All Postcodes in the EX39 Postcode District

Below are all of the active postcodes that we currently have on file for the EX39 postcode district. The list also includes expired postcodes that we may have data for (those that have been discontinued by Royal Mail). We maintain several years of data on expired codes. Click here to view demographic information about EX39 as a whole.

Note: Some postcodes may be listed as "Large User" - this indicates that they are assigned to large businesses and similar entities, rather than residential homes. While we often have data on the areas in which these postcodes exist, some are not tied to a particular place, so data on these may be more limited.

Cornborough Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1AA

Glebefields, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1AB

Clifton Court, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1AD

Stanwell Hill, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1AE

Bay View Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1AF

Fosketh Terrace, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1AG

Higher Clevelands, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1AH

Goats Hill Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1AJ

Heywood Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1AL

Fore Street, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1AN

Bradford Court, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1AP

Highview Terrace, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1AQ

The Square, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1AR

Lenards Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1AS

Castle Street, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1AT

Burrough Lawn, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1AU

Fore Street, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1AW

Foxhill, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1AX

Bay View Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1AY

Bay View Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1AZ

Bideford, EX39 1BA (No Longer In Use)

Highfield, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1BB

Fairlea Crescent, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1BD

Lundy View, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1BE

Century Drive, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1BG

Bay View Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1BH

Bay View Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1BJ

College Close, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1BL

Foxhill, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1BN

Foxhill, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1BP

Dolphin Court, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1BQ

Griggs Close, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1BR

Cross Street, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1BS

Diddywell Close, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1BT

Burrough Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1BU

Foxhill, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1BW

Cross Street, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1BX

Windmill Lane, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1BY

Windmill Lane, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1BZ

Greenacre Close, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1DA

Churchill Way, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1DB

Searle Terrace, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1DD

Grenville Terrace, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1DE

Churchill Way, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1DF

Daneshay, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1DG

North Street, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1DH

North East Street, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1DJ

Honey Street, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1DL

Springfield Terrace, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1DN

Diddywell Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1DP

Mondeville Way, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1DQ

New Causeway, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1DR

Oakfield Terrace, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1DS

Morwenna Terrace, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1DT

Ashfield Terrace, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1DU

Springfield Terrace, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1DW

Elmfield Terrace, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1DX

Norman Terrace, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1DY

Oxmans Lane, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1DZ

Clifton Terrace, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1EA

St. Teresas Close, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1EB

Diddywell Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1ED

Diddywell Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1EE

Northcott Gardens, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1EF

Cowpark Terrace, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1EG

Lily Close, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1EH

Deans Close, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1EJ

Seaview Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1EL

Windsor Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1EN

Richmond Park, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1EP

Morwenna Park Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1EQ

Richmond Park, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1ER

Richmond Park, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1ES

Morwenna Park Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1ET

Morwenna Park Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1EU

Windsor Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1EW

St. Teresas Court, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1EX

Sandymere Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1EY

Sandymere Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1EZ

Bideford, EX39 1FA (No Longer In Use)

Glebe Field, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1FB

Pebble Close, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1FD

Tomouth Road, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1FE

Burrough House Gardens, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1FF

Greenway Drive, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1FG

Queens Close, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1FH

Torridge Road, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1FJ

Merley Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1FL

Pavilion View, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1FN

Roslyn Gardens, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1FP

Ridge View Crescent, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1FQ

Quayside, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1FR

Pines Close, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1FS

EX39 1FX

Kimberley Park, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1GG

EX39 1GH

EX39 1GL

Kimberley Park, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1GQ

Inglebrook Heights, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1GU

Bath Hotel Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1GW

Bath Hotel Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1GX

Nelson Mews, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1GY

Merley Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1GZ

Burrows Way, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1HA

Sandymere Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1HB

Golf Links Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1HD

Stanwell Drive, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1HE

Scott Avenue, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1HF

Eastbourne Terrace, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1HG

Golf Links Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1HH

Aysha Gardens, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1HJ

Venton Drive, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1HL

Pebbleridge Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1HN

Swanswood Gardens, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1HP

Beach Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1HQ

Swanswood Gardens, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1HR

Nelson Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1HS

Jackets Lane, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1HT

Youngaton Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1HU

Marlow Court, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1HW

Atlantic Way, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1HX

Kipling Terrace, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1HY

Skern Way, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1HZ

Kingsley Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1JA

Kingsley Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1JB

Atlantic Way, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1JD

Bideford, EX39 1JE (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1JF (No Longer In Use)

Atlantic Way, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1JG

Lakenham Hill, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1JH

Lakenham Hill, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1JJ

Tower Street, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1JL

Tadworthy Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1JN

Tadworthy Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1JP

Bideford, EX39 1JQ (No Longer In Use)

Cleveland Terrace, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1JR

Merley Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1JS

Bideford, EX39 1JT (No Longer In Use)

Merley Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1JU

Lakenham Hill, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1JW

Merley Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1JX

Bideford, EX39 1JY (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1JZ (No Longer In Use)

Atlantic Way, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1LA (No Longer In Use)

Merley Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1LB

Nelson Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1LD

Bath Hotel Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1LE

Nelson Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1LF

Nelson Terrace, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1LG

Golf Links Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1LH

Springfield Terrace, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1LJ

Westbourne Terrace, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1LL

Parkview Terrace, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1LN

Park Avenue, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1LP

Nelson Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1LQ

Avon Lane, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1LR

The Links, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1LS

Trinity Court, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1LT

New Quay Street, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1LU

Avon Lane, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1LW

Hubbastone Road, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1LX (No Longer In Use)

Stables Court, Golf Links Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1LY

Hubbastone Road, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1LZ

Atlantic Way, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1NA

Wooda Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1NB

Broad Lane, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1ND

Broad Lane, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1NE (No Longer In Use)

Long Lane, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1NF

Watertown, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1NG

Long Lane, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1NH

Highbury Hill, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1NJ

Burrows Lane, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1NL

Kimberley Terrace, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1NN

Diddywell Road, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1NP

Watertown, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1NQ

Churchill Way, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1NR

Churchill Way, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1NS

Churchill Way, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1NT

Bidna Lane, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1NU

Diddywell Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1NW

Churchill Way, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1NX

Bideford, EX39 1NY (No Longer In Use)

The Mount, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1NZ

Churchill Way, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1PA

Fairway, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1PB

Richmond Green, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1PD

Richmond Road, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1PE

Kingsley Avenue, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1PF

Richmond Road, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1PG

Myrtle Street, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1PH

Marine Parade, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1PJ

Silver Street, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1PL

One End Street, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1PN

Market Street, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1PP

Odun Terrace, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1PQ

Gibbs Lane, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1PR

Bude Street, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1PS

Odun Road, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1PT

Pitt Court, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1PU

Market Street, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1PW

Pitt Hill, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1PX

Pitt Avenue, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1PY

Lea Terrace, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1PZ

Longfield, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1QA

Pitt Lane, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1QB

Tomouth Road, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1QD

Tomouth Square, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1QE

Tomouth Terrace, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1QF

Tomouth Crescent, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1QG

South Road, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1QH

New Street, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1QJ

Sea View Place, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1QL

Richmond Road, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1QN

Odun Place, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1QP

South Road, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1QQ

Appletree Mews, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1QR

The Quay, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1QS

Quayside, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1QT (No Longer In Use)

Vernons Lane, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1QU

Factory Ope, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1QW

Retreat Place, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1QX

Alpha Place, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1QY

Green Lane, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1QZ

Mariners Way, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1RA

Staddon Road, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1RB

Yeo Drive, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1RD

Riversmeet, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1RE

Staddon Road, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1RF

Staddon Road, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1RG

Meeting Street, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1RH

Meeting Street, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1RJ

Churchfield, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1RL

Irsha Court, Irsha Street, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1RN

Ivy Court, Irsha Street, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1RP

Scott Avenue, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1RQ

Ibex Court, Irsha Street, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1RR

Victoria Crescent, Irsha Street, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1RS

Darracotts Court, Irsha Street, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1RT

The Path, Irsha Street, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1RU

Myra Court, Irsha Street, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1RW

Westcroft Terrace, Irsha Street, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1RX

Irsha Street, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1RY

Irsha Street, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1RZ

Hillcliff Terrace, Irsha Street, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1SA

The Lifeboat Slip, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1SB

Western Avenue, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1SD

Greysand Crescent, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1SE

Torridge Road, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1SF

Polywell, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1SG

Bideford, EX39 1SH (No Longer In Use)

Vernons Lane, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1SJ

Jubilee Road, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1SL

Causeway Close, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1SN

West Moor Way, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1SP

Torridge Road, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1SQ

West Moor Close, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1SR

Lever Close, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1SS

Broadlands, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1ST

Churchill Way, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1SU

Vickers Ground, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1SW

Admirals Court, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1SX

Golf Links Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1SY

Bassetts Close, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1SZ

Skern Close, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1TA

Great Burrow Rise, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1TB

Glazon Way, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1TD

Bideford, EX39 1TE (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1TF (No Longer In Use)

Knightsfield Rise, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1TG

Conybeare Drive, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1TH

Bay View Court, Bay View Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1TJ

Lilybridge, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1TL

Ridgeway Close, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1TN

Ridgeway Court, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1TP

The Fairways, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1TQ

Ridgeway Avenue, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1TR

Lansdowne Park, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1TS

J H Taylor Drive, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1TT

J H Taylor Drive, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1TU

Ridgeway Drive, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1TW

Kala Fair, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1TX

Spring Close, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1TY

Stanwell Hill, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1TZ

Dane Court, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1UA

Bideford, EX39 1UB (No Longer In Use)

Shoreland Way, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1UD

King Alfred Crescent, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1UE

King Alfred Crescent, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1UF

Kingsley Park, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1UG

Dune View, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1UH

Galleon Way, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1UJ

Fosketh Hill, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1UL

Ensign Court, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1UN

Britannia Way, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1UP

The Rocks, Stanwell Hill, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1UQ

Commodore Close, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1UR

Torville Park, Coral Avenue, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1US

Amyas Way, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1UT

Wren Close, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1UU

Coral Avenue, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1UW

Benson Drive, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1UX

Benson Drive, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1UY

Wooda Road, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1UZ

Bideford, EX39 1WA (No Longer In Use)

Northam, Bideford, EX39 1WB (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1WD (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1WE (No Longer In Use)

Tomouth Road, Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1WH

Bideford, EX39 1WQ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1WW (No Longer In Use)

Northam, Bideford, EX39 1WX (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1WY (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1WZ (No Longer In Use)

Drake Close, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1XA

Armada Way, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1XB

Dudley Way, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1XD

Francis Drive, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1XE

Blyth Court, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1XF

Chichester Way, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1XG

Old Stone Close, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1XH

Tors View, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1XJ

Rudyard Way, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1XL

Millennium Way, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1XN

Queen Elizabeth Court, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1XP

Gainsborough Drive, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1XQ

Sandymere Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1XR

Sandymere Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1XS

Pelican Close, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1XT

Bideford, EX39 1XU (No Longer In Use)

Edwards Drive, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1XW

Sandymere Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1XX

Sandymere Gardens, Sandymere Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1XY

Estuary View, Northam, Bideford, EX39 1XZ

Bideford, EX39 1YA (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1YB (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1YD (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1YE (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1YF (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1YG (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1YH (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1YJ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1YL (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1YN (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1YP (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1YQ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1YR (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1YS (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1YT (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1YU (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1YW (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1YX (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1YY (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1YZ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1ZJ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1ZN (No Longer In Use)

Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 1ZP (No Longer In Use)

Northam, Bideford, EX39 1ZQ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 1ZR (No Longer In Use)

Appledore, Bideford, EX39 1ZX (No Longer In Use)

High Street, Bideford, EX39 2AA

Bideford, EX39 2AB (No Longer In Use)

High Street, Bideford, EX39 2AD

Bideford, EX39 2AE (No Longer In Use)

The Quay, Bideford, EX39 2AF

The Quay, Bideford, EX39 2AG

Pimlico Place, High Street, Bideford, EX39 2AH

Bideford, EX39 2AJ (No Longer In Use)

High Street, Bideford, EX39 2AL (No Longer In Use)

High Street, Bideford, EX39 2AN

Bideford, EX39 2AP (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2AQ (No Longer In Use)

High Street, Bideford, EX39 2AR

Queen Annes, High Street, Bideford, EX39 2AS

High Street, Bideford, EX39 2AT

Buttgarden Street, Bideford, EX39 2AU

Bideford, EX39 2AW (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2AX (No Longer In Use)

Buttgarden Street, Bideford, EX39 2AY

Torridge Hill, Bideford, EX39 2AZ

Victoria Gardens, Bideford, EX39 2BA

Torridge Hill, Bideford, EX39 2BB

New Road, Bideford, EX39 2BD

Bideford, EX39 2BE (No Longer In Use)

Wellbrook Terrace, Bideford, EX39 2BG

Bull Hill, Bideford, EX39 2BH

Lower Meddon Street, Bideford, EX39 2BJ

Lower Meddon Street, Bideford, EX39 2BL

Marine Gardens, Bideford, EX39 2BN

Church Walk, Bideford, EX39 2BP

Kingsley Terrace, Bideford, EX39 2BQ

High Street, Bideford, EX39 2BR

Bilton Terrace, Bideford, EX39 2BS

Tower Street, Bideford, EX39 2BT

Bridge Street, Bideford, EX39 2BU

New Road, Bideford, EX39 2BW

Landivisiau Walk, Bideford, EX39 2BX

Ackland Close, Bideford, EX39 2BY

Cooper Street, Bideford, EX39 2DA

New Street, Bideford, EX39 2DB

Bideford, EX39 2DD (No Longer In Use)

Lower Gunstone, Bideford, EX39 2DE

Middle Gunstone, Bideford, EX39 2DF

Higher Gunstone, Bideford, EX39 2DG

Honestone Street, Bideford, EX39 2DH

Honestone Street, Bideford, EX39 2DJ

Honestone Street, Bideford, EX39 2DL

Victoria Grove, Bideford, EX39 2DN

Victoria Terrace, Bideford, EX39 2DP

Providence Row, Bideford, EX39 2DQ

Market Place, Bideford, EX39 2DR

Market Place, Bideford, EX39 2DS

Pannier Mews, Bideford, EX39 2DT

Bideford, EX39 2DU (No Longer In Use)

Hyfield Place, Bideford, EX39 2DW

Butchers Row, Bideford, EX39 2DX

Silver Street, Bideford, EX39 2DY

Bideford, EX39 2DZ (No Longer In Use)

Grenville Street, Bideford, EX39 2EA

The Quay, Bideford, EX39 2EB (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2ED (No Longer In Use)

Meddon Street, Bideford, EX39 2EE

Meddon Street, Bideford, EX39 2EF

Torridge View, Bideford, EX39 2EG

Bideford, EX39 2EH

East View Terrace, Bideford, EX39 2EJ

Bideford, EX39 2EL (No Longer In Use)

The Quay, Bideford, EX39 2EN (No Longer In Use)

Model Terrace, Bideford, EX39 2EP

Meddon Street, Bideford, EX39 2EQ

Bideford, EX39 2ER (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2ES (No Longer In Use)

Meddon Street, Bideford, EX39 2EW

The Quay, Bideford, EX39 2EX

The Quay, Bideford, EX39 2EY

The Quay, Bideford, EX39 2EZ

Newton Road, Bideford, EX39 2FA

Bideford, EX39 2HA (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2HB (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2HD (No Longer In Use)

The Quay, Bideford, EX39 2HE

The Quay, Bideford, EX39 2HF

Bideford, EX39 2HG (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2HH (No Longer In Use)

The Quay, Bideford, EX39 2HJ

High Street, Bideford, EX39 2HL (No Longer In Use)

High Street, Bideford, EX39 2HN (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2HP (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2HQ (No Longer In Use)

New Road, Bideford, EX39 2HR

Bridge Street, Bideford, EX39 2HS

Bridge Street, Bideford, EX39 2HT (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2HU (No Longer In Use)

The Quay, Bideford, EX39 2HW

Bideford, EX39 2HX (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2HY (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2HZ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2JA (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2JB (No Longer In Use)

Allhalland Street, Bideford, EX39 2JD

Mill Street, Bideford, EX39 2JE (No Longer In Use)

King Street, Bideford, EX39 2JF

Queen Street, Bideford, EX39 2JG

Queen Street, Bideford, EX39 2JH

Mill Street, Bideford, EX39 2JJ

Mill Street, Bideford, EX39 2JN

Mill Street, Bideford, EX39 2JR

Mill Street, Bideford, EX39 2JS

Mill Street, Bideford, EX39 2JT

Bideford, EX39 2JU (No Longer In Use)

Mill Street, Bideford, EX39 2JW

High Street, Bideford, EX39 2JX

Bideford, EX39 2JY (No Longer In Use)

Chapel Street, Bideford, EX39 2JZ

Glenburnie Road, Bideford, EX39 2LA

Hart Street, Bideford, EX39 2LB

Bideford, EX39 2LD (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2LE (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2LF (No Longer In Use)

Kingsley Road, Bideford, EX39 2LG

Kingsley Road, Bideford, EX39 2LH

Newton Road, Bideford, EX39 2LJ

Newton Road, Bideford, EX39 2LL

Southwood Drive, Bideford, EX39 2LN

Chanters Road, Bideford, EX39 2LP

Kingsley Road, Bideford, EX39 2LQ

Chanters Road, Bideford, EX39 2LR

Glentorr Road, Bideford, EX39 2LS

Cintra Terrace, Bideford, EX39 2LT

Glenfield Road, Bideford, EX39 2LU

Glenburnie Road, Bideford, EX39 2LW

Adrian Close, Bideford, EX39 2LX

Lundy Island, Bideford, EX39 2LY

Rope Walk, Bideford, EX39 2NA

The Strand, Bideford, EX39 2NB

The Strand, Bideford, EX39 2ND

Chingswell Street, Bideford, EX39 2NE

Chingswell Street, Bideford, EX39 2NF

Kingsley Road, Bideford, EX39 2NG

Coldharbour, Bideford, EX39 2NH

New Row, Bideford, EX39 2NJ

Woodland Terrace, Bideford, EX39 2NL

Kingsley Street, Bideford, EX39 2NN

Strand Court, Chingswell Street, Bideford, EX39 2NP

Coldharbour, Bideford, EX39 2NQ

North Road, Bideford, EX39 2NR

Bideford, EX39 2NS (No Longer In Use)

Old Pottery Mews, North Road, Bideford, EX39 2NT

North Road, Bideford, EX39 2NW

North Road, Bideford, EX39 2NX (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2NY (No Longer In Use)

Willett Street, Bideford, EX39 2NZ

Kingsley Road, Bideford, EX39 2PF

Bideford, EX39 2PG (No Longer In Use)

Charles Avenue, Bideford, EX39 2PH

Bideford, EX39 2PJ (No Longer In Use)

Alexandra Terrace, Bideford, EX39 2PL

Glendale Terrace, Bideford, EX39 2PN

Bideford, EX39 2PQ (No Longer In Use)

Bridgeland Street, Bideford, EX39 2PS

Bridgeland Street, Bideford, EX39 2PT

Bideford, EX39 2PU (No Longer In Use)

Stella Maris Court, Bideford, EX39 2PW

Mignonette Walk, Bideford, EX39 2PY

Bridgeland Street, Bideford, EX39 2PZ

Bridgeland Street, Bideford, EX39 2QA

Bridgeland Street, Bideford, EX39 2QB

Newbridge Close, Bideford, EX39 2QD

Bridgeland Street, Bideford, EX39 2QE

Bideford, EX39 2QF (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2QG

Park Avenue, Bideford, EX39 2QH

Park Avenue, Bideford, EX39 2QJ

Park Lane, Bideford, EX39 2QL

Chanters Road, Bideford, EX39 2QN

Chanters Road, Bideford, EX39 2QP

Kingsley Road, Bideford, EX39 2QQ

Riverbank Cottages, Bideford, EX39 2QR

Bank End, Bideford, EX39 2QS

Marlborough Court, Bideford, EX39 2QT

Chanters Road, Bideford, EX39 2QU

Chantry Avenue, Bideford, EX39 2QW

Ridgeway Terrace, Bideford, EX39 2QX

Orchard Hill, Bideford, EX39 2QY

Orchard Gardens, Bideford, EX39 2QZ

Orchard Hill, Bideford, EX39 2RA

Orchard Rise, Bideford, EX39 2RB

Limers Lane, Northam, Bideford, EX39 2RG

Lower Cleave, Northam, Bideford, EX39 2RH

Lower Cleave, Northam, Bideford, EX39 2RJ

Durrant Lane, Northam, Bideford, EX39 2RL

Glengarth Close, Northam, Bideford, EX39 2RN

Woodland Park, Northam, Bideford, EX39 2RP

Chircombe Lane, Northam, Bideford, EX39 2RQ

Goodwood Park Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 2RR

Hill Garden Close, Bideford, EX39 2RS

Bideford, EX39 2RT (No Longer In Use)

Durrant Close, Northam, Bideford, EX39 2RW

Riverside Close, Bideford, EX39 2RX

Riverside Court, Bideford, EX39 2RY

Riverside Court, Bideford, EX39 2RZ

Bideford, EX39 2WB (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2WD (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2WG (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2WJ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2WZ

The Quay, Bideford, EX39 2XX

Bideford, EX39 2YH (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2YJ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2YL (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2YN (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2YP (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2YQ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2YR (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2YS (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2YT (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2YU (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2YW (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 2ZU (No Longer In Use)

High Street, Bideford, EX39 3AA

Abbotsham Road, Bideford, EX39 3AB

Bideford, EX39 3AD (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 3AE (No Longer In Use)

Abbotsham Road, Bideford, EX39 3AF

Abbotsham Road, Bideford, EX39 3AG

Abbotsham Road, Bideford, EX39 3AH

Rectory Park, Bideford, EX39 3AJ

Ashley Terrace, Bideford, EX39 3AL

Royston Road, Bideford, EX39 3AN

Abbotsham Road, Bideford, EX39 3AP

Abbotsham Road, Bideford, EX39 3AQ

Abbotsham Road, Bideford, EX39 3AR

Moreton Drive, Bideford, EX39 3AS

Abbotsham Road, Bideford, EX39 3AT (No Longer In Use)

Moreton Park Road, Bideford, EX39 3AU

Royston Road, Bideford, EX39 3AW

Moreton Park Road, Bideford, EX39 3AX

Moreton Avenue, Bideford, EX39 3AY

Laurel Avenue, Bideford, EX39 3AZ

Acacia Close, Bideford, EX39 3BA

Moreton Park Road, Bideford, EX39 3BB

Bideford, EX39 3BD (No Longer In Use)

Farm Road, Caddsdown Industrial Park, Bideford, EX39 3BE

Union Close, Bideford, EX39 3BG

Old Town, Bideford, EX39 3BH

Trafalgar Place, Old Town, Bideford, EX39 3BJ

Albert Place, Bideford, EX39 3BL

Milton Place, Bideford, EX39 3BN

Coldstream Place, Bideford, EX39 3BP

Geneva Court, Bideford, EX39 3BQ

Hampton Park, Bideford, EX39 3BR

Geneva Place, Bideford, EX39 3BS

Farm Road, Caddsdown Industrial Park, Bideford, EX39 3BT

Clovelly Road, Bideford, EX39 3BU

Lansdowne Terrace, Bideford, EX39 3BW

Montague Place, Bideford, EX39 3BX

Clovelly Road, Bideford, EX39 3BY

Marland Terrace, Bideford, EX39 3BZ

Coronation Road, Bideford, EX39 3DA

Bideford, EX39 3DB (No Longer In Use)

Coronation Road, Bideford, EX39 3DD (No Longer In Use)

Coronation Road, Bideford, EX39 3DE

Clovelly Road, Bideford, EX39 3DF

Clovelly Road, Bideford, EX39 3DG

Clovelly Gardens South, Bideford, EX39 3DH

Waterloo Terrace, Bideford, EX39 3DJ

Clovelly Gardens North, Bideford, EX39 3DL

Clovelly Close, Bideford, EX39 3DN

Brookfield, Bideford, EX39 3DP

Catshole Lane, Bideford, EX39 3DQ

Bowden Green, Clovelly Road, Bideford, EX39 3DR

Hamilton Close, Bideford, EX39 3DS

Hawthorn Park, Bideford, EX39 3DT

Atlantic Village, Bideford, EX39 3DU

Handy Cross, Clovelly Road, Bideford, EX39 3DW

Caddsdown Industrial Park, Bideford, EX39 3DX

Capern Road, Bideford, EX39 3DY

High View, Bideford, EX39 3DZ

Pynes Lane, Bideford, EX39 3EA

Pynes Lane, Bideford, EX39 3EB

Pynes Lane, Bideford, EX39 3ED

Pynes Lane, Bideford, EX39 3EE

Burton Road, Bideford, EX39 3EF

Stucley Road, Bideford, EX39 3EG

Stucley Road, Bideford, EX39 3EH

Stucley Road, Bideford, EX39 3EJ

Stucley Road, Bideford, EX39 3EL

Richard Close, Bideford, EX39 3EN

Grenville Estate, Clovelly Road, Bideford, EX39 3EP

Stucley Road, Bideford, EX39 3EQ

Grenville Estate Crescent, Bideford, EX39 3ER

Clovelly Road, Bideford, EX39 3ES

Clovelly Road, Bideford, EX39 3ET

Fletcher Industrial Estate, Clovelly Road, Bideford, EX39 3EU

Pynes Walk, Bideford, EX39 3EW

Clovelly Road, Bideford, EX39 3EX

Brennacott Place, Bideford, EX39 3EY

Brennacott Road, Bideford, EX39 3EZ

Taylor Crescent, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 3FA

Harlseywood, Bideford, EX39 3FB

Buckleigh Grange, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 3FD

Union Close, Bideford, EX39 3FE

Coronation Road, Bideford, EX39 3FF

Clovelly Road Industrial Estate, Bideford, EX39 3FG

Clovelly Road Industrial Estate, Bideford, EX39 3FH

Valley End, Bideford, EX39 3FJ

Channer Place, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 3FL

Graham Way, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 3FN

Birdwood Crescent, Bideford, EX39 3FP

Meadow Rise, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3FQ

Atlantic Park Way, Bideford, EX39 3FR

Greenwood Court, Bideford, EX39 3FS

Adams Court, Bideford, EX39 3FT

Geneva Place, Bideford, EX39 3FU

Clovelly Road Industrial Estate, Bideford, EX39 3FW

Pincombe Road, Bideford, EX39 3FX

Sams Close, Bideford, EX39 3FY

Daddon Close, Bideford, EX39 3FZ

Pridham Place, Bideford, EX39 3GA

Farm Road, Caddsdown Industrial Park, Bideford, EX39 3GB

Clovelly Road Industrial Estate, Bideford, EX39 3GD

Farm Road, Caddsdown Industrial Park, Bideford, EX39 3GE

Moreton Park Road, Bideford, EX39 3HA

Moreton Park Road, Bideford, EX39 3HB

Meadow Park, Bideford, EX39 3HD

Willow Grove, Bideford, EX39 3HE

Cedar Way, Bideford, EX39 3HF

Beech Bank, Bideford, EX39 3HG

Chestnut Drive, Bideford, EX39 3HH

High Park Close, Bideford, EX39 3HJ

Clovelly Road, Bideford, EX39 3HL

Clovelly Road Industrial Estate, Bideford, EX39 3HN

Lombard Close, Bideford, EX39 3HQ

Pitt Lane, Bideford, EX39 3HT

Myrtle Gardens, Bideford, EX39 3HU

Oaklands, Bideford, EX39 3HW

Pitt Lane, Bideford, EX39 3HX

Bideford, EX39 3HY (No Longer In Use)

Myrtle Grove, Bideford, EX39 3HZ

Pitt Lane, Bideford, EX39 3JA

Pitt Lane, Bideford, EX39 3JB

Pitt Lane, Bideford, EX39 3JD

Elm Grove, Bideford, EX39 3JE

Elm Grove, Bideford, EX39 3JF

Pitt Lane, Bideford, EX39 3JG

Westcombe, Bideford, EX39 3JH

Lime Grove, Bideford, EX39 3JJ

Lime Grove, Bideford, EX39 3JL

Lime Grove, Bideford, EX39 3JN

Belvoir Road, Bideford, EX39 3JP

Westcombe Lane, Bideford, EX39 3JQ

Belvoir Road, Bideford, EX39 3JR

Meadowville Road, Bideford, EX39 3JT

Penpont Court, College Green, Bideford, EX39 3JU

Lime Grove, Bideford, EX39 3JW

Northam Road, Bideford, EX39 3JX

College Green, Bideford, EX39 3JY

Stanhope Terrace, Bideford, EX39 3JZ

Northam Road, Bideford, EX39 3LA

Copps Close, Bideford, EX39 3LB

Meadowville Road, Bideford, EX39 3LD

Raleigh View, Bideford, EX39 3LE

Elmdale Road, Bideford, EX39 3LF

Sunningdale Terrace, Bideford, EX39 3LG

North View Avenue, Bideford, EX39 3LH

North View Avenue, Bideford, EX39 3LJ

Cottingham Crescent, Bideford, EX39 3LL

North View Hill, Bideford, EX39 3LN

Northdown Road, Bideford, EX39 3LP

Northam Road, Bideford, EX39 3LQ

South View Terrace, Bideford, EX39 3LR

Bellevue Terrace, Bideford, EX39 3LS

Northdown Road, Bideford, EX39 3LT

Middleton Road, Bideford, EX39 3LU

Northdown Drive, Bideford, EX39 3LW

Eton Close, Bideford, EX39 3LX

Northdown Road, Bideford, EX39 3LY

Slade, Bideford, EX39 3LZ

Northdown Road, Bideford, EX39 3NA

Bideford, EX39 3NB (No Longer In Use)

Thornton Close, Bideford, EX39 3ND

Padshall Park, Bideford, EX39 3NE

Mount Raleigh Drive, Bideford, EX39 3NF

Kenwith Terrace, Bideford, EX39 3NG

Northam Road, Bideford, EX39 3NH

First Raleigh, Bideford, EX39 3NJ

Fordlands Crescent, Bideford, EX39 3NL

Fordlands Crescent, Bideford, EX39 3NN

Southcott Road, Bideford, EX39 3NP

Northam Road, Bideford, EX39 3NQ

Mount Raleigh Avenue, Bideford, EX39 3NR

Nilgala Close, Bideford, EX39 3NS

Nilgala Close, Bideford, EX39 3NT

Raleigh Hill, Bideford, EX39 3NU (No Longer In Use)

Kenwith Road, Bideford, EX39 3NW

Raleigh Hill, Bideford, EX39 3NX

Robins Hill, Bideford, EX39 3NY

Northdene, Bideford, EX39 3NZ

Hilltop Road, Bideford, EX39 3PA

Raleigh Hill, Bideford, EX39 3PB

Lenwood Park, Bideford, EX39 3PD

Ashplants Close, Bideford, EX39 3PE

South Lea, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3PF

Heywood Road, Bideford, EX39 3PG

Glen Gardens, Bideford, EX39 3PH

Heywood Road, Bideford, EX39 3PJ

Lenwood Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3PL

Lenwood Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3PN

South Lea, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3PP (No Longer In Use)

Heywood Road, Bideford, EX39 3PQ

Silford Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3PR

Silford Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3PS

Silford Cross, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 3PT

Buckleigh Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 3PU

Daddon Hill, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3PW

Buckleigh Road, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 3PX

Bridge Plats Way, Bideford, EX39 3PY

Dursley Way, Bideford, EX39 3PZ

Heywood Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3QA

Heywood Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3QB

Tudor Close, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3QD

Chope Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3QE

Cluden Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3QF

Green Gardens, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3QG

Clevelands Park, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3QH

Heywood Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3QJ

Short Close, Bideford, EX39 3QL

Bideford, EX39 3QN (No Longer In Use)

Abbotsham Road, Bideford, EX39 3QP

Heywood Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3QQ

Foxhole Lane, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3QR

Ferndown Close, Bideford, EX39 3QS

Bideford, EX39 3QT (No Longer In Use)

Clovelly Road, Bideford, EX39 3QU

Abbotsham Road, Bideford, EX39 3QW

Gate Field Road, Bideford, EX39 3QX

Lane Field Road, Bideford, EX39 3QY

Little Meadow Way, Bideford, EX39 3QZ

Quarry Close, Bideford, EX39 3RA

Water Park Road, Bideford, EX39 3RB

Lane Field Road, Bideford, EX39 3RD

Witten Gardens, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3RE

Valley View, Bideford, EX39 3RF

Osborne Close, Bideford, EX39 3RG

Kenwith View, Bideford, EX39 3RH

Southbank Drive, Bideford, EX39 3RJ

Bideford, EX39 3RL (No Longer In Use)

Water Park Road, Bideford, EX39 3RN

Little Field, Bideford, EX39 3RP

Malvern Way, Bideford, EX39 3RQ

Maine Close, Bideford, EX39 3RR

Stanbridge Park, Bideford, EX39 3RS

Godborough View, Bideford, EX39 3RT

Harvest Lane, Bideford, EX39 3RU

Four Acres, Bideford, EX39 3RW

Warren View, Bideford, EX39 3RX

Greenfield Close, Bideford, EX39 3RY

Fairlea Gardens, South Lea, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3RZ

Hanson Park, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3SA

Hanson Park, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3SB

Hanson Park, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3SD

Heywood Road, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3SE

Field End, Bideford, EX39 3SH

Appletree Gardens, Northam, Bideford, EX39 3SL

Birdwood Crescent, Bideford, EX39 3TA

Needs Drive, Bideford, EX39 3TB

Hewetson Way, Bideford, EX39 3TD

Colwill Walk, Bideford, EX39 3TE

Wills Road, Bideford, EX39 3TF

Blackmore Avenue, Bideford, EX39 3TG

Hughes Gardens, Bideford, EX39 3TH

Grant Court, Bideford, EX39 3TJ

Bailey Mews, Bideford, EX39 3TL

York Rise, Bideford, EX39 3TN

Buckland View, Bideford, EX39 3TP

Bideford, EX39 3WA (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 3WB

Bideford, EX39 3WD (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 3WY (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 3WZ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 3XZ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 3YA (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 3YN (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 3YP (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 3YR (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 3YS (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 3YT (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 3YU (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 3YW (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 3YX (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 3YY (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 3ZJ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 3ZN (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 3ZQ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 3ZR (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 3ZS (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 3ZU (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 3ZX (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 4AA (No Longer In Use)

Fillablack Road, Bideford, EX39 4AB

Fillablack Road, Bideford, EX39 4AD

Barnstaple Street, Bideford, EX39 4AE

Vinegar Hill, Bideford, EX39 4AF

Salterns Terrace, Bideford, EX39 4AG

Southolme Terrace, Bideford, EX39 4AH

Old Barnstaple Road, Bideford, EX39 4AJ

West View Avenue, Bideford, EX39 4AL

Springfield Terrace, Bideford, EX39 4AN

Graynfylde Drive, Bideford, EX39 4AP

East The Water, Bideford, EX39 4AQ

Grange Road, Bideford, EX39 4AR

Grange Road, Bideford, EX39 4AS

Chudleigh Avenue, Bideford, EX39 4AT

Barnstaple Street, Bideford, EX39 4AU

Bideford, EX39 4AW

Culm Close, Bideford, EX39 4AX

Biddiblack Way, Bideford, EX39 4AY

Northfield Road, Bideford, EX39 4AZ

Mines Road, Bideford, EX39 4BA

Railway Terrace, Bideford, EX39 4BB

Furzebeam Terrace, Bideford, EX39 4BD

Grenville Terrace, Bideford, EX39 4BE

Chudleigh Terrace, Bideford, EX39 4BG

Torrington Lane, Bideford, EX39 4BH

Fort Terrace, Bideford, EX39 4BJ

Avon Road, Bideford, EX39 4BL

Torrington Lane, Bideford, EX39 4BN

Sentry Corner, Bideford, EX39 4BP

Torrington Lane, Bideford, EX39 4BQ

Cliveden Road, Bideford, EX39 4BR

Sentry Corner, Bideford, EX39 4BS

Torrington Lane, Bideford, EX39 4BT

Heathfield Road, Bideford, EX39 4BU

Sentry Corner, Bideford, EX39 4BW

Merryfield Road, Bideford, EX39 4BX

Southfield Road, Bideford, EX39 4BY

Mines Road, Bideford, EX39 4BZ

Alverdiscott Road, Bideford, EX39 4DA

Abbots Drive, Bideford, EX39 4DB

Brecon Close, Bideford, EX39 4DD

Ochil Close, Bideford, EX39 4DE

Gammaton Road, Bideford, EX39 4DF

Gammaton Road, Bideford, EX39 4DG

Tennacott Heights, Bideford, EX39 4DH

Alverdiscott Road, Bideford, EX39 4DJ

Alver Green, Bideford, EX39 4DL

Monks Close, Bideford, EX39 4DN

Torrington Street, Bideford, EX39 4DP

Hillcrest Road, Bideford, EX39 4DQ

Torrington Street, Bideford, EX39 4DR

Torridge Place, Torrington Street, Bideford, EX39 4DS

Nuttaberry, Bideford, EX39 4DT

Nuttaberry Works, Bideford, EX39 4DU

Trent Close, Bideford, EX39 4DW

Fulford Close, Bideford, EX39 4DX

Ayres Close, Bideford, EX39 4DY

Ayres Close, Bideford, EX39 4DZ

Nuttaberry Hill, Bideford, EX39 4EA

Upton Road, Bideford, EX39 4EB

Bideford, EX39 4ED

Torridge Street, Bideford, EX39 4EE

Torridge Street, Bideford, EX39 4EF

Sunnyside, Bideford, EX39 4EG

Torridge Mount, Bideford, EX39 4EH

Torridge Mount, Bideford, EX39 4EJ

Torridge Mount, Bideford, EX39 4EL

Torridge Mount, Bideford, EX39 4EN

Torrington Lane, Bideford, EX39 4EP

Sunnyside, Bideford, EX39 4EQ

Brookfield Street, Bideford, EX39 4ER

Newport Terrace, Bideford, EX39 4ES

Clifton Street, Bideford, EX39 4ET

Clifton Street, Bideford, EX39 4EU

Torridge Close, Bideford, EX39 4EW

Clifton Street, Bideford, EX39 4EX

Barton Tors, Bideford, EX39 4EY

Barton Tors, Bideford, EX39 4EZ

May Court, Bideford, EX39 4FA

Kathleen Grange, Bideford, EX39 4FB

Chapel Park Close, Bideford, EX39 4FD

Pollards Place, Bideford, EX39 4FE

Marine Parade, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4FF

Gammaton Road, Bideford, EX39 4FG

Wickham Close, Bideford, EX39 4FH

Boards Court, Bideford, EX39 4FJ

Old Barnstaple Road, Bideford, EX39 4FL

Watkins Way, Bideford, EX39 4FN

Watkins Way, Bideford, EX39 4FP

Shepherds Way, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4FQ

Donn Gardens, Bideford, EX39 4FR

Honey Close, Bideford, EX39 4FS

Rogers Crescent, Bideford, EX39 4FT

Manteo Way, Bideford, EX39 4FW

Langmead Drive, Bideford, EX39 4FX

Lighthouse View, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4FY

Coates Road, Bideford Business Park, Bideford, EX39 4GD

Churchill Road, Bideford, EX39 4GH

Barton Tors, Bideford, EX39 4HA

Goaman Road, Bideford, EX39 4HB

Chopes Close, Bideford, EX39 4HD

Chubb Road, Bideford, EX39 4HE

Chubb Road, Bideford, EX39 4HF

Churchill Road, Bideford, EX39 4HG

Churchill Road, Bideford, EX39 4HH

Bideford, EX39 4HJ (No Longer In Use)

Restarick Close, Bideford, EX39 4HL

Sycamore Close, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4HN

Instow, Bideford, EX39 4HP

Churchill Road, Bideford, EX39 4HQ

Elm Terrace, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4HR

Instow, Bideford, EX39 4HS

Lime Grove, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4HT

Instow, Bideford, EX39 4HU

Instow, Bideford, EX39 4HW

Instow, Bideford, EX39 4HX

Marine Parade, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4HY

Instow, Bideford, EX39 4HZ

Instow, Bideford, EX39 4JA

Instow, Bideford, EX39 4JB

Bridge Lane, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4JD

Anstey Way, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4JE

Anstey Way, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4JF

Anstey Way, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4JG

Instow, Bideford, EX39 4JH

Marine Parade, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4JJ

Bath Terrace, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4JL

Marine Parade, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4JN

Marine Parade, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4JP

Anstey Way, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4JQ

Quay Lane, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4JR

Millards Hill, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4JS

Chichester Close, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4JT

Downs Road, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4JU

Victoria Terrace, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4JW

Instow, Bideford, EX39 4JX

Kiln Close, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4JY

Kiln Close Lane, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4JZ

Kiln Close Lane, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4LA

Lane End, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4LB

Lane End Road, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4LD

Lane End Road, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4LE

Sandhills, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4LF

Lane End Close, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4LG

Bideford, EX39 4LH

Mount Pleasant, Bideford, EX39 4LJ

Instow, Bideford, EX39 4LL

New Road, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4LN

Instow, Bideford, EX39 4LP

Alverdiscott Road Industrial Estate, Bideford, EX39 4LQ

Instow, Bideford, EX39 4LR

Instow, Bideford, EX39 4LS

Instow, Bideford, EX39 4LT

Instow, Bideford, EX39 4LU

Instow, Bideford, EX39 4LW

Instow, Bideford, EX39 4LX

Instow, Bideford, EX39 4LY

Instow, Bideford, EX39 4LZ

Old Barnstaple Road, Bideford, EX39 4NA

White House Close, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4NB

Old Barnstaple Road, Bideford, EX39 4ND

Old Barnstaple Road, Bideford, EX39 4NE

Old Barnstaple Road, Bideford, EX39 4NF

Westleigh, Bideford, EX39 4NG

Westleigh, Bideford, EX39 4NH

Westleigh, Bideford, EX39 4NJ

Westleigh, Bideford, EX39 4NL

Westleigh, Bideford, EX39 4NN

Langmead, Westleigh, Bideford, EX39 4NP

Westleigh, Bideford, EX39 4NQ

Westleigh, Bideford, EX39 4NR

Westleigh, Bideford, EX39 4NS

Westleigh, Bideford, EX39 4NT

Mill Row, Westleigh, Bideford, EX39 4NU

Westleigh, Bideford, EX39 4NW

Westleigh, Bideford, EX39 4NX

Eastleigh, Bideford, EX39 4NY

Eastleigh, Bideford, EX39 4NZ

Eastleigh, Bideford, EX39 4PA

Horwood, Bideford, EX39 4PB

Horwood, Bideford, EX39 4PD

Horwood, Bideford, EX39 4PE

Horwood, Bideford, EX39 4PF

Ashridge, Bideford, EX39 4PG

Broadlands, Bideford, EX39 4PH

Mines Road, Bideford, EX39 4PJ

Alverdiscott Road, Bideford, EX39 4PL

Alverdiscott Road, Bideford, EX39 4PN

Woodtown, East-the-Water, Bideford, EX39 4PP

Karen Close, Bideford, EX39 4PQ

Webbery, Bideford, EX39 4PR

Webbery, Bideford, EX39 4PS

Webbery, Bideford, EX39 4PT

Webbery, Bideford, EX39 4PU

Woodtown, East-the-Water, Bideford, EX39 4PW

Stoney Cross, Bideford, EX39 4PX

Stoney Cross, Bideford, EX39 4PY

Stoney Cross, Bideford, EX39 4PZ

Gammaton Road, Bideford, EX39 4QA

Gammaton Road, Bideford, EX39 4QB

Tennacott Lane, Bideford, EX39 4QD

Gammaton, Bideford, EX39 4QE

Gammaton, Bideford, EX39 4QF

Gammaton, Bideford, EX39 4QG

Weare Giffard, Bideford, EX39 4QH

Cleavewood Drive, Bideford, EX39 4QJ

Broadlands, Bideford, EX39 4QL

Weare Giffard, Bideford, EX39 4QN

Weare Giffard, Bideford, EX39 4QP

Gammaton, Bideford, EX39 4QQ

Weare Giffard, Bideford, EX39 4QR

Weare Giffard, Bideford, EX39 4QS

Weare Giffard, Bideford, EX39 4QT

Weare Giffard, Bideford, EX39 4QU

Weare Giffard, Bideford, EX39 4QW

Weare Giffard, Bideford, EX39 4QX

Weare Giffard, Bideford, EX39 4QY

Weare Giffard, Bideford, EX39 4QZ

Weare Giffard, Bideford, EX39 4RA

South Avenue, Bideford, EX39 4RB

North Avenue, Bideford, EX39 4RD

Broadlands, Bideford, EX39 4RE

Stoneywell, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4RF

Bideford, EX39 4RG (No Longer In Use)

Ethelwynne Brown Close, Bideford, EX39 4RH

Shamwickshire Close, Bideford, EX39 4RJ

Ian Hay Close, Bideford, EX39 4RL

Chandlers Court, Instow, Bideford, EX39 4RN

Bideford, EX39 4RQ (No Longer In Use)

East Ridge View, Bideford, EX39 4RS

Bideford, EX39 4WA (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 4WF (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 4WZ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 4XJ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 4XN (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 4XQ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 4YA (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 4YL (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 4YN

Bideford, EX39 4YP (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 4YR (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 4YS (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 4YT (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 4YU (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 4YW (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 4YX (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 4YY (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 4ZN (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 4ZQ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 4ZR (No Longer In Use)

Instow, Bideford, EX39 4ZX (No Longer In Use)

New Road, Bideford, EX39 5AA

Bideford, EX39 5AB (No Longer In Use)

Bowden Green, Bideford, EX39 5AD

Bowden Green, Bideford, EX39 5AE

Bideford, EX39 5AF (No Longer In Use)

Buckland Close, Bideford, EX39 5AG

Pusehill, Westward Ho, Bideford, EX39 5AH

Buckland Close, Bideford, EX39 5AJ

New Road, Bideford, EX39 5AL

Arthurs Lea, Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5AN

Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5AP

Buckland Road, Bideford, EX39 5AQ

Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5AR

Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5AS

Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5AT

Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5AU

Portledge Place, Fairy Cross, Bideford, EX39 5AW

Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5AX

Pump Lane, Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5AY

Pump Lane, Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5AZ

Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5BA

Rickards Green, Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5BB

Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5BD

Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5BE

Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5BG

Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5BH

Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5BJ

Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5BL

Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5BN

Shepherds Meadow, Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5BP

Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5BQ

St. Helens, Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5BR

Forest Lakes, Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5BS

Fairy Cross, Bideford, EX39 5BT

Fairy Cross, Bideford, EX39 5BU

Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5BW

Fairy Cross, Bideford, EX39 5BX

Fairy Cross, Bideford, EX39 5BY

Woodtown, Fairy Cross, Bideford, EX39 5BZ

Fairy Cross, Bideford, EX39 5DA

Church Park, Fairy Cross, Bideford, EX39 5DB

Fairy Cross, Bideford, EX39 5DD

Fairy Cross, Bideford, EX39 5DE

Fairy Cross, Bideford, EX39 5DF

Horns Cross, Bideford, EX39 5DG

Horns Cross, Bideford, EX39 5DH

Horns Cross, Bideford, EX39 5DJ

Horns Cross, Bideford, EX39 5DL

Horns Cross, Bideford, EX39 5DN

Bucks Cross, Bideford, EX39 5DP

Horns Cross, Bideford, EX39 5DQ

Bucks Cross, Bideford, EX39 5DR

Bucks Cross, Bideford, EX39 5DS

Bucks Cross, Bideford, EX39 5DT

Bucks Cross, Bideford, EX39 5DU

Horns Cross, Bideford, EX39 5DW

Bucks Cross, Bideford, EX39 5DX

Bucks Mills, Bideford, EX39 5DY

Bucks Mills, Bideford, EX39 5DZ

Horns Cross, Bideford, EX39 5EA

Acre Road, Horns Cross, Bideford, EX39 5EB

Walland Drive, Bucks Cross, Bideford, EX39 5ED

Littleham, Bideford, EX39 5EE

Littleham, Bideford, EX39 5EF

Littleham, Bideford, EX39 5EG

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5EH

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5EJ

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5EL

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5EN

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5EP

Buckland Road, Bideford, EX39 5EQ

Yeo Vale, Bideford, EX39 5ER

Yeo Vale, Bideford, EX39 5ES

Yeo Vale, Bideford, EX39 5ET

Buckland Road, Bideford, EX39 5EU

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5EW

Bowden Green, Bideford, EX39 5EX

Meadow Court, Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5EY

Gorwood Road, Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5EZ

Stanley Court, Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5FA

Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5FB

Bowden Green, Buckland Road, Bideford, EX39 5FD

Tenement Park, Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5FE

EX39 5FF

Capern Park, Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5FG

EX39 5FN

Ford Rise, Bideford, EX39 5GA

Ford Rise, Bideford, EX39 5GB

Whiting Close, Bideford, EX39 5GD

Rowe Close, Bideford, EX39 5HA (No Longer In Use)

New Road, Bideford, EX39 5HB

Littleham Road, Bideford, EX39 5HD

Hallsannery, Bideford, EX39 5HE

Whitehall, Bideford, EX39 5HF

Littleham, Bideford, EX39 5HG

Littleham, Bideford, EX39 5HH

Bideford, EX39 5HJ (No Longer In Use)

Littleham, Bideford, EX39 5HL

Littleham, Bideford, EX39 5HN

Littleham, Bideford, EX39 5HP

Littleham, Bideford, EX39 5HQ

Littleham, Bideford, EX39 5HR

Forest Hill, Bideford, EX39 5HS

Littleham, Bideford, EX39 5HT

Littleham, Bideford, EX39 5HU

Littleham, Bideford, EX39 5HW

Bideford, EX39 5HX

Hillpark, Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5HY

Devonshire Park, Bideford, EX39 5HZ

Landcross, Bideford, EX39 5JA

Weare Giffard, Bideford, EX39 5JB

Weare Giffard, Bideford, EX39 5JD

Weare Giffard, Bideford, EX39 5JE

Devonshire Park, Bideford, EX39 5JF

New Road, Bideford, EX39 5JG

Coach Drive, Bideford, EX39 5JH

Landcross, Bideford, EX39 5JJ

Monkleigh, Bideford, EX39 5JL

Annery, Monkleigh, Bideford, EX39 5JN

Monkleigh, Bideford, EX39 5JP

Upcott, Bideford, EX39 5JQ

Monkleigh, Bideford, EX39 5JR

Monkleigh, Bideford, EX39 5JS

Monkleigh, Bideford, EX39 5JT

Hilton Road, Monkleigh, Bideford, EX39 5JU

Lee Avenue, Monkleigh, Bideford, EX39 5JW

Monkleigh, Bideford, EX39 5JX

Monkleigh, Bideford, EX39 5JY

Monkleigh, Bideford, EX39 5JZ

Monkleigh, Bideford, EX39 5LA

Monkleigh, Bideford, EX39 5LB

Monkleigh, Bideford, EX39 5LD

Monkleigh, Bideford, EX39 5LE

Monkleigh, Bideford, EX39 5LF

Monkleigh, Bideford, EX39 5LG

Monkleigh, Bideford, EX39 5LH

Southwood Meadows, Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5LJ

Tuckers Park, Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5LL

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5LN

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5LP

Monkleigh, Bideford, EX39 5LQ

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5LR

Rolles Terrace, Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5LS

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5LT

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5LU

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5LW

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5LX

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5LY

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5LZ

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5NA

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5NB

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5ND

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5NE

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5NF

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5NG

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5NH

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5NJ

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5NL

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5NN

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5NP

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5NQ

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5NR

Tower View, Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5NS

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5NT

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5NU

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5NW

Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5NX

Orleigh Close, Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5NY

Barton Close, Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5NZ

Bideford, EX39 5PA (No Longer In Use)

Fairy Cross, Bideford, EX39 5PB

Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5PD

Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5PE

Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5PF

Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5PG

Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5PH

Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5PJ

Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5PL

Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5PN

Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5PP

Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5PQ

Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5PR

Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5PS

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5PT

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5PU

Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5PW

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5PX

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5PY

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5PZ

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5QA

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5QB

Bideford, EX39 5QD (No Longer In Use)

South Park, Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5QE

Old Market Drive, Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5QF

Horns Cross, Bideford, EX39 5QG

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5QH

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5QJ

Cranford Cross, Cranford, Bideford, EX39 5QL

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5QN

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5QP

Horns Cross, Bideford, EX39 5QQ

Back Street, Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5QR

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5QS

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5QT

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5QU

Cranford, Bideford, EX39 5QW

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5QX

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5QY

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5QZ

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5RA

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5RB

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5RD

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5RE

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5RF

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5RG

Manor Park, Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5RH

Barton Court, Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5RJ

Barton Mews, Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5RL

Higher Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5RN

Winsworthy, Higher Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5RP

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5RQ

Higher Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5RR

Higher Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5RS

Bideford, EX39 5RT (No Longer In Use)

Higher Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5RU

Higher Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5RW

Higher Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5RX

Higher Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5RY

Higher Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5RZ

Higher Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5SA

Higher Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5SB

Higher Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5SD

Baxworthy, Bideford, EX39 5SE

Baxworthy, Bideford, EX39 5SF

Higher Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5SG

Higher Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5SH

Higher Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5SJ

Higher Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5SL

Higher Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5SN

Abbots Close, Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5SP

Higher Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5SQ

Beuvron Close, Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5SR

Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5SS

Higher Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5ST

Higher Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5SU

Higher Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5SW

Higher Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5SX

Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5SY

Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5SZ

Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5TA

High Street, Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5TB

North Hill, Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5TD

High Street, Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5TE

The Quay, Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5TF

Independent Street, Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5TG

The Square, Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5TH

High Street, Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5TJ

Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5TL

Bideford, EX39 5TN (No Longer In Use)

Auction Way, Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5TP

High Street, Clovelly, Bideford, EX39 5TQ

Copper Close, Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5TR

Town Meadows, Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5TS

Auction Way, Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5TT

St. James Close, Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5TU

Bideford, EX39 5TW (No Longer In Use)

Lower Town, Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5TX

The Beeches, Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5TY

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5TZ

Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5UA

Cranford, Bideford, EX39 5UB

Pound Meadow, Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5UD

Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5UH (No Longer In Use)

Woolsery, Bideford, EX39 5UL

Bideford, EX39 5UR (No Longer In Use)

Jacobs Field, Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5UZ

Bideford, EX39 5WA (No Longer In Use)

Parkham, Bideford, EX39 5WX

Castle Meadow, Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5XA

Castle Meadow, Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5XB

Bevil Close, Bideford, EX39 5XN

Soloman Drive, Bideford, EX39 5XS

Marlen Court, Bideford, EX39 5XT

Speedwell Close, Bideford, EX39 5XU

Virginia Close, Bideford, EX39 5XW

Rowe Close, Bideford, EX39 5XX

Soloman Drive, Bideford, EX39 5XY

Babeleigh Close, Buckland Brewer, Bideford, EX39 5XZ

Bideford, EX39 5YL (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 5YN (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 5YP (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 5YQ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 5YR (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 5YS (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 5YT (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 5YU (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 5YW (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 5YX (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 5YY (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 5ZJ (No Longer In Use)

Abbotsham, Bideford, EX39 5ZN

Bideford, EX39 5ZQ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 5ZR (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 5ZX (No Longer In Use)

Gregory Terrace, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6AA

Fore Street, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6AB

Harton Cross, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6AD

Harton Cross, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6AE

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6AF

Harton Way Industrial Park, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6AG

Rosedown, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6AH

Rosedown, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6AJ

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6AL

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6AN

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6AP

Eastdown Park, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6AQ

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6AR

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6AS

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6AT

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6AU

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6AW

Bideford, EX39 6AX (No Longer In Use)

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6AY

Bideford, EX39 6AZ (No Longer In Use)

Turners Crescent, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6BA

Brimacombe Road, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6BB

Fore Street, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6BD

Fore Street, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6BE

Springfield, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6BG

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6BH

Wesley Terrace, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6BJ

The Square, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6BL

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6BN

North Road, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6BP

West Street, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6BQ

Pines Close, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6BR

School Lane, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6BS

Well Spring Close, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6BT

East Ball Hill, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6BU

Northgate, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6BW

West Ball Hill, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6BX

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6BY

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6BZ

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6DA

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6DB

Vicarage Close, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6DD

North Street, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6DE

Goaman Park, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6DF

South Lane, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6DG

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6DH

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6DJ

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6DL

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6DN

Exmansworthy Cross, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6DP

Natcott Lane, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6DQ

Thornley Way, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6DR

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6DS

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6DT

Stoke, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6DU

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6DW

Stoke, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6DX

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6DY

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6DZ

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6EA

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6EB

Pillman Drive, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6ED

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6EE

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6EF

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6EG

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6EH

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6EJ

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6EL

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6EN

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6EP

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6EQ

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6ER

Elmscott, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6ES

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6ET

Well Lane, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6EU

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6EW

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6EY

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6EZ

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6HA

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6HB

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6HD

Welcombe, Bideford, EX39 6HE

Welcombe, Bideford, EX39 6HF

Welcombe, Bideford, EX39 6HG

Welcombe, Bideford, EX39 6HH

Welcombe, Bideford, EX39 6HJ

Welcombe, Bideford, EX39 6HL

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6HN

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6HP

Welcombe, Bideford, EX39 6HQ

Pengilly Way, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6HR

Heywood Close, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6HS

Jeffery Close, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6HT

Bideford, EX39 6HU (No Longer In Use)

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6HW

Heard Close, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6HX

Gifford Close, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6HY

Chubby Croft Close, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6HZ

The Greenwoods, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6JA

Meadow View, Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6JB

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6WB (No Longer In Use)

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6WD

Bideford, EX39 6WW (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 6WX (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 6WY (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 6WZ (No Longer In Use)

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6YS (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 6YT (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 6YU (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 6YX (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 6YY (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 6ZQ (No Longer In Use)

Hartland, Bideford, EX39 6ZX (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9AA (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9AB (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9AD (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9AE (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9AF (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9AG (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9AH (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9AJ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9AL (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9AN (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9AP (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9AQ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9AR (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9AS (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9AT (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9AU (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9AW (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9AX (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9AY (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9AZ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9BA (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9BB (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9BD (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9BE (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9DA (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9DB (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9DD (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9DE (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9DF (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9DG (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9DH (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9DJ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9DL (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9DN (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9DP (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9DQ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9DR (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9DS (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9DT (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9DU (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9DW (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9DX (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9DY

Bideford, EX39 9DZ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9EA (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9EB (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9ED (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9EE

EX39 9EF (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9EG

Bideford, EX39 9EH (No Longer In Use)

EX39 9EJ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9EL (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9EN (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9EP

EX39 9EQ (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9ER (No Longer In Use)

Bideford, EX39 9ES

EX39 9EU

Bideford, EX39 9SA

Bideford, EX39 9SB

Bideford, EX39 9SD

Bideford, EX39 9SE

Bideford, EX39 9SF

Bideford, EX39 9SG

Bideford, EX39 9SH

Bideford, EX39 9SJ

Bideford, EX39 9SL

Bideford, EX39 9SN

Bideford, EX39 9SP

Bideford, EX39 9SQ

Bideford, EX39 9SR

Bideford, EX39 9SS

Bideford, EX39 9ST

Bideford, EX39 9SU

Bideford, EX39 9SW

Bideford, EX39 9SX

Bideford, EX39 9SY

Bideford, EX39 9SZ

Bideford, EX39 9TA

Bideford, EX39 9TB

Bideford, EX39 9TD

Bideford, EX39 9TH

Bideford, EX39 9ZZ