, Raskelf, York, YO61 3UZ
York, YO61 3WA (No Longer In Use)
Easingwold, York, YO61 3WB (No Longer In Use)
Raskelf, York, YO61 3WQ (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 3WR (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 3WS (No Longer In Use)
Easingwold, York, YO61 3WT (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 3WU (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 3WW (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 3WX (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 3WY (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 3WZ (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 3YF (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 3YG (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 3YH (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 3YJ (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 3YL (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 3YN (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 3YP (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 3YQ (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 3YR (No Longer In Use)
Easingwold, York, YO61 3YS
Easingwold, York, YO61 3YT
York, YO61 3YW (No Longer In Use)
Easingwold, York, YO61 3YX
York, YO61 3YY (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 3YZ (No Longer In Use)
Market Place, Easingwold, York, YO61 3ZW (No Longer In Use)
Coxwold, York, YO61 4AA
Coxwold, York, YO61 4AB
Coxwold, York, YO61 4AD
Husthwaite Road, Coxwold, York, YO61 4AE
Kilburn Road, Coxwold, York, YO61 4AF
Kilburn, York, YO61 4AG
Kilburn, York, YO61 4AH
High Kilburn, York, YO61 4AJ
Kilburn, York, YO61 4AL
Kilburn, York, YO61 4AN
East View, Coxwold, York, YO61 4AP
Elmfield Terrace, Kilburn, York, YO61 4AQ
High Town Bank Road, Kilburn, York, YO61 4AR
Newburgh, Coxwold, York, YO61 4AS
Newburgh, Coxwold, York, YO61 4AT
Newburgh, Coxwold, York, YO61 4AU
Kilburn Court, Kilburn, York, YO61 4AW
Wass, York, YO61 4AX
Wass, York, YO61 4AY
Coxwold, York, YO61 4BB
Byland Abbey, Coxwold, York, YO61 4BD
Wass, York, YO61 4BE
New Row, Wass, York, YO61 4BG
Hambleton Lane, Wass, York, YO61 4BH
Oldstead, York, YO61 4BJ
Main Street, Oldstead, York, YO61 4BL
Oldstead, York, YO61 4BN
Oldstead, York, YO61 4BP
Wass, York, YO61 4BQ
Coxwold, York, YO61 4BR
Oldstead, York, YO61 4BW
Thormanby, York, YO61 4NL
Thormanby, York, YO61 4NN
Birdforth, Easingwold, York, YO61 4NW
Prospect Terrace, Husthwaite, York, YO61 4PA
Husthwaite, York, YO61 4PB
Husthwaite, York, YO61 4PD
York, YO61 4PE (No Longer In Use)
Husthwaite, York, YO61 4PF
Husthwaite, York, YO61 4PG
Husthwaite, York, YO61 4PH
Husthwaite, York, YO61 4PJ
Highthorne Lane, Husthwaite, York, YO61 4PL
Husthwaite, York, YO61 4PN
Husthwaite, York, YO61 4PQ
Prospect Cottages, Husthwaite, York, YO61 4PT
Prospect Cottages, Husthwaite, York, YO61 4PU
Husthwaite, York, YO61 4PW
Husthwaite, York, YO61 4PX
The Nookin, Husthwaite, York, YO61 4PY
Elphin View, Husthwaite, York, YO61 4PZ
Low Street, Husthwaite, York, YO61 4QA
Castle Cottage, Husthwaite, York, YO61 4QB
West Terrace, Husthwaite, York, YO61 4QD
East View, Husthwaite, York, YO61 4QE
Husthwaite, York, YO61 4QF
Husthwaite, York, YO61 4QG
Husthwaite, York, YO61 4QH
Husthwaite, York, YO61 4QQ
Brandsby, York, YO61 4RA
Dale Cottages, Brandsby, York, YO61 4RB
High Side, Brandsby, York, YO61 4RD
Woodside, Brandsby, York, YO61 4RE
Yearsley Road, Brandsby, York, YO61 4RF
Brandsby, York, YO61 4RG
The Avenue, Brandsby, York, YO61 4RH
Rectory Corner, Brandsby, York, YO61 4RJ
Olivers View, Brandsby, York, YO61 4RL
Brandsby, York, YO61 4RN
Crayke Road, Brandsby, York, YO61 4RP
Brandsby, York, YO61 4RQ
Crayke Road, Brandsby, York, YO61 4RR
Stillington Road, Brandsby, York, YO61 4RS
Stillington Road, Brandsby, York, YO61 4RT
Brandsby, York, YO61 4RW
Stearsby, York, YO61 4SA
Stearsby, York, YO61 4SB
Whenby, York, YO61 4SD
Main Street, Whenby, York, YO61 4SE
Whenby, York, YO61 4SF
Skewsby, York, YO61 4SG
Brandsby, York, YO61 4SH
Brandsby, York, YO61 4SJ
Yearsley, Brandsby, York, YO61 4SL
Yearsley, Brandsby, York, YO61 4SN
Brandsby, York, YO61 4SP
Skewsby, York, YO61 4SQ
Yearsley, Brandsby, York, YO61 4SW
Church Hill, Crayke, York, YO61 4TA
Brandsby Street, Crayke, York, YO61 4TB
Brandsby Street, Crayke, York, YO61 4TD
Westway, Crayke, York, YO61 4TE
Easingwold Road, Crayke, York, YO61 4TF
Stillington Road, Crayke, York, YO61 4TG
Crayke, York, YO61 4TH
Crayke, York, YO61 4TJ
Crayke, York, YO61 4TL
Crayke, York, YO61 4TN
Crayke, York, YO61 4TP
Crayke, York, YO61 4TQ
Crayke, York, YO61 4TR
Crayke, York, YO61 4TS
Crayke, York, YO61 4TT
Crayke, York, YO61 4TU
Crayke, York, YO61 4TW
Crayke, York, YO61 4TX
Keepers Close, Crayke, York, YO61 4TY
Easingwold Road, Crayke, York, YO61 4TZ
Crabtrees Close, Crayke, York, YO61 4UA
Jack Lane, Crayke, York, YO61 4UB
Key Lane, Crayke, York, YO61 4UD
York, YO61 4WR (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 4WS (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 4WT (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 4WU (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 4WW (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 4WX (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 4WY (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 4WZ (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 4XA (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 4XB (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 4YY (No Longer In Use)
York, YO61 4YZ (No Longer In Use)