All Postcodes in the PL30 Postcode District

Below are all of the active postcodes that we currently have on file for the PL30 postcode district. The list also includes expired postcodes that we may have data for (those that have been discontinued by Royal Mail). We maintain several years of data on expired codes. Click here to view demographic information about PL30 as a whole.

Note: Some postcodes may be listed as "Large User" - this indicates that they are assigned to large businesses and similar entities, rather than residential homes. While we often have data on the areas in which these postcodes exist, some are not tied to a particular place, so data on these may be more limited.

Washaway, Bodmin, PL30 3AA

Washaway, Bodmin, PL30 3AB

Washaway, Bodmin, PL30 3AD

Washaway, Bodmin, PL30 3AE

Washaway, Bodmin, PL30 3AF

Washaway, Bodmin, PL30 3AG

Washaway, Bodmin, PL30 3AH

Washaway, Bodmin, PL30 3AJ

Washaway, Bodmin, PL30 3AL

Washaway, Bodmin, PL30 3AN

Washaway, Bodmin, PL30 3AP

Washaway, Bodmin, PL30 3AQ

Allen Park, St. Kew Highway, Bodmin, PL30 3AR

Glebe Parc, St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3AS

Chestnut Close, St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3AT

Tregainlands Park, Washaway, Bodmin, PL30 3AU

Washaway, Bodmin, PL30 3AW

St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3AX

St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3AY

Bruallen Close, Trewennen Road, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3AZ

St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3BA

The Crescent, St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3BB

Chapel Lane, St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3BD

Chapel Terrace, St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3BE

St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3BG

Wadebridge Road, St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3BH

Watergate Lane, St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3BJ

Kelly Park, St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3BL

Station Road, St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3BN

Dinhams Bridge, St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3BP

Wadebridge Road, St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3BQ

St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3BR

Mabena Close, St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3BS

Syra Close, St. Kew Highway, Bodmin, PL30 3BT

St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3BU

St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3BW

St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3BX

St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3BY

Longstone, St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3BZ

Longstone, St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3DA

St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3DB

St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3DD

St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3DE

St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3DF

St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3DG

Meadowside Close, St. Kew Highway, Bodmin, PL30 3DH

Rectory Lane, St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3DJ

St. Kew Highway, Bodmin, PL30 3DL

St. Kew Highway, Bodmin, PL30 3DN

St. Kew Highway, Bodmin, PL30 3DP

Tretawn Close, St. Kew Highway, Bodmin, PL30 3DQ

St. Kew Highway, Bodmin, PL30 3DR

St. Kew Highway, Bodmin, PL30 3DS

St. Kew Highway, Bodmin, PL30 3DT

St. Kew Highway, Bodmin, PL30 3DU

St. Kew Highway, Bodmin, PL30 3DW

Tretawn Terrace, St. Kew Highway, Bodmin, PL30 3DX

St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3DY

Whitehall, St. Kew Highway, Bodmin, PL30 3DZ

Kenwyn Park, St. Kew Highway, Bodmin, PL30 3EA

Lemellen Gardens, St. Kew Highway, Bodmin, PL30 3EB

St. Kew Highway, Bodmin, PL30 3ED

St. Kew Highway, Bodmin, PL30 3EE

St. Kew Highway, Bodmin, PL30 3EF

St. Kew Highway, Bodmin, PL30 3EG

St. Kew Highway, Bodmin, PL30 3EH

St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3EJ

St. Kew Road, St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3EL

Church Terrace, St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3EN

St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3EP

St. Kew Highway, Bodmin, PL30 3EQ

St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3ER

St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3ES

St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3ET

Trequite, St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3EU

The Row, St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3EW

Trequite, St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3EX

Chapel Close, Longstone, St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3EY

Brambleside, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3EZ

Greenwix Parc, St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3FA

Briar Close, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3FB

Longstone View, Longstone, St. Mabyn, Bodmin, PL30 3FD

Meadow View, St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3FE

Rosevale Gardens, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3FG

St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3HA

St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3HB

St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3HD

St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3HE

Lane Park, St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3HF

Tregellist, St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3HG

Pendoggett, St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3HH

Pendoggett, St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3HJ

Pendoggett, St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3HL

Pendoggett, St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3HN

St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3HP

Pendoggett, St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3HQ

Treore Close, Pendoggett, St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3HR

Trelill, Bodmin, PL30 3HT

Trelill, Bodmin, PL30 3HU

Pendoggett, St. Kew, Bodmin, PL30 3HW

Trelill, Bodmin, PL30 3HX

Trelill, Bodmin, PL30 3HY

Trelill, Bodmin, PL30 3HZ

Fore Street, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3JA

St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3JB

St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3JD

Knights Mill, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3JE

St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3JF

Tower Terrace, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3JG

St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3JH

St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3JJ

Bodmin, PL30 3JL (No Longer In Use)

Treveighan, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3JN

St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3JP

St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3JQ

Koth Karrji, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3JR

Trevilley Lane, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3JS

The Square, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3JT

Teagues Terrace, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3JU

St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3JW

North Road, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3JX

Tethadene, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3JY

Trewennen Road, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3JZ

Treroosel Road, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3LA

St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3LB

St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3LD

Eglos Court, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3LE

Trehannick Close, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3LF

Trehannick Road, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3LG

St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3LH

Treburgett, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3LJ

St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3LL

St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3LN

St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3LP

Valley View, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3LQ

St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3LR

Bryny Close, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3LS

The Meadows, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3LT

Gypsy Lane, St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3LU

St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3LW

Chapel Road, St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3NA

Hengar Lane, St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3NB

Wadebridge Road, St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3ND

Maymear Terrace, St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3NE

Tremeer Lane, St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3NF

Wetherham Lane, St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3NG

St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3NH

St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3NJ

St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3NL

St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3NN

St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3NP

School Road, St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3NQ

St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3NR

St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3NS

Normans Way, St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3NU

St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3NW

Bodinnick Road, St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3NX

St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3NY

Bodinnick Parc, St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3NZ

St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3PA

Michaelstow, St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3PB

Michaelstow, St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3PD

Michaelstow, St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3PE

Michaelstow, St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3PF

Oak Park, St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3PG

Hengar Lane, St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3PH

St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3PJ

St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3PL

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 3PN

St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3PP

St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3PR

St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3PS

St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3PT

St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3PU

St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3PW

St. Tudy, Bodmin, PL30 3PX

Claylands, St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 3PY

St. Teath, Bodmin, PL30 3WA (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 3WU (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 3WW (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 3WX (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 3WY (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 3WZ (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 3YP (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 3YR (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 3YS (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 3YT (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 3YU (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 3YW (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 3YX (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 3YY (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 3YZ (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 3ZN (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 3ZR (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 3ZX (No Longer In Use)

Respryn Road, Bodmin, PL30 4AA

Lanhydrock, Bodmin, PL30 4AB

Lanhydrock, Bodmin, PL30 4AD

Lanhydrock, Bodmin, PL30 4AE

Lanhydrock, Bodmin, PL30 4AF

Lanhydrock, Bodmin, PL30 4AG

Lanhydrock, Bodmin, PL30 4AH

Bodmin, PL30 4AJ

Bodmin, PL30 4AL

Fletchers Bridge, Bodmin, PL30 4AN

Turfdown, Bodmin, PL30 4AP

Lanhydrock, Bodmin, PL30 4AQ

Turfdown, Bodmin, PL30 4AR

Turfdown, Bodmin, PL30 4AS

Bodmin, PL30 4AT

Glynn, Bodmin, PL30 4AU

Carminnow Cross, Bodmin, PL30 4AW

Glynn, Bodmin, PL30 4AX

Glynn, Bodmin, PL30 4AY

Bodmin, PL30 4AZ

Bodmin, PL30 4BA (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin Parkway, Bodmin, PL30 4BB

Bodmin, PL30 4BD (No Longer In Use)

Glynn, Bodmin, PL30 4BE

Bodmin Road, Bodmin, PL30 4BG

Treswithick, Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4BH

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4BJ

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4BL

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4BN

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4BP

Poundstock Close, Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4BQ

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4BR

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4BS

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4BT

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4BU

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4BW

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4BX

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4BY

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4BZ

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4DA

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4DB

Percy's Meadow, Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4DD

Lanhydrock Park, Bodmin, PL30 4DE

Hill Close, St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4DF

Noels Meadow, Mount, Bodmin, PL30 4DG

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4DH

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4DJ

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4DL

Bodmin, PL30 4DN (No Longer In Use)

Pantersbridge, Mount, Bodmin, PL30 4DP

Coombe Road, Limehead, St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4DQ

Mount, Bodmin, PL30 4DR

Mount, Bodmin, PL30 4DS

Mount, Bodmin, PL30 4DT

Mount, Bodmin, PL30 4DU

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4DW

Coombe Road, St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4DX

Airfield Road, Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4DY

Moorland Fields, St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4DZ

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4EA

Bunnys Hill, Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4EB

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4ED

Little Downs, Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4EE

Little Downs, Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4EF

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4EG

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4EH

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4EJ

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4EL

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4EN

Granite Rise, St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4EP

Cardinham, Bodmin, PL30 4EQ

Mount, Bodmin, PL30 4ES

Mount, Bodmin, PL30 4ET

Mount, Bodmin, PL30 4EU

Mount, Bodmin, PL30 4EX

Mount, Bodmin, PL30 4EY

Mount, Bodmin, PL30 4EZ

Warleggan, Mount, Bodmin, PL30 4HA

Warleggan, Mount, Bodmin, PL30 4HB

Warleggan, Mount, Bodmin, PL30 4HD

Warleggan, Mount, Bodmin, PL30 4HE

Warleggan, Mount, Bodmin, PL30 4HF

Four Winds, Bodmin, PL30 4HH

Four Winds, Bodmin, PL30 4HJ

Cassacawn, Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4HL

Hawks Tor, Bodmin, PL30 4HN

Temple, Bodmin, PL30 4HP

Bodmin, PL30 4HR

Bodmin, PL30 4HS

Bodmin, PL30 4HT

Bodmin, PL30 4HU

Temple, Bodmin, PL30 4HW

Bodmin, PL30 4HX

Millpool, Bodmin, PL30 4HY

Millpool, Bodmin, PL30 4HZ

Churchtown Mews, Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4JA

Church Close, Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4JB

Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4JD

Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4JE

Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4JF

Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4JG

Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4JH

Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4JJ

Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4JL

Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4JN

Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4JP

Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4JQ

Pen Tor, Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4JR

Tregenna Road, Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4JS

Pendrift, Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4JT

Cassacawn, Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4JU

Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4JW

Waterloo, Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4JX

Manor Close, Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4JY

Tregenna Road, Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4JZ

Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4LA

Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4LB

Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4LD

Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4LE

Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4LF

Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4LG

Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4LH

Meadow Plash, Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4LJ

Chyryn Drive, St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4LL

Row, St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4LN

Row Hill, St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4LP

Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4LQ

Ryland Terrace, St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4LR

Mill Lane, St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4LS

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4LT

Limehead, St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4LU

Row, St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4LW

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4LX

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4LY

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4LZ

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4NA

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4NB

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4ND

Row, St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4NG

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4NH

Bodmin, PL30 4NJ (No Longer In Use)

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4NL

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4NN

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4NP

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4NQ

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4NR

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4NS

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4NT

Mount Pleasant, St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4NU

Bodmin, PL30 4NW (No Longer In Use)

Higher Penquite, St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4NX

Penvorder Lane, St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4NY

Rostalek, St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4NZ

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4PA

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4PE

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4PF

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4PG

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4PH

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4PJ

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4PL

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4PN

Churchtown, St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4PP

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4PQ

Haydown Close, Churchtown, St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4PR

Helland, Bodmin, PL30 4PT

Helland, Bodmin, PL30 4PU

St. Breward, Bodmin, PL30 4PW

Helland, Bodmin, PL30 4PX

Helland, Bodmin, PL30 4PY

Helland, Bodmin, PL30 4PZ

Helland, Bodmin, PL30 4QA

Tredethy Road, Helland, Bodmin, PL30 4QB

Helland, Bodmin, PL30 4QD

Helland, Bodmin, PL30 4QE

Tresarrett, Bodmin, PL30 4QF

Tresarrett, Bodmin, PL30 4QG

Tresarrett, Bodmin, PL30 4QH

Tregenna, Bodmin, PL30 4QJ

Keybridge, Bodmin, PL30 4QL

Penpont, Bodmin, PL30 4QN

Hellandbridge, Bodmin, PL30 4QP

Tresarrett, Bodmin, PL30 4QQ

Hellandbridge, Bodmin, PL30 4QR

Tredethy, Bodmin, PL30 4QS

Tredethy, Bodmin, PL30 4QT

Bodwen, Bodmin, PL30 4QU

Clerkenwater, Bodmin, PL30 4QW

Bodmin, PL30 4QX

Bodmin, PL30 4QY

Bodmin, PL30 4QZ

Bodmin, PL30 4RA

Bodmin, PL30 4WA (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 4WW (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 4WX (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 4WY (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 4WZ (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 4YG (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 4YH (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 4YJ (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 4YN (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 4YP (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 4YQ (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 4YR

Bodmin, PL30 4YS (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 4YT (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 4YW (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 4YX (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 4YY (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 4YZ (No Longer In Use)

Blisland, Bodmin, PL30 4ZX (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5AA

Lostwithiel Road, Bodmin, PL30 5AB

Lanhydrock, Bodmin, PL30 5AD

Lanhydrock, Bodmin, PL30 5AE

Treffry Lane, Lanhydrock, Bodmin, PL30 5AF

Lanhydrock, Bodmin, PL30 5AG

Maudlin, Bodmin, PL30 5AH

Sweetshouse, Bodmin, PL30 5AJ

Sweetshouse, Bodmin, PL30 5AL

Boslymon Hill, Sweetshouse, Bodmin, PL30 5AN

Tredinnick Pits, Bodmin, PL30 5AP

Lanhydrock, Bodmin, PL30 5AQ

Redmoor, Bodmin, PL30 5AR

Redmoor, Bodmin, PL30 5AS

Redmoor, Bodmin, PL30 5AT

Bodmin, PL30 5AU

Sweetshouse, Bodmin, PL30 5AW

Bodmin, PL30 5AX

Bodmin, PL30 5AY

Bodmin, PL30 5AZ

Bodmin, PL30 5BA

Bodmin, PL30 5BB

Bodmin, PL30 5BD

Bodmin, PL30 5BE

Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5BG

Tregullon, Bodmin, PL30 5BH

Kirland, Bodmin, PL30 5BJ

Tower Park, Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5BL

Blowinghouse Lane, Bodmin, PL30 5BN

Oak Ford, Lanhydrock, Bodmin, PL30 5BP

Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5BQ

Lanxon Crescent, Lanlivery, Bodmin, PL30 5BS

Lanlivery, Bodmin, PL30 5BT

Lanlivery, Bodmin, PL30 5BU

The Fairways, Lanhydrock, Bodmin, PL30 5BW

Lanlivery, Bodmin, PL30 5BX

Lanlivery, Bodmin, PL30 5BY

Lanlivery, Bodmin, PL30 5BZ

Lanlivery, Bodmin, PL30 5DA

Lanlivery, Bodmin, PL30 5DB

Lanlivery, Bodmin, PL30 5DD

Lanlivery, Bodmin, PL30 5DE

Lanlivery, Bodmin, PL30 5DF

Thomas Bullock Close, Lanlivery, Bodmin, PL30 5DG

Lanlivery, Bodmin, PL30 5DH

Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5DJ

Lanlivery, Bodmin, PL30 5DL

Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5DN

Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5DP

Trebyan Business Park, Lanhydrock, Bodmin, PL30 5DQ

Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5DR

Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5DS

Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5DT

Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5DU

Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5DW

Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5DX

Lanlivery, Bodmin, PL30 5DY

Lower Mill Terrace, Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5DZ

Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5EA

St. Sulien, Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5EB

St. Julitta, Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5ED

Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5EE

Bridges, Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5EF

Railway Terrace, Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5EG

Croft Farm Park, Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5EH

Treskilling, Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5EJ

Treskilling, Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5EL

Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5EN

Rosevale Gardens, Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5EP

Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5EQ

Clann Meadows, Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5ER

Rosehill, Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5ES

Truro Road, Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5ET

Riverside, Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5EU

Croft Farm Park, Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5EW

Truro Road, Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5EX

Bodmin, PL30 5EY (No Longer In Use)

Church Road, Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5EZ

Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5FA

Beswetherick Field, Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5FB

Beswetherick Field, Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5FD

Sweetshouse, Bodmin, PL30 5FE

Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5FF

PL30 5FG

Parc Vean, Nanstallon, Bodmin, PL30 5GD

Churchtown, Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5HA

Lamorrick, Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5HB

Clann Lane, Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5HD

Honeys Hill, Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5HE

Truro Road, Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5HF

Rectory Road, Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5HG

Rectory Road, Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5HH

Woodland Glade, Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5HJ

Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5HL

Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5HN

Bokiddick, Bodmin, PL30 5HP

Woodland View, Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5HQ

Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5HR

Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5HS

Fenton Pitts, Bodmin, PL30 5HT

Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5HU

Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5HW

Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5HX

Beam Villas, Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5HY

Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5HZ

Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5JA

Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5JB

Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5JD

Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5JE

Woodland Close, Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5JF

Brewers Close, Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5JG

Gladstone Road, Bodmin, PL30 5JH

Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5JJ

Bodmin, PL30 5JL

Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5JN

Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5JP

Kirland Road, Bodmin, PL30 5JQ

Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5JR

Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5JS

Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5JT

Bodmin, PL30 5JU

Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5JW

Treningle Hill, Bodmin, PL30 5JX

Bodmin, PL30 5JY

Nanstallon, Bodmin, PL30 5JZ

Nanstallon, Bodmin, PL30 5LA

Nanstallon, Bodmin, PL30 5LB

Marshall Road, Nanstallon, Bodmin, PL30 5LD

Boscarne View, Nanstallon, Bodmin, PL30 5LE

Nanstallon, Bodmin, PL30 5LF

Nanstallon, Bodmin, PL30 5LG

Nanstallon, Bodmin, PL30 5LH

Nanstallon, Bodmin, PL30 5LJ

Nanstallon, Bodmin, PL30 5LL

Nanstallon, Bodmin, PL30 5LN

Retire, Bodmin, PL30 5LP

Nanstallon, Bodmin, PL30 5LQ

Inches, Bodmin, PL30 5LR

Tremore Valley, Bodmin, PL30 5LS

Withielgoose Mills, Bodmin, PL30 5LT

Ruthern Bridge, Bodmin, PL30 5LU

Hoopers Bridge, Bodmin, PL30 5LW

Ruthern Bridge, Bodmin, PL30 5LX

Ruthern Bridge, Bodmin, PL30 5LY

Greenacres, Nanstallon, Bodmin, PL30 5LZ

Churchtown, Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5NA

Withiel, Bodmin, PL30 5NG

Withiel, Bodmin, PL30 5NH

Hill End, Withiel, Bodmin, PL30 5NJ

Withiel, Bodmin, PL30 5NL

Withiel, Bodmin, PL30 5NN

Withiel, Bodmin, PL30 5NP

Withiel, Bodmin, PL30 5NQ

Withiel, Bodmin, PL30 5NR

Withiel, Bodmin, PL30 5NS

St. Wenn, Bodmin, PL30 5NT

Withiel, Bodmin, PL30 5NW

Withiel, Bodmin, PL30 5PA

Withiel, Bodmin, PL30 5PB

St. Wenn, Bodmin, PL30 5PD

St. Wenn, Bodmin, PL30 5PE

St. Wenn, Bodmin, PL30 5PF

St. Wenn, Bodmin, PL30 5PG

St. Wenn, Bodmin, PL30 5PH

Rosenannon, Bodmin, PL30 5PJ

St. Wenn, Bodmin, PL30 5PL

St. Wenn, Bodmin, PL30 5PN

St. Wenn, Bodmin, PL30 5PP

St. Wenn, Bodmin, PL30 5PQ

St. Wenn, Bodmin, PL30 5PR

St. Wenn, Bodmin, PL30 5PS

St. Benets Close, Lanivet, Bodmin, PL30 5PT

St. Wenn, Bodmin, PL30 5PW

St. Cyriac, Luxulyan, Bodmin, PL30 5QA

Kirland Bower, Bodmin, PL30 5RA

Bodmin, PL30 5WA (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5WB (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5WH (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5WJ (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5WX (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5WY (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5WZ (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5XZ (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5YJ (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5YL (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5YN (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5YP (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5YR (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5YS (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5YT (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5YU (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5YW (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5YX (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5YY (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5YZ (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5ZJ (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5ZN (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5ZQ (No Longer In Use)

Bodmin, PL30 5ZX (No Longer In Use)