All Postcodes in the WF4 Postcode District

Below are all of the active postcodes that we currently have on file for the WF4 postcode district. The list also includes expired postcodes that we may have data for (those that have been discontinued by Royal Mail). We maintain several years of data on expired codes. Click here to view demographic information about WF4 as a whole.

Note: Some postcodes may be listed as "Large User" - this indicates that they are assigned to large businesses and similar entities, rather than residential homes. While we often have data on the areas in which these postcodes exist, some are not tied to a particular place, so data on these may be more limited.

Weeland Road, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1AA
The Nostell Estate Yard, Nostell, Wakefield, WF4 1AB
West Lane, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1AD
Birkwood Avenue, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1AE
Weeland Road, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1AF
Northfield Road, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1AG
Coronation Road, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1AH
Jubilee Road, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1AJ
Hammer Lane, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1AL
Bedford Farm Court, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1AN
Eastville Road, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1AP
Jubilee Crescent, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1AQ
Clifton Road, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1AR
Clifton Road, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1AS
Weeland Avenue, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1AT
Francis Road, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1AU
Waterton Court, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1AW
Eastville Road, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1AX
Southfield Road, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1AY
Cow Lane, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1AZ
Cow Lane, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1BA
Wakefield, WF4 1BB (No Longer In Use)
High Street, New Sharlston, Wakefield, WF4 1BD (No Longer In Use)
High Street, New Sharlston, Wakefield, WF4 1BE
Crossley Street, New Sharlston, Wakefield, WF4 1BG
Long Row, New Sharlston, Wakefield, WF4 1BH
Church Close, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1BJ
School Close, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1BL
Wakefield, WF4 1BN (No Longer In Use)
Miners Court, New Sharlston, Wakefield, WF4 1BP
Crossley Street, New Sharlston, Wakefield, WF4 1BQ
Crossley Court, New Sharlston, Wakefield, WF4 1BS
Colliery Street, New Sharlston, Wakefield, WF4 1BT
Colliery Walk, New Sharlston, Wakefield, WF4 1BU
Weavers Green, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1BW
Weavers Close, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1BX
Oaklands Avenue, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1BY
Weeland Road, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1DA
Weeland Road, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1DB
Weeland Road, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1DD
Weeland Drive, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1DE
Woodside Crescent, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1DF
Woodside Avenue, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1DG
Hammer Lane, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1DH
Wakefield, WF4 1DJ (No Longer In Use)
Westmorland Close, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1DL
Hammer Lane, New Sharlston, Wakefield, WF4 1DN
Woodside Crescent, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1DP
Wood Street, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1DQ
Queens Crescent, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1DR
Weeland Crescent, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1DS
Wood Street, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1DT
Weeland Drive, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1DU
Netheroyd Place, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1DW
Weeland Crescent, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1DX
Weeland Road, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1DY
Weeland Road, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1DZ
Weeland Road, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1EA
Weeland Road, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1EB
Fernside, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1ED
The Green, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1EE
The Green, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1EF
Beechfield Drive, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1EG
Grime Lane, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1EH
Grime Lane, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1EJ
The Green, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1EL
Back Lane, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1EN
West Lane, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1EP
The Oaks, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1EQ
Oakleigh Close, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1ER
The Beeches, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1ES
Redwood Grove, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1ET
Pinfold Drive, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1EU
Wakefield, WF4 1EW (No Longer In Use)
Springhill Drive, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1EX
Springhill Grove, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1EY
Springhill Mount, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1EZ
Forage Way, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1FA
Sward Way, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1FB
Herbage View, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1FD
Forb Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1FE
Herbaceous Court, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1FF
Springhill Avenue, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1HA
Pinfold Drive, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1HB
Springhill Avenue, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1HD
Slack Lane, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1HE
Ashdene Drive, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1HF
Church Way, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1HG
Slack Lane, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1HH
Slack Lane, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1HJ
Garden Row, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1HL
Hope Terrace, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1HN
High Street, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1HP
Churchfields, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1HQ
Hare Park Lane, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1HR
Hare Park Lane, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1HS
Hare Park Lane, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1HT
High Street, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1HU
Hare Park Lane, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1HW
Slack Lane, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1HX
Fernlea Close, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1HY
Rectory Crescent, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1HZ
High Street, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1JA
Towers Close, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1JB
Meadowfields Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1JD
Meadowfields Drive, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1JE
Meadowfields Close, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1JF
The Orchard, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1JG
Manor Drive, New Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1JH
High Street, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1JJ
Ash Street, New Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1JL
Oak Street, New Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1JN
Santingley Lane, New Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1JP
Santingley Court, New Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1JR
Spring Lane, New Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1JS
Greentop, New Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1JT
Greenside Park, New Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1JU
Oak Street, New Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1JW
Greenside Court, New Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1JX
Greenview, New Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1JY
Wakefield, WF4 1JZ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1LA (No Longer In Use)
Middle Lane, New Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1LB
Middle Lane, New Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1LD
Beech Avenue, New Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1LE
Santingley Lane, New Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1LF
Santingley Lane, New Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1LG
Wentworth Drive, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1LH
Richmond Court, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1LJ
Pontefract Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1LL
Weeland Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1LN
Doncaster Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1LP
Lanark Rise, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1LQ
Doncaster Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1LR
Weeland Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1LS
Hall Park Avenue, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1LT
Cock Lane, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1LU
Pontefract Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1LW
Ashdene Avenue, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1LX
Ashdene Avenue, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1LY
Ashdene Approach, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1LZ
Ashdene Approach, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1NA
The Avenue, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1NB
Harrison Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1ND
Harrison Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1NE
High Street, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1NF
High Street, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1NG
Hare Park View, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1NH
Walton View, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1NJ
Claremont Crescent, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1NL
Shay Lane, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1NN
Benwood View, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1NP
Smithy Close, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1NQ
Thorntree Avenue, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1NR
Hawthorn Avenue, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1NS
Thorntree Avenue, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1NT
Thorntree Avenue, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1NU
Shay Lane, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1NW
Holly Close, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1NX
Holly Crescent, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1NY
Crofton Court, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1NZ
Holly Close, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1PA
Brand Hill Drive, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1PB
Lodge Lane, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1PD
Brand Hill Approach, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1PE
Brand Hill Drive, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1PF
Ashdene Drive, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1PG
Ashdene Garth, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1PH
Ashdene Drive, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1PJ
Ashdene Crescent, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1PL
Ashdene Crescent, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1PN
Doncaster Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1PP
Ashdene Drive, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1PQ
Doncaster Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1PR
Doncaster Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1PS
Towers Lane, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1PT
Towers Lane, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1PU
Rose Garth, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1PW
Doncaster Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1PX
Doncaster Road, Foulby, Wakefield, WF4 1PY
Doncaster Road, Foulby, Wakefield, WF4 1QA
Towers Lane, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1QB
Wakefield, WF4 1QD (No Longer In Use)
Nostell Priory Estate, Nostell, Wakefield, WF4 1QE
Wakefield, WF4 1QF (No Longer In Use)
Doncaster Road, Nostell, Wakefield, WF4 1QG
Swine Lane, Nostell, Wakefield, WF4 1QH
Manor Farm Lane, Wragby, Wakefield, WF4 1QJ
Wakefield, WF4 1QL (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1QN (No Longer In Use)
Fairy Cottages, Nostell, Wakefield, WF4 1QP
Wakefield, WF4 1QQ
Swine Lane, Nostell, Wakefield, WF4 1QR
Wakefield, WF4 1QS (No Longer In Use)
Swine Lane, Nostell, Wakefield, WF4 1QT
Garmil Lane, Wragby, Wakefield, WF4 1QU
Station Cottages, Nostell, Wakefield, WF4 1QW
Doncaster Road, Wragby, Wakefield, WF4 1QX
Chapel Close, Wragby, Wakefield, WF4 1QY
Taylor Wood Cottages, Wragby, Wakefield, WF4 1QZ
Engine Lane, Wragby, Wakefield, WF4 1RA
Doncaster Road, Wragby, Wakefield, WF4 1RB
Hessle, Wragby, Wakefield, WF4 1RD
Went Lane, Wragby, Wakefield, WF4 1RE
Hill Top Lane, Wragby, Wakefield, WF4 1RF
Hardwick Lane, West Hardwick, Wakefield, WF4 1RG
Oakdene Drive, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1RH
Manor Gardens, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1RJ
Kingsley Close, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1RL
Kingsley Avenue, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1RN
Doncaster Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1RP
Hardwick Lane, West Hardwick, Wakefield, WF4 1RQ
Doncaster Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1RR
Doncaster Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1RS
Doncaster Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1RT
Doncaster Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1RU
Doncaster Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1RW
Grange View, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1RX
Kendal Rise, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1RY
Cambridge Crescent, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1RZ
Rutland Drive, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1SA
Kendal Drive, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1SB
Doncaster Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1SD
Oakenshaw Lane, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1SE
Windmill Fold, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1SF
Sandown Avenue, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1SG
Wakefield, WF4 1SH (No Longer In Use)
Woodlands, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1SJ
Shay Court, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1SL
Thorntree Court, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1SP
Crayford Drive, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1SQ
Wakefield, WF4 1SR (No Longer In Use)
Dovedale Close, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1SS
Bedford Close, Wakefield, WF4 1ST
Chestnut Grove, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1SU
Farnham Way, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1SW
Parkway, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1SX
Manorfields Court, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1SY
Manorfields Avenue, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1SZ
Lovell View, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1TA
White Court, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1TB
Scott Drive, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1TD
Glenn Way, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1TE
Priory Ridge, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1TF
Springvale Close, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1TG
Heather View, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1TH
Heather Croft, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1TJ
Church Hill Farm, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1TL
The Heathers, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1TQ
Wakefield, WF4 1UA (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1UY (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1UZ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1WA (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1WB (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1WD (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1WE (No Longer In Use)
Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1WF (No Longer In Use)
Nostell, Wakefield, WF4 1WG (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1WQ
Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1WR (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1WS (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1WT (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1WU (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1WW (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1WX
Wakefield, WF4 1WY (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1WZ (No Longer In Use)
Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1XA
Wakefield, WF4 1XB (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1XF (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1XG (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1XH (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1XJ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1XL (No Longer In Use)
Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1XQ
Wakefield, WF4 1XY (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1XZ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1YA (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1YB (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1YL (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1YN (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1YQ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1YR (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1YS (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1YT (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1YU (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1YW (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1YX (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1YY (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1YZ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 1ZD (No Longer In Use)
Mill Lane, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2AA
Mill Lane, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2AB
Chapel Street, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2AD
Lafflands Lane, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2AE
Sunny Bank, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2AF
Mill Lane, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2AG
Mill Lane, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2AH
Garden Terrace, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2AJ
Mill Lane, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2AL
Greenside, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2AN
Brier Lane, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2AP
Quarry Mount, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2AQ
Hope Street, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2AR
Henry Avenue, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2AS
Brier Lane, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2AT
Jubilee Cottages, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2AU
Brier Lane, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2AW
Cow Lane, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2AX
East Mount, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2AY
Top Orchard, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2AZ
Mulberry Place, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2BA
Mulberry Avenue, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2BB
Mulberry Place, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2BD
Cow Lane, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2BE
Greenside, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2BG
Wakefield, WF4 2BH (No Longer In Use)
Wintersett Close, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2BJ
Hooton Crescent, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2BL
Westfield Crescent, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2BN
Station Road, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2BP
Ashwood Green, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2BQ
Station Road, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2BS
Millward Street, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2BT
Charles Street, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2BU
Station Road, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2BW
Mayfield Rise, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2BX
The Grove, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2BY
Station Road, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2BZ
St Annes Street, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2DA
Nostell Lane, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2DB
Churchfields, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2DD
George Street, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2DE
Common Ing Lane, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2DF
Brunswick, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2DG
Brunswick, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2DH
Nostell Lane, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2DJ
Lakeside Estate, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2DL
Lakeside Estate, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2DN
Cemetery Road, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2DP
Common Ing Lane, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2DQ
Mill Lane, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2DR
Ferry Top Lane, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2DS
Station Road, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2DT
Ryhill Pits Lane, Cold Hiendley, Wakefield, WF4 2DU
School Lane, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2DW
Ellis Laithe, Wakefield, WF4 2DX
Ellis Laithe, Wakefield, WF4 2DY
Ellis Laithe Fold, Ellis Laithe, Wakefield, WF4 2DZ
Wintersett, Wakefield, WF4 2EA
Wintersett, Wakefield, WF4 2EB
Stoneleigh Cottages, Wintersett, Wakefield, WF4 2ED
Wintersett, Wakefield, WF4 2EE
Beachill Drive, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2EF
Highfields, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2EG
St Georges Court, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2EH
Beachill Road, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2EJ
Haverdale Road, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2EL
Hardie Road, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2EN
Attlee Avenue, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2EP
Horncastle View, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2EQ
Regina Crescent, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2ER
Regina Crescent, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2ES
Regina Crescent, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2ET
Cow Lane, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2EU
Hillcrest, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2EW
Cow Lane, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2EX
West Street, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2EY
South Street, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2EZ
Westfield Mews, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2FA
Beachill Crescent, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2FB
Hemmingway Close, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2FD
Keeper Lane, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2FE
Westoff Lane, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2FF
Havercroft Green, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2FG
Mill Lane Gardens, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2FH
Madeley Drive, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2FJ
Madeley Mews, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2FL
Haw Park Lane, Wintersett, Wakefield, WF4 2FN
Jacobs Well Court, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2FP
East Street, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2HA
Crescent Road, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2HB
East Street, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2HD
Cow Lane, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2HE
Cow Lane, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2HF
Bethan Court, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2HG
Cow Lane, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2HH
Hatfield Place, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2HJ
Upper Hatfield Place, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2HL
Cow Lane, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2HN
Wakefield, WF4 2HP (No Longer In Use)
Cow Lane, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2HQ
Brooklands Crescent, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2HR
Brooklands Crescent, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2HS
Cow Lane, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2HT
Madeley Road, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2HU
Newstead Lane, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2HW
Ings Close, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2HX
Ryecroft Avenue, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2HY
Green Acre Walk, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2HZ
Park Walk, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2JA
Lodges Close, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2JB
Madeley Road, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2JD
Whin View Court, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2JE
Meadow Bank, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2JF
The Green, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2JG
New Road, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2JH
New Road, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2JJ
New Road, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2JL
New Road, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2JN
Barn Court, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2JP
Water Lane, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2JQ
New Road, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2JR
Woolley Park, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2JS
Back Lane, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2JT
Church Street, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2JU
The Walled Garden, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2JW
Molly Hurst Lane, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2JX
Molly Hurst Lane, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2JY
High Street, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2JZ
Finkle Street, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2LA
Backhouse Lane, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2LB
Old Mount Farm, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2LD
Seckar Lane, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2LE
Barnsley Road, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2LF
Intake Lane, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2LG
Stoney Lane, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2LH
Low Moor Lane, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2LJ
Wentworth Close, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2LL
Woolley Low Moor Lane, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2LN
Woolley Low Moor Lane, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2LP
Intake Lane, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2LQ
Woolley Edge Lane, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2LR
Woolley Edge Lane, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2LS
Bramley Lane, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2LT
Finkle Close, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2LU
Low Moor Lane, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2LW
Finkle Close, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2LX
The Courtyard, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2LY
The Paddock, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2LZ
Applehaigh Lane, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2NA
The Green, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2NB
George Lane, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2ND
George Lane, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2NE
Ingswell Drive, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2NF
Ingswell Avenue, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2NG
Manor Close, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2NH
George Lane, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2NJ
George Lane, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2NL
Woolley Mill Lane, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2NN
Applehaigh Lane, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2NP
George Lane, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2NQ
Bleakley Lane, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2NR
Bleakley Terrace, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2NS
Bleakley Avenue, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2NT
Bleakley Lane, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2NU
Barnsley Road, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2NW
The Oval, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2NX
Hudson Avenue, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2NY
Hill Top Close, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2NZ
Notton Lane, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2PA
Chevet Lane, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2PB
Chevet Lane, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2PD
Notton Lane, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2PE
High Ash Close, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2PF
Grimpit Hill, Notton Lane, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2PG
Church View Close, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2PH
Madeley Road, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2PJ
Felkirk Drive, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2PL
Highfield Rise, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2PN
Willowgarth Close, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2PP
St James Court, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2PQ
Hardwick Close, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2PR
Rufford Close, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2PS
Spring Farm, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2PT
Crofters Court, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2PW
Reservoir Farm Court, Ferry Top Lane, Wintersett, Wakefield, WF4 2PY
Wakefield, WF4 2PZ (No Longer In Use)
Willow Drive, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2QA
Willow Beck, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2QB
Beck View, Notton, Wakefield, WF4 2QD
Birch Close, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2QE
Oak Crescent, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2QF
Madeley Road, Havercroft, Wakefield, WF4 2QG
Woolley Park Gardens, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2QH
Laurel Court, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2QT
Larchfield Way, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2QU
Park Close, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2QX
Hammerton Grove, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2QY
Hammerton Farm Avenue, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2QZ
Ryhill Industrial Estate, Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2RA
Woolley Hall Gardens, Woolley, Wakefield, WF4 2TA
Ryhill, Wakefield, WF4 2WH
Wakefield, WF4 2WJ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2WL (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2WN (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2WP (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2WQ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2WR (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2WS (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2WT (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2WU (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2WW (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2WX (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2WY (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2WZ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2XA (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2XB (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2XD (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2XE (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2XF (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2XG (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2XY (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2XZ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2YA (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2YB (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2YU (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2YW (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2YX (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 2YZ (No Longer In Use)
Denby Dale Road West, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3AA
Denby Dale Road, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3AB
Denby Dale Road East, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3AD
Denby Dale Road East, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3AE
Durkar Lane, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3AF
The Close, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3AG
Howard Crescent, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3AH
Howard Crescent, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3AJ
Howard Crescent, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3AL
Howard Crescent, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3AN
Durkar Lane, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3AP
The Close, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3AQ
Barkers Road, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3AR
Durkar Lane, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3AS
Denby Dale Road East, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3AT
Newland Crescent, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3AU
Hollin Drive, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3AW
Denby Dale Road East, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3AX
Fox Lane, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3AY
Denby Dale Road, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3AZ
Calder Close, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3BA
Denby Dale Road, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3BB
Newsholme Lane, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3BD
Broadacres, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3BE
Holme Croft, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3BF
Greenacres, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3BG
Fox Court, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3BH
Durkar Low Lane, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3BJ
Durkar Low Lane, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3BL
Durkar Low Lane, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3BN
Ledgard Drive, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3BP
Durkar Low Lane, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3BQ
Eastwood Close, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3BS
Ledgard Drive, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3BT
Lee Crescent, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3BU
Orchard Drive, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3BW
Willow Garth, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3BX
Durkar Fields, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3BY
Grove Park, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3BZ
Denby Dale Road, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3DA
Denby Dale Road West, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3DB
Primrose Lane, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3DD
Wakefield, WF4 3DE (No Longer In Use)
Hollin Lane, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3DF
Hollin Lane, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3DG
Denby Dale Road, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3DH
Denby Dale Road, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3DJ
Denby Dale Road, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3DL
Branch Road, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3DN
Denby Dale Road, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3DP
Winden Close, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3DQ
Broad Cut Road, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3DR
Broad Cut Road, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3DS
Broad Cut, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3DT
Milton Close, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3DU
Blacker Lane, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3DW
Grove Park, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3DX
Oakwood Gardens, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3DY
Rockwood Crescent, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3DZ
Calder View, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3EA
High Street, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3EB
Calder Mount, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3ED
High Street, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3EE
High Street, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3EF
Hollin Lane, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3EG
Cliff Road, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3EH
Cliff Road, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3EJ
Cliff Road, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3EL
Cliff Drive, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3EN
Cliff Grove, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3EP
Cliff Road, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3EQ
Bretton Lane, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3ER
Bretton Lane, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3ES
Dennington Lane, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3ET
Bull Lane, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3EU
Blacker Lane, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3EW
The Crimbles, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3EX
Orchard Gardens, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3EY
Wakefield, WF4 3EZ (No Longer In Use)
Manor Rise, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3FB
Manor Crest, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3FD
Sandpiper Road, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3FE
Sandpiper Court, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3FF
Sandpiper Mews, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3FG
Wakefield, WF4 3FJ (No Longer In Use)
Mariner Court, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3FL
Common Way, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3FN
Swallow Way, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3FP
St James Road, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3FQ
St James Road, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3FR
Mackie Road, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3FS
Pugneys Avenue, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3FT
Calder Way, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3FW
Micklewait Avenue, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3FX
Upper Close Way, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3FY
Haslegrave Park, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3GA
Crigglestone Way, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3GB
Woollen Well Way, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3GE
Nelson Grange, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3GF
Sandpiper Drive, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3GG
Thomas Maddison Lane, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3GH
Ashwood Parade, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3GZ
Daw Lane, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3HA
Daw Lane, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3HB
Haveroid Lane, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3HD
Painthorpe Lane, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3HE
Painthorpe Lane, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3HF
Oakhall Park, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3HG
Painthorpe Terrace, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3HH
Garden Terrace, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3HJ
West View, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3HL
South View, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3HN
Mackie Hill Close, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3HP
Daw Green Avenue, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3HQ
Painthorpe Lane, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3HR
High View, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3HS
High Street, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3HT
Woodhall Close, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3HU
Painthorpe Lane, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3HW
Back Lane, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3HX
Durkar Lane, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3HY
Durkar Lane, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3HZ
Standbridge Lane, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3JA
Church Lane, Chapelthorpe, Wakefield, WF4 3JB
Wakefield, WF4 3JD (No Longer In Use)
Hall Lane, Chapelthorpe, Wakefield, WF4 3JE
Church Lane, Chapelthorpe, Wakefield, WF4 3JF
Well Head Mews, Chapelthorpe, Wakefield, WF4 3JG
Boyne Hill, Chapelthorpe, Wakefield, WF4 3JH
Hall Lane, Chapelthorpe, Wakefield, WF4 3JJ
Wood Lane, Chapelthorpe, Wakefield, WF4 3JL
Stoney Lane, Chapelthorpe, Wakefield, WF4 3JN
Stoney Lane, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3JP
Boyne Hill, Chapelthorpe, Wakefield, WF4 3JQ
Stoney Lane, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3JR
Beech View, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3JS
Beech View, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3JT (No Longer In Use)
Painthorpe Lane, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3JU
Tanyard Fold, Chapelthorpe, Wakefield, WF4 3JW
Micklethwaite Road, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3JX
Cross Road, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3JY
Jubilee Street, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3JZ
Painthorpe Lane, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3LA
Lowmoor Crescent, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3LB
Marshall Avenue, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3LD
Lowmoor Crescent, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3LE
Lowmoor Crescent, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3LF
Mostyn Walk, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3LG
Moorside Crescent, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3LH
Marshall Avenue, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3LJ
Woodland Close, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3LL
The Willows, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3LN
Moorland Drive, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3LP
Marshall Avenue, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3LQ
Woolley View, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3LR
Stoney Lane, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3LS
Grenville Walk, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3LT
Russell Avenue, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3LU
Edgemoor Road, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3LW
Copeworth Drive, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3LX
Copeworth Drive, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3LY
Stoney Lane, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3LZ
Hollingthorpe Lane, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3NA
Denby Dale Road East, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3NB
Denby Dale Road West, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3ND
Kingfisher Close, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3NE
St Johns Gardens, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3NF
Hollingthorpe Lane, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3NG
Hollingthorpe Road, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3NH
Hollingthorpe Court, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3NJ
Hollingthorpe Road, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3NL
Hollingthorpe Avenue, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3NN
Hollingthorpe Avenue, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3NP
Hollingthorpe Lane, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3NQ
Hollingthorpe Grove, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3NR
Woodmoor Drive, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3NS
Woodmoor Rise, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3NT
Woodmoor Close, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3NU
Hollingthorpe Road, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3NW
Painthorpe Lane, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3NX
Standbridge Garth, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3NY
Fishponds Drive, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3PA
Fishponds Drive, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3PB
Fishponds Drive, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3PD
Moor View, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3PE
Church View, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3PF
Haveroid Way, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3PG
New Hall Close, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3PH
Woodmoor Drive, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3PJ
Julie Avenue, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3PL
Kenton Drive, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3PN
Gillion Crescent, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3PP
Manor Farm Road, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3PQ
Hollin Drive, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3PR
Kirkdale Drive, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3PS
Aberfield Drive, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3PT
Hopewell Way, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3PU
Maybury Avenue, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3PW
Colleen Road, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3PX
Ashwood Grange, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3PY
Otters Holt, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3PZ
Manor Farm Court, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3QA
Durkar Rise, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3QB
Badger Close, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3QD
Otters Holt, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3QE
Squirrels Drey, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3QF
Wakefield, WF4 3QG (No Longer In Use)
Charles View, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3QH
Castle Meadows, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3QJ
High Keep Fold, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3QL
Ward Fall, Hall Green, Wakefield, WF4 3QN
The Links, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3QP
Cliff Court, Blacker Lane, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3QQ
Durkar Court, Durkar, Wakefield, WF4 3QR
Bailey Walk, Crigglestone, Wakefield, WF4 3QW
Wakefield, WF4 3QY (No Longer In Use)
Denby Dale Road, Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3QZ
Wakefield, WF4 3WA (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3WB (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3WD (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3WG (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3WH (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3WJ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3WL (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3WN (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3WP (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3WQ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3WR (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3WS (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3WT (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3WU (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3WW (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3WX (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3WY (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3WZ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3XA (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3XB (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3XD (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3XE (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3XF (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3XG (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3XH (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3XJ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3XL (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3XN (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3XP (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3XQ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3XR (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3XS (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3XT (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3XU (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3XW (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3XX (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3XY (No Longer In Use)
Calder Grove, Wakefield, WF4 3XZ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3YT (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3YW (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3YX (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3YY (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3YZ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 3ZY (No Longer In Use)
Barnsley Road, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4AA
Barnsley Road, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4AB
Parkside, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4AD
Park Avenue, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4AE
Park View, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4AF
Mill Lane, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4AG
Kirkby Lane, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4AH
Barnsley Road, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4AJ
Barnsley Road, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4AL
Manor House, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4AN
Manor Drive, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4AP
Clough Road, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4AQ
Hardcastle Lane, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4AR
Hardcastle Lane, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4AS
Barnsley Road, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4AT
Bar Lane, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4AU
Manor House Caravan Site, Manor Drive, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4AW
New Hall Way, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4AX
The Approach, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4AY (No Longer In Use)
Old Road, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4AZ
Grange Lane, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4BA
Wakefield Road, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4BB
Wakefield Road, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4BD
Denby Grange Lane, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4BE
Wakefield Road, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4BG
Denby Lane, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4BH
Denby Lane, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4BJ
Lower Denby, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4BL
Huntroyd, Sowood Lane, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4BN
Paul Lane, Flockton Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4BP
Ben Booth Lane, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4BQ
Cockermouth Lane, Flockton Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4BS
Linfit Lane, Flockton Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4BT
Moor Top Lane, Flockton Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4BU
Wakefield Road, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4BW
Long Lane, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4BX
Crawshaw Lane, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4BY
Haigh Lane, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4BZ
Common Side, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4DA
Common End, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4DB
Pinfold Lane, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4DD
Hill Top Road, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4DE
Hawthorne Close, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4DF
Hazel Grove, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4DG
Barnsley Road, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4DH
Providential Street, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4DJ
Burnleys Buildings, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4DL
Barnsley Road, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4DN
Barnsley Road, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4DP
Pinfold Close, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4DQ
Barnsley Road, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4DR
Wakefield Road, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4DS
Liley Lane, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4DT
Liley Lane, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4DU
Barnsley Road, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4DW
Briestfield Road, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4DX
Chapel Row, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4DY
South View, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4DZ
Upper Row, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4EA
Denby Lane Crescent, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4EB
Denby Lane, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4ED
Denby Park Drive, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4EE
Urban Terrace, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4EF
Briestfield Road, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4EG
Wellfield Close, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4EH
Back Lane, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4EJ
Bedford Avenue, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4EL
Liley Lane, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4EN
Whitley Way, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4EP
Wellfield Avenue, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4EQ
Holme Close, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4ER
Hepley View, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4ES
Clough Gate, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4ET
Hollinhirst Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4EU
Liley Lane, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4EW
Green Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4EX
Blacker Crescent, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4EY
Blacker Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4EZ
Alexandra Lane, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4FA
Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4FB
Church Gardens, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4FD
Danes Lane, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4FE
Albion Mews, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4GY
Blacker Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4HA
High Ridge, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4HB
Balk Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4HD
Church Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4HE
Church Crescent, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4HF
Netherton Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4HG
Netherton Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4HH
Netherton Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4HJ
Netherton Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4HL
Bridle Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4HN
Bridle Close, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4HP
Netherton Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4HQ
South Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4HR
Hall Croft, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4HS
Meadow Court, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4HT
Upper Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4HU
Upper Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4HW
Upper Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4HX
Upper Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4HY
South Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4HZ
Netherton Hall Gardens, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4JA
Strands Court, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4JB
Green Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4JD
South Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4JE
The Old Woodyard, Stocksmoor Road, Midgley, Wakefield, WF4 4JF
Stocksmoor Road, Midgley, Wakefield, WF4 4JG
Bar Lane, Midgley, Wakefield, WF4 4JH
Bar Lane, Midgley, Wakefield, WF4 4JJ
Denby Dale Road, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4JL
Denby Dale Road, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4JN
Huddersfield Road, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4JP
Stocksmoor Road, Midgley, Wakefield, WF4 4JQ
Sycamore Lane, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4JR
Park Lane, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4JS
Park Lane, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4JT
Park Lane, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4JU
Huddersfield Road, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4JW
Huddersfield Road, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4JX
Huddersfield Road, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4JY
Sycamore Lane, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4JZ
Bretton Lane, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4LA
Bretton Lane, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4LB
Maltkiln Drive, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4LD
Bretton Lane, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4LE
Bretton Lane, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4LF
Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4LG
The Croft, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4LH
Cobbler Hall, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4LJ
South Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4LL
Whitley Farm Drive, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4LN
Netherfield Avenue, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4LP
Woolley Edge Motorway Services Area, Bramley Lane, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4LQ
Coxley Crescent, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4LR
Netherfield Place, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4LS
Coxley View, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4LT
Netherfield Avenue, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4LU
South Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4LW
Netherfield Crescent, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4LX
Coxley View, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4LY
Oakland Drive, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4LZ
Oakland Road, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4NA
Highfield Road, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4NB
The Crescent, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4ND
Coxley View, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4NE
Upper Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4NF
Upper Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4NG
Coxley Crescent, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4NH
Brookfields, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4NJ
Brookfields, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4NL
New Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4NN
New Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4NP
Upper Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4NQ
New Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4NR
New Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4NS
New Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4NT
New Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4NU
New Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4NW
New Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4NX
New Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4NY
Wakefield, WF4 4NZ (No Longer In Use)
New Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4PA
Thornhill Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4PB
Thornhill Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4PD
Back Lane, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4PE
Nell Gap Lane, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4PF
Nell Gap Lane, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4PG
Nell Gap Lane, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4PH
Nellgap Avenue, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4PJ
Butts Lane, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4PL
Sandy Lane, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4PN
Sandy Lane, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4PP
Nell Gap Lane, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4PQ
Sandy Lane, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4PR
Low Lane, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4PS
Low Lane, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4PT
Coxley Lane, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4PU
Sandy Lane, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4PW
Water Lane, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4PX
Water Lane, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4PY
Hostingley Lane, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4PZ
Water Lane, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4QA
Longroyd Farm, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4QB
Stonecliffe Drive, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4QD
Cross Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4QE
Ramsey Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4QF
Ramsey Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4QG
Ramsey Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4QH
Carr Lane, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4QJ
Coxley Valley, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4QL
Old Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4QN
Ridge Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4QP
Ramsey Crescent, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4QQ
Ridge Avenue, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4QR
Ridge Crescent, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4QS
Nell Gap Crescent, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4QT
Nell Gap Lane, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4QU
Ridge Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4QW
Old Road, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4QX
Old Road, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4QY
Highfield Crescent, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4QZ
Highfield Crescent, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4RA
Old Road, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4RB
Woodhall Close, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4RD
Green Lane, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4RE
Green Lane, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4RF
New Road, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4RG
New Road, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4RH
New Road, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4RJ
Old Road, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4RL
Smithy Lane, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4RN
New Hall Lane, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4RP
Wood Lane, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4RQ
Old Road, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4RR
Thornhill Close, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4RS
Thornhill Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4RT
Thornhill Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4RU
Smithy Lane, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4RW
Thornhill Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4RX
Smithybrook Lane, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4RY (No Longer In Use)
New Road, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4RZ
Ramsey View, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4SA
Wood Mount, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4SB
Crossfields, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4SD
Green Lane Close, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4SE
The Lawns, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4SF
Nell Gap Lane, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4SG
Glenfields, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4SH
Jubilee Way, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4SJ
South Lane, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4SL
Glenfields, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4SN
Meadow Vale, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4SP
Crossfield Court, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4SQ
Southfields View, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4SR
Grey Gables, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4SS
Highfields, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4ST
Beckside, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4SU
Glenfields Close, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4SW
Manordale Close, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4SX
The Paddocks, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4SY
St Lukes Close, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4SZ
Water Lane Close, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4TA
Danesleigh Drive, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4TB
Jubilee Way, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4TD
Ash Brow, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4TE
Rutland Road, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4TF
Steeple Avenue, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4TG
Clough Gate Drive, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4TH
Chessington Drive, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4TJ
The Russets, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4TL
Stoneroyd Farm, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4TN
Stoneybrook Close, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4TP
Netherton Hall Drive, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4TQ
Home Farm Court, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4TR
Farm Mount, Netherton, Wakefield, WF4 4TS
Coachgates, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4TT
Ramsey Court, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4TW
Sycamore Court, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4TX (No Longer In Use)
Hoyland Manor, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4TY
Parkside, Cross Road, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4UA
Oakland Crest, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4UB
Ashwood Heights, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4UD
Calderstone Court, Middlestown, Wakefield, WF4 4UE
Stoneroyd, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4UF
Innfold Farm, Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4UG
Moorfield Court, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4UL
Shuttle Eye Way, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4UN
WF4 4UX (No Longer In Use)
Moor View, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4UY
Doctor Lane, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4UZ
Greenfield Crescent, Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4WA
Wakefield, WF4 4WB (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4WD (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4WE (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4WF (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4WG (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4WH (No Longer In Use)
Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4WL
Wakefield, WF4 4WN (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4WP (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4WQ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4WS (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4WT (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4WU (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4WW (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4WX (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4WY (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4WZ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4XA (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4XB (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4XD (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4XE (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4XF (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4XG (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4XH (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4XJ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4XL (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4XN (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4XP (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4XQ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4XR (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4XS (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4XT (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4XU (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4XW (No Longer In Use)
New Hall Way, Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4XX
Wakefield, WF4 4XY (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4XZ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4YA (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4YB (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4YD (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4YE (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4YF (No Longer In Use)
Grange Moor, Wakefield, WF4 4YG
Wakefield, WF4 4YH (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4YJ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4YL (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4YN (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4YP (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4YQ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4YR (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4YS (No Longer In Use)
WF4 4YT (No Longer In Use)
Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4YZ
Wakefield, WF4 4ZW (No Longer In Use)
Flockton, Wakefield, WF4 4ZX
Wakefield, WF4 4ZY (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 4ZZ (No Longer In Use)
High Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5AA
High Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5AB
Whitehall Court, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5AD
Peel Close, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5AE
Cluntergate, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5AF
Cluntergate, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5AG
Arden Court, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5AH
Walker Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5AJ
Stringer Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5AL
Peel Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5AN
Southfield Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5AP
Dawson Hill Yard, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5AQ
Southfield Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5AR
Southfield Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5AS
Peel Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5AT
Peel Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5AU
Southfield Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5AW
Southfield Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5AX
The Shutt, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5AY
Southfield Close, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5AZ
Cross Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5BA
Wynthorpe Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5BB
Rayner Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5BD
Shepstye Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5BE
Ellis Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5BG
Addingford, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5BH
Wakefield, WF4 5BJ (No Longer In Use)
Addingford Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5BL
Southwell Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5BN
Karon Drive, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5BP
Addingford Close, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5BQ
Parklands Drive, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5BR
Parklands Crescent, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5BS
Parklands Court, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5BT
Parklands Mews, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5BU
Addingford Drive, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5BW
Jacobs Court, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5BX
Cluntergate, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5BY
Cluntergate, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5DA
Cluntergate, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5DB
Orchard Croft, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5DD
George Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5DE
Hallcroft Drive, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5DF
Hallcroft Close, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5DG
Norman Place, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5DH
Cluntergate, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5DJ
Northfield Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5DL
Northfield Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5DN
Wakefield, WF4 5DP (No Longer In Use)
Hallcroft Drive, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5DQ
Daw Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5DR
Daw Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5DS
Daw Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5DT
Millfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5DU
Northfield Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5DW
Castle Grove, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5DX
Green Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5DY
Green Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5DZ
Millfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5EA
Millfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5EB
Poplar Terrace, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5ED
Poplar View, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5EE
Castle View, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5EF
Industrial Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5EG
Forge Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5EH
Wakefield, WF4 5EJ (No Longer In Use)
Normanton Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5EL
Cross Normanton Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5EN
Elm Grove, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5EP
Calder Terrace, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5EQ
Calder Vale Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5ER
Wakefield, WF4 5ES (No Longer In Use)
Millfield Cottages, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5ET
Dudfleet Yard, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5EU
Prospect Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5EW
Dudfleet Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5EX
Wakefield, WF4 5EY (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5EZ (No Longer In Use)
Willowbrook Manor, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5FA
Beckett Court, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5FB
Charles Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5FD
Stonehouse Gardens, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5FE
Charles Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5FH
Myers Croft, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5FL
Wakefield, WF4 5HA (No Longer In Use)
Elm Mews, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5HB
Berry Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5HD
Wakefield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5HE
Wakefield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5HF
Wakefield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5HG
Woodlands, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5HH
Wakefield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5HJ
Benton Crescent, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5HL
Northfield Terrace, Wakefield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5HN
Lacey Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5HP
Wakefield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5HQ
Wakefield, WF4 5HR (No Longer In Use)
Northfield Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5HS
Sabine Fold, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5HT
Northfield Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5HU
Wakefield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5HW
Baring Gould Way, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5HX
Ashwood Grove, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5HY
Northfield Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5HZ
Northfield Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5JA
Wakefield, WF4 5JB (No Longer In Use)
Oakwood Grove, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5JD
Oakwood Grove, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5JE
Northfield Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5JF
Beechwood Grove, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5JG
Elmwood Grove, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5JH
Elmwood Grove, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5JJ
Northfield Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5JL
California Drive, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5JN
Northfield Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5JP
Beechwood Grove, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5JQ
Parker Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5JR
North Avenue, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5JS
East Avenue, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5JT
South Avenue, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5JU
California Drive, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5JW
South Avenue, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5JX
West Avenue, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5JY
Southfield Fold, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5LA
Addingford Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5LD
High Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5LE
Coxley Dell, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5LF
High Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5LG
Stringers Yard, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5LH
Varleys Buildings, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5LJ
High Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5LL
School Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5LN
The Overcroft, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5LP
Lydgate Villas, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5LQ
New Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5LR
New Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5LS
Highfield Grange, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5LT
Highfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5LU
Wrays Buildings, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5LW
Highfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5LX
Highfield Place, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5LY
The Willows, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5LZ
Highfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5NA
Clubhouses Croft, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5NB
Quarry Hill, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5ND
Westend Cottages, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5NE
Quarry Hill, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5NF
Quarry Hill, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5NG
Engine Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5NH
Parklands Avenue, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5NJ
Bridge Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5NL
Bridge Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5NN
The Island, Bridge Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5NP
Quarry Buildings, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5NQ
Bridge Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5NR
Holy Oake Terrace, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5NS
Bridge Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5NT
St Johns Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5NU
Bridge Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5NW
Greigs Yard, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5NX
Redshank Place, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5NY
Lapwing View, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5NZ
Reid Park Avenue, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5PA
Storrs Hill Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5PB
Bittern Croft, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5PD
Crossfield Terrace, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5PE
Audsleys Yard, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5PF
Bugler Terrace, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5PG
King Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5PH
Wakefield, WF4 5PJ (No Longer In Use)
Helliwells Row, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5PL
Whites Row, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5PN
Bridge Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5PP
Victoria Terrace, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5PQ
Bridge Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5PR
Bridge Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5PS
Bridge Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5PT
Wakefield, WF4 5PU (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5PW (No Longer In Use)
The Island, Bridge Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5PX
Netherton Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5PY
Wakefield, WF4 5PZ (No Longer In Use)
Bridge Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5QA
Bridge Close, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5QB
Shelley Court, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5QD
Chestnut Close, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5QF
The Sycamores, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5QG
Wakefield, WF4 5QH (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5QJ (No Longer In Use)
Rochester Drive, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5QP
The Sycamores, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5QQ
Osborne Avenue, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5QR
Rochester Court, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5QS
Tyndale Avenue, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5QT
Chesterton Court, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5QU
Beckett Close, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5QX
Addison Court, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5QY
Bennett Avenue, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5RA
Benton Mews, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5RB
Princes Gate, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5RD
Knave Close, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5RE
Bridge Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5RW
Wakefield, WF4 5WA (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5WW (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5WX (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5WZ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5XA (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5XD (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5XE (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5XF (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5XG (No Longer In Use)
Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5XH (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5XJ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5XL (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5XN (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5XP (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5XQ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5XR (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5XS (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5XW (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5XY (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5XZ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5YL (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5YN (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5YP (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5YS (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5YT (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5YU (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5YW (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5YX (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 5YY (No Longer In Use)
Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5YZ
Wakefield, WF4 5ZD (No Longer In Use)
Park Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6AA
Park Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6AB
Cross Park Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6AD
Cross Park Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6AE
Carlton Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6AF
Grove Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6AG
Stoney Bank, Hawking Croft Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6AH
Hawking Croft Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6AJ
First Avenue, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6AL
Glendale, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6AN
St Peters Court, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6AP
Grove Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6AQ
North Cottages, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6AR
Northgate, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6AS
Northgate, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6AT
Ranters Fold, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6AU
Primrose Way, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6AW
Saxondale Court, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6AX
Honley Square, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6AY
Fearnside Fold, Northgate, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6AZ
Honley Heights, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6BA
Dovecote Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6BB
Dovecote Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6BD
Berrys Yard, Dovecote Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6BE
Dovecote Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6BG
Gagewell Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6BH
Stannard Well Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6BJ
Stannard Well Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6BL
Stannard Well Drive, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6BN
Gagewell Drive, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6BP
Gagewell Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6BQ
Gagewell Drive, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6BS
Gagewell View, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6BT
Orchard Close, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6BU
Stannard Well Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6BW
Hall Cliffe Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6BX
Hall Cliffe Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6BY
Hall Cliffe Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6BZ
Wakefield, WF4 6DA (No Longer In Use)
Spring End Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6DB
Elba Terrace, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6DD
Hall Cliffe Grove, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6DE
Hall Cliffe Crescent, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6DF
Hall Cliffe Crescent, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6DG
Dovecote Close, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6DH
Dovecote Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6DJ
Jenkin Drive, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6DL
Westfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6DN
Jenkin Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6DP
Honley Square, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6DQ
Cooperative Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6DR
Jenkin Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6DS
Jenkin Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6DT
Jenkin Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6DU
Westfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6DW
Wensley Street East, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6DX
Wensley Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6DY
Westfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6DZ
Westfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6EA
Mortimer Row, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6EB
Barker Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6ED
Park Grove, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6EE
Park Grove, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6EF
Green Park Avenue, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6EG
Victoria Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6EH
Westfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6EJ
Westfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6EL
Westfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6EN
Regent Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6EP
Westfield Villas, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6EQ
Westfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6ER
Windyridge Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6ES
Westfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6ET
Westfield Court, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6EU
Rachael Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6EW
Westfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6EX
Matty Marsden Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6EY
Jenkin Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6EZ
Westfield Gate, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6FA
Bracken Hill View, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6FD
Rachael Court, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6GE
Jenkin Lane, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6HA
Second Avenue, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6HB
Wakefield, WF4 6HD (No Longer In Use)
Hall Cliffe Court, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6HE
Wakefield, WF4 6HF (No Longer In Use)
Laburnum Grove, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6HG
Manor Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6HH
Charlesworths Buildings, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6HJ
Claytons Cottages, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6HL
Tithe Barn Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6HN
Westfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6HP
Laburnum Court, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6HQ
Westfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6HR
Westfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6HS
Westfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6HT
Westfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6HU
Wakefield, WF4 6HW (No Longer In Use)
Shire Yard, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6HX
Westfield Terrace, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6HY
Westfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6HZ
Medlock Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6JA
Manor Place, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6JB
Manor Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6JD
Humber Place, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6JE
Gervase Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6JF
Gervase Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6JG
Clifton Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6JH
Clifton Close, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6JJ
Clifton Drive, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6JL
Clifton Crescent, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6JN
Savile Drive, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6JP
Clifton Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6JQ
Leeke Avenue, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6JR
Gaskell Drive, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6JS
John Carr Avenue, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6JT
Ken Churchill Drive, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6JU
Clifton Avenue, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6JW
Ken Churchill Drive, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6JX
Manorfield Drive, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6JY
Manorfield Drive, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6JZ
Manorfield Drive, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6LA
Tithe Barn Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6LG
Hargreaves Yard, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6LH
Tithe Barn Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6LJ
Westfield Road, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6LL
Bank Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6LN
Queen Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6LP
St Leonards Yard, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6LQ
Wakefield, WF4 6LR (No Longer In Use)
Ring O'Bells Yard, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6LS
Church Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6LT
School Yard, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6LU
Fearnsides Close, Wakefield, WF4 6LW
Golden Square, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6LX
St Peters Grove, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6LY
Wakefield, WF4 6LZ (No Longer In Use)
Twitch Hill, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6NA
New Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6NB
Cross Keys Court, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6ND
Sunroyd Hill, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6NE
Sunroyd Avenue, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6NF
Sunroyd Hill, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6NG
Wakefield, WF4 6NH (No Longer In Use)
Hall Cliffe Rise, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6NJ
Cliffe Crest, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6NL
Twitch Hill, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6NN
Wakefield, WF4 6NQ (No Longer In Use)
Horbury Mews, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6PA
Wakefield, WF4 6TR (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 6WT (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 6WU (No Longer In Use)
Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6WW
Wakefield, WF4 6WX (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 6WY (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 6WZ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 6XA (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 6XB (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 6XD (No Longer In Use)
Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 6XF
Wakefield, WF4 6XG (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 6XQ (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 6YS (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 6YT (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 6YU (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 6YW (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 6YX (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 6YY (No Longer In Use)
Wakefield, WF4 6YZ (No Longer In Use)