All Postcodes in the OX39 Postcode District

Below are all of the active postcodes that we currently have on file for the OX39 postcode district. The list also includes expired postcodes that we may have data for (those that have been discontinued by Royal Mail). We maintain several years of data on expired codes. Click here to view demographic information about OX39 as a whole.

Note: Some postcodes may be listed as "Large User" - this indicates that they are assigned to large businesses and similar entities, rather than residential homes. While we often have data on the areas in which these postcodes exist, some are not tied to a particular place, so data on these may be more limited.

Emmington, Chinnor, OX39 4AA

Wainhill, Chinnor, OX39 4AB

Farm Place, Henton, Chinnor, OX39 4AD

Henton, Chinnor, OX39 4AE

Henton, Chinnor, OX39 4AF

Henton, Chinnor, OX39 4AG

Henton, Chinnor, OX39 4AH

New Close Farm Road, Henton, Chinnor, OX39 4AJ

Old Orchard, Henton, Chinnor, OX39 4AL

Chinnor, OX39 4AN (No Longer In Use)

Henton, Chinnor, OX39 4AP

Henton, Chinnor, OX39 4AQ

Chinnor, OX39 4AR (No Longer In Use)

Cromwell Court, Chinnor, OX39 4AS

Chinnor, OX39 4AT (No Longer In Use)

Hernes Oak, Chinnor, OX39 4AU

Old Sawmill Place, Chinnor, OX39 4AW

Chinnor, OX39 4AY (No Longer In Use)

Upper Icknield Way, Chinnor, OX39 4AZ

Chinnor Hill, Chinnor, OX39 4BA

Chinnor Hill, Chinnor, OX39 4BB

Chinnor Hill, Chinnor, OX39 4BD

Chinnor Hill, Chinnor, OX39 4BE

Burgidge Way, Chinnor, OX39 4BF

Chinnor Hill, Chinnor, OX39 4BG

Hill Top Lane, Chinnor Hill, Chinnor, OX39 4BH

Chinnor, OX39 4BJ (No Longer In Use)

Hill Top Lane, Chinnor Hill, Chinnor, OX39 4BL

Red Lane, Chinnor Hill, Chinnor, OX39 4BN

Chinnor Road, Chinnor, OX39 4BP

Chinnor Hill, Chinnor, OX39 4BQ

Chinnor Hill, Chinnor, OX39 4BS

Crowell Hill, Chinnor, OX39 4BT

Sprigs Holly, Chinnor, OX39 4BU

Red Lane, Chinnor Hill, Chinnor, OX39 4BW

Sprigs Holly, Chinnor, OX39 4BX

Sprigs Holly Lane, Chinnor, OX39 4BY

Kiln Avenue, Chinnor, OX39 4BZ

Crowell Hill, Chinnor, OX39 4DA

Lakeside Road, Chinnor, OX39 4DB

Chiltern View, Chinnor, OX39 4DD

Hillside View, Chinnor, OX39 4DE

Chalkpit Lane, Chinnor, OX39 4DF

Red Kite Road, Chinnor, OX39 4DG

High Street, Chinnor, OX39 4DH

High Street, Chinnor, OX39 4DJ

High Street, Chinnor, OX39 4DL

High Street, Chinnor, OX39 4DN

Benton Drive, Chinnor, OX39 4DP

Wheatfield, Chinnor, OX39 4DQ

Grafton Orchard, Chinnor, OX39 4DR

Grafton Orchard, Chinnor, OX39 4DS

Lower Road, Chinnor, OX39 4DT

Lower Road, Chinnor, OX39 4DU

Doveleat, Chinnor, OX39 4DW

Springfield Gardens, Chinnor, OX39 4DX

Springfield Gardens, Chinnor, OX39 4DY

Lower Icknield Way, Chinnor, OX39 4DZ

Lower Icknield Way, Chinnor, OX39 4EA

Lower Icknield Way, Chinnor, OX39 4EB

Lower Icknield Way, Chinnor, OX39 4ED

Elderdene, Chinnor, OX39 4EE

Siareys Close, Chinnor, OX39 4EF

Elderdene, Chinnor, OX39 4EG

Elderdene, Chinnor, OX39 4EH

Elderdene, Chinnor, OX39 4EJ

Leyburne Gardens, Chinnor, OX39 4EL

Holland Close, Chinnor, OX39 4EN

The Lane, Lower Icknield Way, Chinnor, OX39 4EP

Elderdene, Chinnor, OX39 4EQ

Station Road, Chinnor, OX39 4ER

Oakley Road, Chinnor, OX39 4ES (No Longer In Use)

Oakley Road, Chinnor, OX39 4ET

Timber Way, Chinnor, OX39 4EU

Malyns Close, Chinnor, OX39 4EW

Station Road, Chinnor, OX39 4EX

Station Road, Chinnor, OX39 4EY

Station Road, Chinnor, OX39 4EZ

Emmington View, Chinnor, OX39 4FA

Nursery Close, Chinnor, OX39 4FB

Treverne Courtyard, Chinnor, OX39 4FD

Seymour Park Road, Chinnor, OX39 4FE

Oxford Down, Chinnor, OX39 4FF

Windmill Close, Chinnor, OX39 4FG

Walnut Tree Close, Chinnor, OX39 4FH

Woodgreen Square, Chinnor, OX39 4FJ

Cornfields, Chinnor, OX39 4FL

Barley Rye, Chinnor, OX39 4FN

Dimbles Gate, Chinnor, OX39 4FP

Lummas Mead, Chinnor, OX39 4FQ

Lingwell Close, Chinnor, OX39 4FR

Littlemoor Field, Chinnor, OX39 4FS

Moor Close, Chinnor, OX39 4FT

Braken Road, Chinnor, OX39 4FU

Newton Close, Chinnor, OX39 4FW

Claremont Place, Chinnor, OX39 4FX

Rumpenny, Chinnor, OX39 4FY

Rushland Field, Chinnor, OX39 4FZ

Pilmore Meadow, Chinnor, OX39 4GA

Equine Way, Chinnor, OX39 4GB

Hawthorn Close, Chinnor, OX39 4GD

Manor Farm Way, Henton, Chinnor, OX39 4GE

Estover Way, Chinnor, OX39 4GF

Middle Farm Close, Chinnor, OX39 4GP

Chinnor, OX39 4GW (No Longer In Use)

Station Road, Chinnor, OX39 4HA

Oakley Road, Chinnor, OX39 4HB

Oakley Road, Chinnor, OX39 4HD

Glimbers Grove, Chinnor, OX39 4HE

Glimbers Grove, Chinnor, OX39 4HF

St. Andrews Road, Chinnor, OX39 4HG

Elm Drive, Chinnor, OX39 4HH

Elm Close, Chinnor, OX39 4HJ

Greenwood Avenue, Chinnor, OX39 4HL

Greenwood Avenue, Chinnor, OX39 4HN

Crowell Road, Chinnor, OX39 4HP

Elm Drive, Chinnor, OX39 4HQ

Oakley Road, Chinnor, OX39 4HR

Oakley Road, Chinnor, OX39 4HS

Oakley Lane, Chinnor, OX39 4HT

Oakley Lane, Chinnor, OX39 4HU

Greenwood Avenue, Chinnor, OX39 4HW

Oakley Road, Chinnor, OX39 4HX

Oakley Road, Chinnor, OX39 4HY

Oakley Road, Chinnor, OX39 4HZ

Glynswood, Chinnor, OX39 4JA

Glynswood, Chinnor, OX39 4JB

Glynswood, Chinnor, OX39 4JD

Glynswood, Chinnor, OX39 4JE

Druids Walk, Chinnor, OX39 4JF

Ravensmead, Chinnor, OX39 4JG

Greenwood Meadow, Chinnor, OX39 4JH

Oak End Way, Chinnor, OX39 4JJ

Wheelers End, Chinnor, OX39 4JL

Woodville, Chinnor, OX39 4JN

Greenwood Meadow, Chinnor, OX39 4JP

Greenwood Meadow, Chinnor, OX39 4JQ

Oakley Road, Chinnor, OX39 4JR

Penley Close, Chinnor, OX39 4JS

Flint Hollow, Chinnor, OX39 4JT

Ashridge, Chinnor, OX39 4JU

Upper Field, Chinnor, OX39 4JW

Robins Platt, Chinnor, OX39 4JX

Conigre, Chinnor, OX39 4JY

Millers Turn, Chinnor, OX39 4JZ

Thame Road, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4LA

Thame Road, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4LB

Sydenham Road, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4LD

Sydenham Road, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4LE

Plough Corner, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4LF

Park View, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4LG

Sydenham Road, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4LH

Sydenham Road, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4LJ

Sydenham Road, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4LL

Sydenham Road, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4LN

Sydenham Grove, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4LP

Park View, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4LQ

Sydenham Road, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4LR

Sydenham Road, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4LS

Sydenham Road, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4LT

Crossways, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4LU

The Lane, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4LW

The Green, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4LX

Brookstones, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4LY

Brookstones, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4LZ

Brookstones, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4NA

Sydenham Road, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4NB

Sydenham Road, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4ND

Sydenham Road, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4NE

Sydenham Road, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4NF

Holliers Close, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4NG

Chalford, Chinnor, OX39 4NH

Sydenham Road, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4NJ

Kingston Stert, Chinnor, OX39 4NL

Chalford, Chinnor, OX39 4NQ

Chinnor, OX39 4NS

Hill Farm Court, Chinnor, OX39 4NX

The Avenue, Chinnor, OX39 4PA

The Avenue, Chinnor, OX39 4PB

The Avenue, Chinnor, OX39 4PD

The Avenue, Chinnor, OX39 4PE

Keens Lane, Chinnor, OX39 4PF

Church Road, Chinnor, OX39 4PG

Rectory Meadow, Chinnor, OX39 4PH

Rectory Meadow, Chinnor, OX39 4PJ

Musgrave Road, Chinnor, OX39 4PL

Lime Grove, Chinnor, OX39 4PN

Meadow Road, Chinnor, OX39 4PP

Church Road, Chinnor, OX39 4PQ

Hill Road, Chinnor, OX39 4PR

Wykeham Rise, Chinnor, OX39 4PS

Golden Hills, Chinnor, OX39 4PT

Station Road, Chinnor, OX39 4PU

Church Lane, Chinnor, OX39 4PW

Station Road, Chinnor, OX39 4PX

Station Road, Chinnor, OX39 4PY

Station Road, Chinnor, OX39 4PZ

Station Road, Chinnor, OX39 4QA

Station Road, Chinnor, OX39 4QB

Station Road, Chinnor, OX39 4QD

Van Diemens Close, Chinnor, OX39 4QE

Church Road, Chinnor, OX39 4QF (No Longer In Use)

Station Road, Chinnor, OX39 4QG

Station Road, Chinnor, OX39 4QH

Lime Grove, Chinnor, OX39 4QJ

Church Road, Chinnor, OX39 4QL

Chinnor, OX39 4QN (No Longer In Use)

Station Road, Chinnor, OX39 4QQ

Duck Square, Chinnor, OX39 4QR

Thame Road, Chinnor, OX39 4QS

Mill Lane, Chinnor, OX39 4QU

Cherry Tree Road, Chinnor, OX39 4QY

Cherry Tree Road, Chinnor, OX39 4QZ

Willow Road, Chinnor, OX39 4RA

Beech Road, Chinnor, OX39 4RB

Beech Road, Chinnor, OX39 4RD

Rannal Drive, Chinnor, OX39 4RE

Mill Lane, Chinnor, OX39 4RF

Chinnor Road, Crowell, Chinnor, OX39 4RG

Crowell, Chinnor, OX39 4RP

Bennetts Yard, Kingston Blount, Chinnor, OX39 4RQ

Crowell, Chinnor, OX39 4RR

Icknield Close, Kingston Blount, Chinnor, OX39 4RS

Crowell Road, Kingston Blount, Chinnor, OX39 4RT

Pleck Lane, Kingston Blount, Chinnor, OX39 4RU

Old Croft Close, Kingston Blount, Chinnor, OX39 4RX

The Rise, Kingston Blount, Chinnor, OX39 4RY

Brook Street, Kingston Blount, Chinnor, OX39 4RZ

Stert Road, Kingston Blount, Chinnor, OX39 4SA

Stert Road, Kingston Blount, Chinnor, OX39 4SB

The Green, Kingston Blount, Chinnor, OX39 4SD

The Green, Kingston Blount, Chinnor, OX39 4SE

Kingston Hill, Kingston Blount, Chinnor, OX39 4SF

Kingston Hill, Kingston Blount, Chinnor, OX39 4SG

Kingston Hill, Kingston Blount, Chinnor, OX39 4SH

High Street, Kingston Blount, Chinnor, OX39 4SJ

Park Lane, Kingston Blount, Chinnor, OX39 4SL

Bakers Piece, Kingston Blount, Chinnor, OX39 4SN (No Longer In Use)

Kingston Hill, Kingston Blount, Chinnor, OX39 4SQ

Chinnor Road, Kingston Blount, Chinnor, OX39 4ST

Bakers Piece, Kingston Blount, Chinnor, OX39 4SW

Cleavers, Chinnor, OX39 4TA

Cowleaze, Chinnor, OX39 4TB

Cowleaze, Chinnor, OX39 4TD

Estover Way, Chinnor, OX39 4TE

Estover Way, Chinnor, OX39 4TF

Hunters Point, Chinnor, OX39 4TG

Fox Cover, Chinnor, OX39 4TH

Hedgerley, Chinnor, OX39 4TJ

Foresters, Chinnor, OX39 4TL

Hedgerley, Chinnor, OX39 4TN

Middle Way, Chinnor, OX39 4TP

Riders Way, Chinnor, OX39 4TQ

Lacemakers, Chinnor, OX39 4TR

Hailey Croft, Chinnor, OX39 4TS

Riders Way, Chinnor, OX39 4TT

Benwells, Chinnor, OX39 4TU

Oakley Road, Chinnor, OX39 4TW

Hillwerke, Chinnor, OX39 4TX

Orchard Way, Chinnor, OX39 4UD

Chinnor, OX39 4UR (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4US (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4UX (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4UY (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4UZ (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4WA (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4WB (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4WD (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4WE (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4WF (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4WG (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4WH (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4WJ (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4WL (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4WN (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4WP (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4WQ (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4WR (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4WS (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4WT (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4WU (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4WW (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4WX (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4WY (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4WZ (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4XB (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4XD (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4XE

Chinnor, OX39 4XF (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4XG (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4XH (No Longer In Use)

Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4XJ (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4XL (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4XQ (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4XT (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4XU (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4XX (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4XZ (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4YA (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4YB (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4YD (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4YH (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4YJ (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4YL (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4YP (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4YR (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4YS (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4YT (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4YU (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4YX (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4YY (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4ZN

Chinnor, OX39 4ZQ (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4ZW (No Longer In Use)

Chinnor, OX39 4ZX (No Longer In Use)