All Postcodes in the OL2 Postcode District

Below are all of the active postcodes that we currently have on file for the OL2 postcode district. The list also includes expired postcodes that we may have data for (those that have been discontinued by Royal Mail). We maintain several years of data on expired codes. Click here to view demographic information about OL2 as a whole.

Note: Some postcodes may be listed as "Large User" - this indicates that they are assigned to large businesses and similar entities, rather than residential homes. While we often have data on the areas in which these postcodes exist, some are not tied to a particular place, so data on these may be more limited.

Oldham Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5AA

St. Annes Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5AB

St. Annes Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5AD

Monarch Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5AE

Mellalieu Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5AF

Houghton Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5AG

Jones Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5AH

Oldham Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5AJ

Briony Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5AL

Oldham Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5AN

Harry Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5AP

Mellalieu Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5AQ

Sparrow Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5AR

Oldham Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5AS

Plumpton Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5AT

Dorchester Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5AU

Beswick Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5AW

Cumberland Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5AX

Cumberland Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5AY

Carlton Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5AZ

Regent Crescent, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5BA

Berkeley Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5BB

Norfolk Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5BD

Carlton Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5BE

Broadway, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5BF

Strand Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5BG

Westbury Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5BH

Grosvenor Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5BJ

Hilbre Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5BL

Palace Gardens, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5BN

Broadway, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5BP

Mayfair Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5BQ

Netherhey Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5BS

Holme Crescent, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5BT

Farholme, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5BU

Broadway, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5BW

Holden Fold Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5BX

Holden Fold Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5BY

Holden Fold Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5BZ (No Longer In Use)

Royton, Oldham, OL2 5DA

Savoy Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5DB

Broadway, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5DD

Brackenwood Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5DE

Downham Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5DF

Verity Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5DG

Ormerod Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5DH

Oldham Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5DJ

Vaughan Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5DL

Lineholme, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5DN

Holden Fold Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5DP

Cavendish Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5DQ

Delta Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5DR

Maplewood Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5DS

Marlwood Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5DT

Haggate, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5DU

Holderness Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5DW

Royley Crescent, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5DX

Royley, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5DY

Royley Crescent, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5DZ

Royley Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5EA

Middleton Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5EB

Lea View, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5ED

Lynton Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5EE

Lynmouth Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5EF

Long Clough, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5EG

Middleton Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5EH

Stottfield, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5EJ

Birchinlee Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5EL

Hamilton Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5EN

Elly Clough, Holden Fold Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5EP

Lorne Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5EQ

Oldham, OL2 5ER (No Longer In Use)

Elly Clough, Holden Fold Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5ES

Oldham, OL2 5ET (No Longer In Use)

Cambrian Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5EU

Streetbridge, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5EW (No Longer In Use)

Cleveland Grove, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5EX

Mendip Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5EY

Mendip Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5EZ

Oldham, OL2 5FA (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5FB (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5FD (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5FE (No Longer In Use)

Thorp Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5FF

Baldwins Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5FG

Windmill Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5FH

Holden Fold Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5FJ

Highlands Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5FL

Alpine Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5HA

Alpine Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5HB

Cotswold Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5HD

Lea View, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5HE

Lea View, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5HF

Lea View, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5HG

Malvern Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5HH

Lea View, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5HJ

Highlands, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5HL

Pendle Grove, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5HN

Highlands, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5HP

Cheviot Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5HQ

Highlands Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5HR

Oldham, OL2 5HS (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5HT (No Longer In Use)

Brendon Hills, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5HW

Elk Mill Centre Retail Park, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5HX

Oldham, OL2 5HZ (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5JA (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5JB (No Longer In Use)

Union Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5JD

Oldham, OL2 5JE (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5JF (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5JG (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5JH (No Longer In Use)

Middleton Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5JJ

Westridge Chase, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5JL

Charles Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5JN

Middleton Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5JQ

John Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5JR

Church Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5JS

Charles Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5JT

Chapel Croft, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5JU

Oldham, OL2 5JW (No Longer In Use)

Fitton Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5JX

Queen Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5JY

Oldham, OL2 5JZ (No Longer In Use)

Church Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5LA

Chapel Croft, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5LB

Dunkerley Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5LE

Church Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5LF

Church Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5LG

Oldham, OL2 5LH (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5LJ (No Longer In Use)

Middleton Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5LL

Holden Fold Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5LN

Middleton Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5LP

North Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5LQ

Oldham, OL2 5LR (No Longer In Use)

Middleton Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5LS

Middleton Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5LT

Hindle Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5LU

Holden Fold Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5LW

Wheatfield Crescent, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5LX

Elizabeth Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5LY

Hindle Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5LZ

Middleton Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5NA

Rainshaw Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5NB

Rothwell Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5ND

Cecil Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5NE

Haggate Crescent, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5NF

Mill Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5NG

Thorp Clough, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5NH

Royley Clough, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5NJ

Oldham, OL2 5NL (No Longer In Use)

Streetbridge, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5NN

Arlington Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5NP

Oldham, OL2 5NU (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5NZ (No Longer In Use)

Middleton Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5PA

Shepherd Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5PB

Oldham, OL2 5PD (No Longer In Use)

Oldham Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5PE

Oldham Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5PF

Shepherd Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5PG

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5PH

Roman Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5PJ

Brookfield Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5PL

Brook Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5PN

Springhill, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5PP

Roman Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5PQ

Hall Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5PR

Coral Mews, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5PS

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5PT

Roy Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5PW

Oldham, OL2 5PZ (No Longer In Use)

Market Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5QA

Oldham, OL2 5QB (No Longer In Use)

Market Square, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5QD

Spring Garden Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5QE

Chapel Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5QG

Church Walk, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5QH

Sandy Walk, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5QJ

Chapel Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5QL

Oldham, OL2 5QN (No Longer In Use)

Sandy Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5QP

Oldham, OL2 5QQ (No Longer In Use)

Radcliffe Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5QR

Spring Garden Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5QS

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5QT

Steeple View, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5QU

Mill Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5QW

Park Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5QX

Lancaster Square, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5QY

Kershaw Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5QZ

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5RA

Rochdale Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5RB

All Saints Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5RD

Royton, Oldham, OL2 5RE (No Longer In Use)

Flake Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5RF

Glen View, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5RG

Richmond Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5RH

Burnsall Grove, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5RJ

Oldham, OL2 5RL (No Longer In Use)

Leyburn Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5RN

Oldham, OL2 5RP (No Longer In Use)

Malham Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5RQ

Oldham, OL2 5RR (No Longer In Use)

Sandy Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5RS

Sandy Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5RT

Church Walk, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5RU

Rochdale Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5RW

Thorncliffe Park, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5RX

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5RY

Thorncliffe Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5RZ

Kensington Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5SA

Victoria Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5SB

Queensgate Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5SD

Consort Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5SE

Prince Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5SF

Cromwell Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5SG

Oldham, OL2 5SH (No Longer In Use)

Oozewood Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5SJ

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5SL

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5SN

Cemetery Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5SP

Oozewood Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5SQ

Taylor Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5SR

Nordek Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5SS

Nordek Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5ST

Brooklands Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5SU

Cemetery Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5SW

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5SX

Glen Grove, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5SY

Wetherby Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5SZ

Wetherby Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5TA

Harewood Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5TB

Chiltern Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5TD

Denbydale Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5TE

Brantwood Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5TF

Kirkdale Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5TG

Thorp, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5TH

Denbydale Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5TJ

Camberwell Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5TL

Denbydale Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5TN

Connington Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5TP

Wensleydale Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5TQ

Baysdale Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5TR

Glazedale Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5TS

Newtondale Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5TT

Alandale Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5TU

Ashwood Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5TW

Bransdale Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5TX

Westerdale Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5TY

Harewood Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5TZ

Harewood Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5UA

Albert Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5UB

Coverdale Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5UD

Ingleton Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5UE

Albert Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5UF

Longdale Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5UG

Denbydale Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5UH

Chetwyn Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5UJ

Oldham, OL2 5UL (No Longer In Use)

Thornham Old Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5UN

High Gate Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5UP

Victoria Terrace, Albert Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5UQ

Butcher Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5UR

Highthorne Green, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5US

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5UT

Tandle Hill Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5UU

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5UW

Tandle Hill Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5UX

Woodland Park, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5UY

Tandlewood Park, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5UZ

Oldham, OL2 5WA (No Longer In Use)

Water Mill Clough, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5WB

Croft Head, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5WD

Oldham, OL2 5WS (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5WT (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5WU (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5WW (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5WX (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5WY (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5WZ (No Longer In Use)

Tall Trees Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5XA

Oldham, OL2 5XB (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5XD (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5XE (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5XF (No Longer In Use)

Oozewood Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5XG

Oldham, OL2 5XL (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5XN (No Longer In Use)

Elmwood Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5XP

Beechwood Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5XR

Firswood Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5XS

Thorp View, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5XT

Kingston Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5XU

Oozewood Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5XW

Westminster Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5XX

Westminster Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5XY

Kensington Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5XZ

Kingston Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5YA

Bromley Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5YB

Lewisham Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5YD

Croydon Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5YE

Kensington Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5YF

Brecon Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5YG

Sandringham Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5YH

Castlerigg Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5YJ

Cherry Grove, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5YL

Parklands, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5YN

Oldham, OL2 5YP (No Longer In Use)

Newark Park Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5YQ

Oldham, OL2 5YU (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5YY (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5ZS (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 5ZY (No Longer In Use)

Oldham Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6AA

Oldham Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6AB

Mildred Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6AD

St. Phillips Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6AE

Highfield Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6AF

Hilltop Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6AG

Kevin Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6AH

Oldham Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6AJ

Crossley Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6AL

Seville Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6AN

Campania Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6AP

Angela Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6AQ

Mooredge Terrace, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6AR

Oaklands Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6AS

Norwood Crescent, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6AT

Marlborough Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6AU

Briton Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6AW

Ainsdale Crescent, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6AX

Birkdale Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6AY

Verney Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6AZ

Campania Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6BA

Oldham Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6BB

Old Edge Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6BD

Ashleigh Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6BE

Oldham, OL2 6BF (No Longer In Use)

Oldham Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6BG

Eleanor Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6BH

Edge Hill Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6BJ

Edge Hill Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6BL

Valley New Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6BN

Valley New Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6BP

Mount Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6BQ

Eleanor Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6BS

Valley Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6BT

Oldham Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6BU

Kerwood Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6BW

Oldham, OL2 6BX (No Longer In Use)

Turf Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6BY

Turf Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6BZ

Shaw Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6DA

Oldham, OL2 6DB (No Longer In Use)

Carrbrook Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6DD

Browfield Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6DE

Brierwood Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6DF

Oldham, OL2 6DG (No Longer In Use)

Elmstone Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6DH

Bamford Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6DJ

Shaw Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6DL

Oldham Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6DN

Appleby Walk, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6DP

Oldham, OL2 6DQ (No Longer In Use)

High Barn Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6DR

Parkside Industrial Estate, Edge Lane Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6DS

Oldham, OL2 6DT (No Longer In Use)

Hartington Court, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6DU

High Barn Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6DW (No Longer In Use)

Edge Lane Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6DX

Shaw Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6DY

Montrose Gardens, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6DZ

Belgian Terrace, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6EA

Lily Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6EB

Ashworth Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6ED

Coin Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6EE

Shaw Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6EF

Bowness Walk, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6EG

Shaw Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6EH

Beard Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6EJ

Turfland Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6EL

Turfland Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6EN

Turf Park Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6EP

Bradbury Walk, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6EQ

Higher Turf Park, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6ER

Wesley Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6ES

Turf Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6ET

Turf Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6EU

Turfton Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6EW

Sunfield Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6EX

Sunfield Crescent, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6EY

Manor Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6EZ

Royton, Oldham, OL2 6FA (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6FB (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6FD (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6FE (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6FF (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6FG (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6FH (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6FJ (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6FL (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6FN (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6FP (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6FQ (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6FR (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6FS (No Longer In Use)

John Hogan Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6FT

Leonard Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6FU

Hebron Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6FW

Oldham, OL2 6FX (No Longer In Use)


Oldham, OL2 6FZ (No Longer In Use)



The Fairways, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6GD


Long Meadow Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6GF

Oldham, OL2 6GZ (No Longer In Use)

Shaw Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6HA

Pickford Walk, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6HB

Dryclough Walk, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6HD

Percival Walk, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6HE

Byron Walk, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6HF

Charcon Walk, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6HG

Oldham, OL2 6HH (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6HJ (No Longer In Use)

Meek Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6HL

Rudding Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6HN

Oldham, OL2 6HP (No Longer In Use)

Higginshaw Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6HQ

Moss Lane Industrial Estate, Moss Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6HR

Mossdown Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6HS

Salmon Fields Business Village, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6HT

Manor Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6HU

Higginshaw Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6HW

Sun View, Heyside, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6HX

Oldham, OL2 6HY (No Longer In Use)

Salmon Fields, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6HZ

Higginshaw Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6JA

Turf Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6JB

Higginshaw Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6JD

Daniel Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6JE

Clifton Crescent, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6JF

Salmon Fields, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6JG

Turf Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6JH

Penryn Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6JJ

Penthorpe Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6JL

Penryn Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6JN

Cornish Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6JP

Thomas Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6JQ

Penryn Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6JR

Helston Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6JS

Helston Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6JT

Liskeard Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6JU

Cornish Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6JW

Devonport Crescent, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6JX

Cornish Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6JY

New Coin Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6JZ

Polperro Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6LA

Heyside Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6LB

Bodmin Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6LD

Rushbury Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6LE

Gretton Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6LF

Hughley Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6LG

Laurel Trading Estate, Higginshaw Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6LH

Stokesay Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6LJ

Duncote Grove, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6LL

Heyside, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6LN

Sutcliffe Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6LP

Greencroft Meadow, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6LQ

Clarence Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6LR

Heyside, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6LS

Broadbent Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6LT

Hebron Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6LU

Heyside, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6LW

Brownlow Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6LX

Perth Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6LY

Water Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6LZ

Ravenstonedale Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6NA

Heyside, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6NB

Little Hey Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6ND

Oldham Road, Heyside, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6NE

Littlewood, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6NF

St. Marks Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6NG

Marches Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6NH

Bullcote Green, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6NJ

St. Marks Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6NL

Cheethams Crescent, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6NN

The Fold, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6NP

Three Acre Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6NQ

Blackshaw Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6NR

Blackshaw Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6NS

Blackshaw Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6NT

Colsterdale Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6NU

Lower Fold Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6NW

Brotherdale Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6NX

Balmoral Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6NY

Shaw Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6NZ

Dale Square, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6PA

Shaw Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6PB

Charlbury Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6PD

Kirtlington Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6PE

Yarnton Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6PF

Shaw Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6PG

Westcott Grove, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6PH

Oldham, OL2 6PJ (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6PL (No Longer In Use)

Littondale Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6PN

Swaledale Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6PP

Swinford Grove, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6PQ

Martindale Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6PR

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6PS

Schofield Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6PT

Park Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6PU

Albion Gardens Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6PW

Stonesdale Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6PX

Berkeley Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6PY

Bleasdale Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6PZ

Spindle Court, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6QA

Oldham, OL2 6QB (No Longer In Use)

Bleasdale Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6QD

Croasdale Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6QE

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6QF

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6QG

Oldham, OL2 6QH (No Longer In Use)

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6QJ

Radcliffe Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6QL

Park Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6QN

Crocus Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6QP

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6QQ

Thorndale Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6QR

Cardigan Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6QS

Hey Hill Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6QT

Milton Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6QU

Park Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6QW

Milton Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6QX

Oldham, OL2 6QY (No Longer In Use)

Byron Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6QZ

Cardigan Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6RA

Radcliffe Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6RB

Milton Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6RD

Park Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6RE

Hillside Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6RF

Chaucer Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6RG

Radcliffe Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6RH

Beckley Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6RJ

Bleasdale Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6RL

High Barn Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6RN

Oldham, OL2 6RP (No Longer In Use)

Lowe Green, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6RQ

High Barn Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6RR

Pennine View, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6RS

Pennine View, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6RT

Spring Vale Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6RU

High Barn Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6RW

Oldham, OL2 6RX (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6RY (No Longer In Use)

Woodeaton Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6RZ

Bleasdale Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6SA (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6SB (No Longer In Use)

Otmoor Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6SD

Otmoor Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6SE

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6SF

Studley Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6SG

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6SH

Grasmere Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6SJ

Wendlebury Green, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6SL

Arncott Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6SN

Eskdale Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6SP

Luzley Brook Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6SQ

Grasmere Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6SR

Fir Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6SS

Windermere Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6ST

Ullswater Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6SU

Grasmere Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6SW

Buttermere Grove, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6SX

Windermere Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6SY

Thirlmere Grove, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6SZ

Coniston Grove, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6TA

Oak Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6TB

Oak Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6TD

Rigi Mount, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6TE

Fir Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6TF

Oldham, OL2 6TG (No Longer In Use)

Lime Grove, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6TH

Ash Grove, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6TJ

Pine Grove, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6TL

Borrowdale Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6TN

Kirkstone Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6TP

Higham Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6TQ

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6TR

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6TS

Fairway Crescent, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6TT

Fir Bank Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6TU

Hawkshead Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6TW

Cedar Grove, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6TX

Fir Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6TY

Holly Bank, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6TZ

Dogford Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6UA

Oldham, OL2 6UB (No Longer In Use)

Mellor Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6UD

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6UE

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6UF

Lower Fold Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6UG

Cameron Court, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6UH

Devine Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6UJ

Highbury Way, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6UL

Oldham, OL2 6UN (No Longer In Use)

Castleton Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6UP

Chapelway Gardens, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6UQ

Pit Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6UR

Thornham Court, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6US

Mardale Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6UT

Lindale Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6UU

Thornham Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6UW

Ennerdale Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6UX

Lowther Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6UY

Lowther Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6UZ

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6WA (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6WB (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6WD (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6WE (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6WF (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6WG (No Longer In Use)

Millwood Court, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6WH

Rosebay Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6WJ

James Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6WL

Oldham, OL2 6WN (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6WP (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6WQ (No Longer In Use)

Royton, Oldham, OL2 6WR (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6WS (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6WT (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6WU (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6WW (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6WY (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6WZ (No Longer In Use)

Loughrigg Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6XA

Grisedale Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6XB

Deepdale Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6XD

Lakeland Drive, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6XE

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6XF

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6XG

Springfield Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6XH

Oldham, OL2 6XJ (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6XL (No Longer In Use)

Springfield Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6XN

Hanging Chadder Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6XP

Rochdale Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6XQ

Hanging Chadder, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6XR

Garden Terrace, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6XS

Castleton Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6XT

Narrowgate Brow, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6XU

Springfield Lane, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6XW

Royton Hall Park, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6XX

Royton Hall Park, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6XY

Royton Hall Park, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6XZ

Royton Hall Park, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6YA

Low Meadows, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6YB

Narrowgate Brow, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6YD

Bishopdale Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6YE

Oldham, OL2 6YF (No Longer In Use)

Thornham Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6YG

Royton Hall Walk, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6YH

Stavely Walk, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6YJ

Troutbeck Walk, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6YL

Westmorland Walk, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6YN

Low Crompton Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6YP

Horden Walk, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6YQ

Low Crompton Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6YR

Linkside Avenue, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6YS

Seatoller Court, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6YT

Seatoller Court, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6YU

Thornham Road, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6YW

Travis Court, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6YX

Bamford Street, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6YY

Oldham, OL2 6YZ (No Longer In Use)

Larchfield Close, Royton, Oldham, OL2 6ZB

Oldham, OL2 6ZE (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6ZL (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6ZW (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 6ZY (No Longer In Use)

Victoria Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7AA

Osborne Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7AB

Farrow Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7AD

Farrowdale Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7AE

Crompton Way, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7AF

Fardale, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7AG

Oldham, OL2 7AH (No Longer In Use)

Kershaw Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7AJ

Sheard Court, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7AL

Oxford Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7AN

Victoria Gardens, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7AP

Chamber Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7AR

Elizabeth Grove, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7AS

Church Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7AT

Church Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7AU

Oldham, OL2 7AW (No Longer In Use)

Swan Court, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7AX

Henthorn Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7AY

Princess Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7AZ

Vicarage Way, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7BA

Scowcroft Lane, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7BB

Moor Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7BD

Moor Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7BE

Moor Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7BF

Egerton Place, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7BG

The Grove, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7BH

Kings Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7BJ

Lane Meadow, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7BL

The Crescent, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7BP

Worsley Place, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7BQ

Bartlett Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7BS

Allen Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7BT

Longfield Park, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7BU

Oldham, OL2 7BW (No Longer In Use)

Cowlishaw, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7BX

Shawcroft Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7DA

Cowlishaw Lane, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7DB

Manchester Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7DD

Manchester Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7DE

Bickerstaffe Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7DF

Durban Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7DG

Astley Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7DH

Samlesbury Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7DJ

Surrey Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7DN

Surrey Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7DP

Capesthorne Drive, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7DQ

Bedford Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7DR

Dorset Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7DS

Oldham, OL2 7DU (No Longer In Use)

Bedford Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7DW

Warwick Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7DZ

Essex Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7EA

Dorset Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7EG

Devon Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7EP

Denbigh Drive, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7EQ

Norfolk Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7ER

Kenton Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7ES

Surrey Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7ET

Hereford Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7EU

Somerset Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7EW

Netherhouse Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7EX

Edward Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7EY

Edward Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7EZ

Oldham, OL2 7FA (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 7FB (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 7FD (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 7FE (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 7FF (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 7FG (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 7FH (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 7FJ (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 7FL (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 7FN (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 7FP (No Longer In Use)

Sweetbriar Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7GA

Annersley Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7HA

Harton Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7HB

Longfield Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7HD

The Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7HE

Oldham, OL2 7HF (No Longer In Use)

The Brock, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7HG

Moorfield Hamlet, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7HJ

Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7HL

Fitton Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7HN

Oldham, OL2 7HP (No Longer In Use)

Millbrae Gardens, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7HQ

Thornham Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7HR

Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7HS

Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7HT

The Gabriels, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7HU

Oldham, OL2 7HW (No Longer In Use)

Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7HX

Netherhouse Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7HY

Orchard Grove, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7HZ

Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7JA

Assheton Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7JB

Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7JD

New Barn Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7JE

Peel Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7JF

Manor Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7JG

Manor Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7JH

Manor Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7JJ

New Barn Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7JL

Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7JN

Howard Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7JP

Oldham, OL2 7JQ (No Longer In Use)

Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7JR

Oldham, OL2 7JS (No Longer In Use)

Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7JT

Victoria Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7JU

Albert Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7JW

Oldham, OL2 7JX (No Longer In Use)

Moorfield Mews, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7JY

Assheton Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7JZ

Gawsworth Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7LA

Rufford Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7LB

Markenfield Drive, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7LD

Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7LE

Wood Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7LF

Maple Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7LG

Two Acre Drive, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7LH

Bowland Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7LJ

Cherry Hall Drive, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7LL

Thornham Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7LN

Assheton Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7LP

Glenavon Drive, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7LQ

Hopwood Court, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7LR

Rockingham Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7LU

Thornham Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7LW

Sherwood Way, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7LX

Charnwood Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7LY

Ashdown Way, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7LZ

Braemore Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7NA

Sherwood Way, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7NB

Acre Barn, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7ND

Wood Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7NE

Marlfield Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7NF

Foxhill, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7NG

Leonardin Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7NH

Salisbury Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7NJ

Whitehead Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7NL

Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7NN

Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7NP

Foxhill, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7NQ

Oldham, OL2 7NR (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 7NS (No Longer In Use)

Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7NW

Moss Gate Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7NY

Greenhill Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7NZ

Moss Grove, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7PA

Moss Gate Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7PB

Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7PD

Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7PF

Oldham, OL2 7PG (No Longer In Use)

Primrose Hill Court, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7PJ

Rushcroft Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7PP

Park Cottages, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7PQ

Rushcroft Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7PR

Brellafield Drive, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7PS

Moss Gate Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7PT

Great Meadow, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7PU

Westdown Gardens, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7PW

Great Meadow, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7PX

Green Way, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7PY

Rishworth Rise, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7PZ

Rishworth Rise, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7QA

Spring Rise, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7QB

Higher Rise, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7QD

Lower Fields Rise, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7QE

Valley Rise, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7QF

Meadow Rise, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7QG

Trent Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7QH

Rush Mount, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7QJ

Long Rushes, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7QL

The Link, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7QN

Rush Bank, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7QP

Brookfield, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7QQ

Trent Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7QR

Cheviots Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7QS

Clevelands Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7QT

Trent Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7QU

Sandy Bank, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7QW

Hawkshead Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7QX

Hawkshead Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7QY

Norwood Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7QZ

Grampian Way, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7RA

Grampian Way, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7RB

Highlands Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7RD

Malvern Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7RE

Cotswold Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7RF

South Downs Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7RG

Cumbrian Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7RH

North Downs Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7RJ

Chiltern Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7RL

The Pentlands, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7RN

Gledhill Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7RP

Mendips Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7RQ

Sackville Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7RR

Whitfield Rise, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7RS

Society Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7RT

Lyon Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7RU

Barnfield Rise, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7RW

Tudor Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7RX

Brunswick Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7RY

Hope Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7RZ

Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7SA

Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7SB

Fraser Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7SD

Blakelock Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7SE

Glebe Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7SF

Alfred Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7SG

Shawfold, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7SH

Arthur Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7SJ

Bowler Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7SL

Allenby Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7SN

Avis Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7SP

Christine Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7SQ

Blair Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7SR

Salts Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7SS

Christine Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7ST

Alison Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7SU

Balfour Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7SW

Alston Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7SX

Salts Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7SY

Glebe Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7SZ

James Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7TA

Belgravia Mews, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7TB

St. James Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7TD

Vicarage Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7TE

Lees Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7TF

Vine Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7TG

Fern Common, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7TH

Harrow Mews, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7TJ

Chelsea Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7TL

Milnrow Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7TN

Oldham, OL2 7TP (No Longer In Use)

Ivy Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7TQ

Copley Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7TR

Cyril Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7TS

Smallbrook Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7TT

Oldham, OL2 7TU (No Longer In Use)

Store Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7TW

Rossendale Way, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7TX

Cowie Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7TY

Pemberton Way, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7TZ

Chatburn Court, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7UA

Helmshore Way, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7UB

Hawksmoor Drive, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7UD

Wrens Nest Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7UE

Dunwood Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7UF

Park Side Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7UG

Smallbrook Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7UH

Whitfield, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7UJ

Kirby Walk, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7UL

Gilderdale Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7UN

Cowie Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7UP

Smallbrook Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7UQ

Woodend, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7UR

Napier Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7US

Trent Industrial Estate, Duchess Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7UT

Bellingham Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7UU

Napier Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7UW

Duchess Street Industrial Estate, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7UX

Chertsey Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7UY

St. Josephs Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7UZ

Oldham, OL2 7WA (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 7WB (No Longer In Use)

Crompton Gate, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7WS

Oldham, OL2 7WT (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 7WU (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 7WW (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 7WX (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 7WY (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 7WZ (No Longer In Use)

Cowie Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7XA

Brook Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7XB

Duchess Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7XD

Duchess Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7XE

Duchess Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7XF

Avon Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7XG

Calder Grove, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7XH

Lower Rushcroft, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7XJ

Langden Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7XL

Bourne Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7XN

Fraser Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7XP

Medway Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7XQ

Duchess Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7XR

Welland Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7XS

Derwent Drive, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7XT

Oldham, OL2 7XU (No Longer In Use)

Duchess Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7XW

Kingston Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7XX

Oldham, OL2 7XY (No Longer In Use)

Westminster Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7XZ

Waveney Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7YA

Brandon Crescent, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7YB

Alwin Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7YD

Derwent Drive, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7YE

Eden Way, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7YF

Trent Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7YG

Ingleby Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7YH

Ingleby Way, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7YJ

Trent Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7YL

Duchess Park Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7YN

Hertfordshire Park Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7YP

Trent Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7YQ

Ebor Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7YR

Surrey Park Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7YS

Wessex Park Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7YT

Buckinghamshire Park Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7YU

Duchess Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7YW

Oldham, OL2 7YX (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 7YY (No Longer In Use)

Collinge Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8AA

Kershaw Street East, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8AB

Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8AD

St. Marys Gate, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8AE

Co-Operative Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8AF

Crompton Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8AG

King Albert Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8AH

Chapel Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8AJ

Milnrow Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8AL

Lees Street East, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8AN

Milnrow Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8AP

Provident Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8AQ

Oldham, OL2 8AR (No Longer In Use)

Dog Hill Lane, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8AS

Regent Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8AT

Dale Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8AU

Siddall Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8AW

George Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8AX

Milnrow Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8AY

Chandos Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8AZ

Oswald Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8BA

Oswald Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8BB

Mosshey Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8BD

Milnrow Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8BE

Bridge Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8BG

Goats, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8BH

Milnrow Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8BJ

Milnrow Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8BL

Higher Park, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8BN

Railway View, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8BQ

Milnrow Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8BU

Jubilee, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8BX

Oldham, OL2 8BZ (No Longer In Use)

Shore Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8DA

Park Parade, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8DB

Dingle Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8DD

Cliff Hill Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8DE

Buckstones Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8DF

Calf Hey Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8DG

Pennine Vale, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8DH

George Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8DJ

George Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8DL

Buckstones Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8DN

Upper Cliff Hill, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8DP

Jordan Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8DQ

George Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8DR

George Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8DS

Miller Meadow Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8DT

Ballard Way, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8DU

Buckstones Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8DW

Oldham, OL2 8DX (No Longer In Use)

Arley Drive, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8DY

Haddon Way, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8DZ

Harewood Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8EA

Chatsworth Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8EB

Dunwood Park Courts, Milnrow Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8ED

Dunwood Park Courts, Milnrow Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8EE

Dunwood Park Courts, Milnrow Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8EF

Oldham, OL2 8EG (No Longer In Use)

Travis Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8EH

Oak Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8EJ

Park Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8EL

Crossley Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8EN

Park Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8EP

Milnrow Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8EQ

Milnrow Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8ER

Greaves Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8ES

Duckworth Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8ET

Gordon Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8EU

Moorland Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8EW

Chancery Lane, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8EX

Edmund Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8EY

Buckley Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8EZ

Oldham, OL2 8FA (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 8FB (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 8FD (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 8FE (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 8FF (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 8FG (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 8FH (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 8FJ (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 8FL (No Longer In Use)

Crompton Hall, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8FN

Woodhouse Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8GA

Crossfield Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8GB

Compton Fold, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8GD

Oldham, OL2 8GZ (No Longer In Use)

Linney Lane, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8HA

Linney Lane, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8HB

Linney Lane, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8HD (No Longer In Use)

Linney Lane, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8HE

Linney Lane, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8HF

George Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8HG

Grains Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8HH

Woodford Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8HJ

Heather Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8HL

Delamere Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8HN

Blueberry Drive, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8HP

Scarr Lane, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8HQ

Hillside Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8HR

Hannerton Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8HS

Hannerton Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8HT

Priestley Way, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8HU

Penmore Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8HW

Hannerton Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8HX

Whitecroft Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8HY

Grains Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8HZ

Beal View, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8JA

Grains Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8JB

The Knoll, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8JD

Vale Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8JE

Grains Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8JF

Grains Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8JG

Parkgate Way, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8JH

Rossendale Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8JJ

Brindle Way, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8JL

Lindale Rise, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8JN

Neston Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8JP

Kendal Drive, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8JQ

Arnside Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8JR

Bidston Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8JS

Dalehead Drive, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8JT

Rivington Drive, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8JU

Heversham Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8JW

Grains Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8JX

Black Clough, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8JY

Laneside Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8JZ

Rivington Drive, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8LA

Button Hole, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8LB

Buckstones Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8LD

Burnside, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8LE

Underwood Way, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8LF

Cunliffe Drive, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8LG

Oldham, OL2 8LH (No Longer In Use)

Buckstones Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8LJ

Hillside Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8LL

Woodside, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8LN

Beechwood, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8LP

Bluefields, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8LQ

The Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8LR

Buckstones Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8LS

Weeder Square, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8LT

Buckstones Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8LU

Parklands, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8LW

Grand Stand, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8LX

Golden Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8LY

Oldham, OL2 8LZ (No Longer In Use)

The Hey, Buckstones Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8NA

Pingot, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8NB

Staveley Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8ND

Harden Hills, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8NE

Betjeman Place, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8NF

Beck Grove, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8NG

Market Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8NH

Market Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8NJ

Oldham, OL2 8NL (No Longer In Use)

Market Place, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8NN

Market Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8NP

Old Brook Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8NQ

Market Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8NR

Milne Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8NS

Eastway, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8NT (No Longer In Use)

Eastway, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8NU (No Longer In Use)

Farrow Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8NW (No Longer In Use)

Newtown Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8NX

Eastway, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8NY

Dawn Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8NZ

Duke Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8PA

Beal Lane, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8PB

Cape Gardens, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8PD

Forrester Drive, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8PE

Beal Lane, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8PF

Thomas Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8PG

Beal Lane, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8PH

Beal Lane, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8PJ

Mill Pond Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8PL

Jubilee Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8PN

Mill Croft, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8PP

Hill Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8PQ

Clough, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8PR

Read Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8PS

Durden Mews, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8PT

Twingates Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8PU

Cheetham Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8PW

Oldham, OL2 8PX (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 8PY (No Longer In Use)

Durden Mews, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8PZ

Millbrook Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8QA

Hampden Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8QB

Clough Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8QD

Mount View Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8QE

Lilac View Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8QF

Mark Lane, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8QG

Fullwood, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8QH

Wild Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8QJ

Mosshey Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8QL

Oldham, OL2 8QN (No Longer In Use)

Greenfield Lane, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8QP

Road Knowl, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8QQ

Oldham, OL2 8QR (No Longer In Use)

Harper Square, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8QS

Rutland Way, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8QT

Oldham, OL2 8QU (No Longer In Use)

Leach Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8QW

Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8QX

Farrow Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8QY

Oldham, OL2 8QZ (No Longer In Use)

Ashworth Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8RA

Oldham, OL2 8RB (No Longer In Use)

Crompton Way, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8RD

Clubhouse Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8RE

High Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8RF

Oldham, OL2 8RG (No Longer In Use)

Refuge Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8RH

Oldham, OL2 8RJ (No Longer In Use)

Diggle Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8RL

Oldham, OL2 8RN (No Longer In Use)

Margaret Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8RP

High Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8RQ

Queen Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8RR

Laburnum Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8RS

Cedar Grove, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8RT

Hawthorn Crescent, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8RU

Queen Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8RW

Longley Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8RX

Sumner Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8RY

Oldham Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8RZ

Oldham Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8SA

Manchester Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8SB

Oldham, OL2 8SD (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 8SE (No Longer In Use)

Seville Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8SF

Albert Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8SG

Frederick Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8SH

Hesketh Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8SJ

Bertha Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8SL

Lewis Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8SN

Oldham Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8SP

Frederick Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8SQ

Sarah Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8SR

Oldham Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8SS

High Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8ST

Birshaw Close, Oldham Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8SU

Cowlishaw Lane, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8SW

Fenton Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8SX

Oldham, OL2 8SY (No Longer In Use)

Oldham Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8SZ

Richmond Close, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8TA

High Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8TB

Oldham, OL2 8TG (No Longer In Use)

Harden Hills, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8TH

Whittle Drive, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8TJ

Hannerton Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8TL

Hannerton Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8TN

Hillside Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8TP

Castlemere Drive, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8TQ

Oldham, OL2 8TR (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 8TS (No Longer In Use)

Hillside Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8TW

Britannia Avenue, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8UT

Garrett Grove, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8UU

Gillemere Grove, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8UX

Beal Lane, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8UY

Oak Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8UZ

Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8WA

Oldham, OL2 8WJ (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 8WU (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 8WW (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 8WX (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 8WY (No Longer In Use)

Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8WZ

Oak Street, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 8XA

Oldham, OL2 8XB (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 8XD (No Longer In Use)

Oldham, OL2 8XE (No Longer In Use)