All Postcodes in the DH6 Postcode District

Below are all of the active postcodes that we currently have on file for the DH6 postcode district. The list also includes expired postcodes that we may have data for (those that have been discontinued by Royal Mail). We maintain several years of data on expired codes. Click here to view demographic information about DH6 as a whole.

Note: Some postcodes may be listed as "Large User" - this indicates that they are assigned to large businesses and similar entities, rather than residential homes. While we often have data on the areas in which these postcodes exist, some are not tied to a particular place, so data on these may be more limited.

High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1AA

High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1AB

Manor View, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1AD

Hallgarth Lane, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1AE

Hallgarth Lane, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1AF

South End, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1AG

Church Vale, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1AH

Littletown, Durham, DH6 1AJ

High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1AL

Norman Terrace, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1AN

High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1AP

South End, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1AQ

Glens Flats, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1AR

Hallgarth View, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1AS

High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1AT

Graham Terrace, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1AU

Newby Lane, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1AW

St. Johns Road, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1AX

High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1AY

Wellington Street, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1AZ

St. Lawrence Road, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1BA

Hillside Grove, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1BB

Elemore Street, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1BD

High Street, Low Pittington, Durham, DH6 1BE

Shadforth, Durham, DH6 1BF

Coronation Crescent, Low Pittington, Durham, DH6 1BG

Low Pittington, Durham, DH6 1BH

Station Road, Low Pittington, Durham, DH6 1BJ

Pittington Crossing, Low Pittington, Durham, DH6 1BL

Low Pittington, Durham, DH6 1BN

Front Street, Low Pittington, Durham, DH6 1BP

Front Street, Low Pittington, Durham, DH6 1BQ

Parkinson Crescent, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1BS

Durham, DH6 1BT (No Longer In Use)

Latimer Way, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1BU

Low Pittington, Durham, DH6 1BW

Priors Grange, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1DA

Priors Grange, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1DB

Durham, DH6 1DD (No Longer In Use)

Priors Grange, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1DE

Priors Grange, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1DF

Hallgarth Street, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1DG

Durham, DH6 1DH (No Longer In Use)

George Street, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1DJ

Park House Gardens, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1DL

Hallgarth Street, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1DN

Park House Close, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1DP

Durham, DH6 1DQ (No Longer In Use)

Garden Court, Sherburn, Durham, DH6 1DR

Harley Terrace, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1DS

Park House Gardens, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1DT

Park House Gardens, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1DU

King Street, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1DW

Park House Gardens, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1DX

Park House Gardens, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1DY

Hillside View, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1DZ

Park Road, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1EA

Hall Gardens, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1EB

Nelson Terrace, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1ED

Peart Close, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1EE

Hope Street, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1EF

Hope Street, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1EG

Mill Lane, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1EH

The Crescent, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1EJ

The Crescent, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1EL

Grand View, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1EN

Forster Avenue, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1EP

Mill Lane, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1EQ

Hope Lane, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1ER

School Court, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1ES

Crescent Close, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1ET

George Parkinson Court, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1EU

Forster Avenue, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1EW

Meadow Edge, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1EX

High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1EY

Thornley Road, Ludworth, Durham, DH6 1GA

Front Street, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1HA

Front Street, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1HB

Front Street, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1HD

Front Street, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1HE

Hallgarth Villas, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1HF

Local Avenue, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1HG

West View, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1HH

Bannerman Terrace, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1HJ

Wesley Terrace, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1HL

Aged Miners Homes, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1HN

South Street, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1HP

Local Avenue, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1HQ

New Street, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1HR

Chapel Court, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1HS

Durham, DH6 1HT (No Longer In Use)

Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1HU

Durham, DH6 1HW (No Longer In Use)

Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1HX

Liddle Avenue, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1HY

Liddle Avenue, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1HZ

Crawford Close, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1JA

Beech Road, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1JB

Harrison Garth, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1JD

Gray Avenue, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1JE

Gray Avenue, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1JF

Usher Avenue, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1JG

Dowsey Road, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1JH

Whitegates Road, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1JJ

Coalford Road, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1JL

Attlee Square, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1JN

Kidd Avenue, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1JP

Lady Anne Road, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1JQ

Kidd Avenue, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1JR

Stanley Close, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1JS

Broadview Villas, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1JT

Alston Walk, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1JU

Cummings Avenue, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1JW

Meldon Avenue, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1JX

Meldon Avenue, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1JY

Whalton Close, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1JZ

Shadforth, Durham, DH6 1LA

South Avenue, Shadforth, Durham, DH6 1LB

Woodside, Shadforth, Durham, DH6 1LD

Shadforth, Durham, DH6 1LE (No Longer In Use)

Rectory View, Shadforth, Durham, DH6 1LF

Shadforth, Durham, DH6 1LG

Shadforth, Durham, DH6 1LH

North Side, Shadforth, Durham, DH6 1LJ

South Side, Shadforth, Durham, DH6 1LL

Dene Lane, Shadforth, Durham, DH6 1LN

Oliver Crescent, Shadforth, Durham, DH6 1LP

Church Villas, Shadforth, Durham, DH6 1LQ

Barnard Avenue, Ludworth, Durham, DH6 1LR

Barnard Avenue, Ludworth, Durham, DH6 1LS

Barnard Avenue, Ludworth, Durham, DH6 1LT

Barnard Avenue, Ludworth, Durham, DH6 1LU

George Square, Shadforth, Durham, DH6 1LW

Barnard Avenue, Ludworth, Durham, DH6 1LX

Thornton Close, Ludworth, Durham, DH6 1LY

Moor Crescent, Ludworth, Durham, DH6 1LZ

Moor Crescent, Ludworth, Durham, DH6 1NA

Church View, Ludworth, Durham, DH6 1NB

Greystones, Ludworth, Durham, DH6 1ND

Usher Street, Ludworth, Durham, DH6 1NE

North View, Ludworth, Durham, DH6 1NF

Margaret Street, Ludworth, Durham, DH6 1NG

Shadforth, Durham, DH6 1NH

Shadforth, Durham, DH6 1NJ

Shadforth, Durham, DH6 1NL

Bridge Court, Shadforth, Durham, DH6 1NN

Durham, DH6 1NP (No Longer In Use)

Ludworth, Durham, DH6 1NQ

Church Lane, Shadforth, Durham, DH6 1NR

South Mews, Shadforth, Durham, DH6 1NS

Dene Court, Shadforth, Durham, DH6 1NT

St. Andrews Court, Ludworth, Durham, DH6 1NU

Ludworth, Durham, DH6 1NW

Lambton Field, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1NX

Springfield Meadow, Ludworth, Durham, DH6 1NY

East View, Ludworth, Durham, DH6 1NZ

Front Street, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1PA

Durham, DH6 1PB (No Longer In Use)

Cooperative Villas, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1PD

Brighton Terrace, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1PE

Churchill Terrace, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1PF

George Street, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1PG

Jubilee Crescent, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1PH

Jubilee Crescent, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1PJ

East View, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1PL

North View, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1PN

Kell Crescent, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1PP

Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1PQ

Kirkfields, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1PR

Colliery Site, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1PS

Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1PT

Littletown Lane, Littletown, Durham, DH6 1PU

South View, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1PW

Moor View, Littletown, Durham, DH6 1PX

Plantation Avenue, Littletown, Durham, DH6 1PY

Front Street, Littletown, Durham, DH6 1PZ

Elizabeth Court, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1QA

Littletown, Durham, DH6 1QB

Littletown, Durham, DH6 1QD

Littletown, Durham, DH6 1QE

Littletown, Durham, DH6 1QF

Littletown, Durham, DH6 1QG

Littletown, Durham, DH6 1QH

Pinders Way, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1QJ

The Croft, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1QL

Pennine View, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1QN

Hastings Close, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1QP

Littletown, Durham, DH6 1QQ

Palatine View, Sherburn Hill, Durham, DH6 1QR

Mitford Drive, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1QS

Kinnock Close, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1QT

Church Wynd, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1QU

Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1QX

Front Street, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1QY

Chase Court, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1QZ

St. Lawrence Close, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1RB

Littletown, Durham, DH6 1RD

Hallgarth Manor Farm, High Pittington, Durham, DH6 1RE

Smith Close, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1RG

St. Cuthberts Way, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1RH

Talisman Close, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1RJ

St. Marys Drive, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1RL

Railway Close, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1RN

Blair Close, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1RQ

Lady Durham Close, Sherburn Village, Durham, DH6 1RW

Durham, DH6 1WT (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 1WU (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 1WW (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 1WY (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 1WZ (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 1XA (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 1XB (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 1XD (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 1YP (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 1YR (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 1YS (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 1YT (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 1YU (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 1YY (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 1YZ (No Longer In Use)

Haswell, Durham, DH6 2AA

Station Street, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2AB

East Villas, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2AD

Alexandra Terrace, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2AE

Allendale Terrace, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2AF

Sycamore Terrace, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2AG

Pesspool Lane, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2AH

Pesspool Lane, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2AJ

Pesspool Lane, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2AL

Haswell, Durham, DH6 2AN

Haswell, Durham, DH6 2AP

Rosemount, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2AQ

Blue House Bungalows, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2AR

Durham Lane, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2AS

Haswell, Durham, DH6 2AT

Haswell, Durham, DH6 2AU

Haswell, Durham, DH6 2AW

Durham Lane, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2AX

Haswell, Durham, DH6 2AY

Haswell, Durham, DH6 2AZ

Haswell, Durham, DH6 2BA

Haswell, Durham, DH6 2BB

Haswell, Durham, DH6 2BD

Chestnut Drive, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2BE

Kestrel Way, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2BF

Cherry Drive, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2BG

Almond Close, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2BH

Acer Drive, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2BJ

Front Street East, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2BL

Howarth Terrace, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2BN

Dent Close, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2BP

Lapwing Court, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2BQ

Grousemoor, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2BU

Phillips Close, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2BW

Maplewood Drive, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2BX

High Ling Close, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2BY

The Paddocks, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2BZ

Burt Close, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2DA

Durham, DH6 2DB (No Longer In Use)

Front Street West, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2DD

Hazel Court, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2DE

Station Street, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2DF

George Street, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2DG

North View, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2DH

George Street, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2DJ

Field House Terrace, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2DL

Pesspool Terrace, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2DN

Pesspool Bungalows, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2DP

Durham, DH6 2DQ (No Longer In Use)

Pesspool Avenue, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2DR

Richmond Terrace, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2DS

Faraday Terrace, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2DT

Kingston Crescent, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2DU

Pesspool Terrace, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2DW

Barnett Square, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2DX

Windsor Terrace, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2DY

Church Street, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2DZ

Church View, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2EA

Haswell, Durham, DH6 2EB

South View, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2ED

Haswell, Durham, DH6 2EE

Mazine Terrace, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2EF

Gloucester Terrace, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2EG

Hessewelle Crescent, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2EH

West View, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2EJ

Kent Terrace, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2EL

Attlee Crescent, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2EN

North View, Haswell Plough, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2EP

Hessewelle Crescent, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2EQ

Rutland Terrace, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2ER

McAteer Court, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2ES

Chapel Lane, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2ET

Hutton Grove, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2EU

Front Street, Haswell Plough, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2EW

Mazine Terrace, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2EX

Haswell Plough, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2EY

Haswell Plough, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2EZ

Maurice Cullen Close, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2FA

Durham, DH6 2FB (No Longer In Use)

The Parks, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2FD

Sycamore Close, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2GA

Hawthorne Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2HA

Crossfield Crescent, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2HB

Thornhill Road, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2HD

Whinfield Avenue, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2HE

Laburnum Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2HF

Hawthorne Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2HG

Hopper Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2HH

Hazel Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2HJ

Trotter Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2HL

Hazel Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2HN

Lee Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2HP

Laburnum Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2HQ

Lilac Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2HR

Lilac Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2HS

Lee Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2HT

Dixon Estate, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2HU

Trotter Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2HW

Salters Lane, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2HX

Salters Lane, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2HY

Salters Lane, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2HZ

Belvedere Gardens, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2JA

Fleming Field, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2JB

Fleming Field Farm Road, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2JD

Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2JE

Fleming Field, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2JF

Aged Miners Homes, Fleming Field, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2JG

Front Street, Fleming Field, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2JH

Durham, DH6 2JJ (No Longer In Use)

Station Road, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2JL

Marcia Avenue, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2JN

Grange Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2JP

Fleming Field, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2JQ

Farm Cottages, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2JR

Front Street, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2JS

Durham, DH6 2JT (No Longer In Use)

Recreation Ground, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2JU

Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2JW

Bryony Walk, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2JX

Durham, DH6 2JY (No Longer In Use)

Fleming Court, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2JZ

Potto Street, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2LA

Sorrel Close, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2LB

Victoria Street, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2LD

Victoria Street, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2LE

Poppy Lane, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2LF

Buttercup Close, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2LG

Rosebay Close, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2LH

West Street, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2LJ

Durham, DH6 2LL (No Longer In Use)

Ashbrooke Estate, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2LN

Cowley Street, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2LP

Bevan Grove, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2LQ

Ashbrooke Estate, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2LR

Cherry Tree Lane, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2LS

Front Street, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2LT

South View, Front Street, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2LU

Cooperative Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2LW

Durham, DH6 2LX (No Longer In Use)

The Terrace, Front Street, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2LY

Office Row, Front Street, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2NA

Front Street, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2NB

Front Street Industrial Estate, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2ND

Sandgate, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2NE

Rose Cottages, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2NF

Durham, DH6 2NG (No Longer In Use)

Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2NH

Hamilton Court, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2NL

Durham, DH6 2NN (No Longer In Use)

Stuart Walk, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2NP

White House Crescent, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2NQ

Hanover Crescent, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2NR

Milbank Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2NT

Coronation Cottages, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2NU

Back Friar Street, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2NX

Friar Street, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2PA

Carlyle Crescent, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2PB

Burns Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2PD

Moore Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2PE

Byron Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2PF

Durham, DH6 2PG (No Longer In Use)

Bridge Road Bungalows, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2PH

Bruce Glazier Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2PJ

William Morris Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2PL

Bruce Glazier Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2PN

Bruce Glazier Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2PP

Bridge Road, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2PQ

A J Cook Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2PR

Keir Hardie Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2PS

Salters Lane, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2PT

Salters Lane, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2PU

Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2PW

Dixon Estate, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2PX

Dixon Estate, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2PY

Salters Lane, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2PZ

Thornley Station Industrial Estate, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2QA

Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2QB

Grove Court, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2QD

Brandling Court, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2QE

Back Potto Street, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2QJ

Victoria Street, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2QN

Durham, DH6 2QP (No Longer In Use)

Queen Street, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2QR

Brackenridge, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2QT

Dene Crescent, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2QU

Eden View, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2QW

Dene Terrace, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2QX

Dene Avenue, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2QY

Brackenhill Avenue, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2QZ

Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2RA

Alcote Grove, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2RB

Milton Grove, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2RD

Tudor Court, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2RE

Dunelm Place, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2RF

Front Street, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2RG

Windermere Road, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2RH

Welfare Crescent South, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2RL

Welfare Crescent, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2RN

Hawthorn Cottages, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2RP

Ashwood, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2RQ

Bevin Square, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2RR

Coronation Square, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2RS

Aged Peoples Homes, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2RT

Grasmere Terrace, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2RU

Hawthorn Road, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2RW

South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2RX

South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2RY

West Lane, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2RZ

Parkland Grove, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2SA

Durham, DH6 2SD (No Longer In Use)

Oakwood, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2SE

Maythorne Drive, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2SF

Fallowfield Terrace, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2SG

The Bungalows, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2SJ

Forster Crescent, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2SL

Matthews Crescent, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2SN

Brydon Crescent, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2SP

Fallowfield Terrace, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2SQ

Jamieson Terrace, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2SR

Phalp Street, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2SS

Phalp Street, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2ST

Palmer Street, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2SU

South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2SW

Gregson Terrace, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2SX

Easington Road, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2SY

South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2SZ

South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2TA

Vicarage Close, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2TB

Greencroft, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2TD

Cedar Court, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2TE

Daniel Park, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2TF

Front Street, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2TG

Front Street, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2TH

Frederick Terrace, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2TJ

Quin Square, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2TL

Quin Square, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2TN

Charters Crescent, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2TP

Rose Cottages, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2TQ

Jubilee Square, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2TR

Abbeydale Gardens, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2TS

Regent Court, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2TT

Hall Street, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2TU

Charters Crescent, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2TW

Clarence Gate, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2TX

Durham, DH6 2TY (No Longer In Use)

Front Street, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2UA

Old Post Office Buildings, Front Street, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2UB

Braddyll Square, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2UD

Hedley Terrace, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2UE

Donald Avenue, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2UF

Logan Terrace, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2UG

Ullswater Terrace, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2UH

Derwent Terrace, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2UJ

Keswick Terrace, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2UL

Buttermere Crescent, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2UN

Patrick Crescent, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2UP

South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2UQ

Conishead Terrace, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2UR

Hutton Court, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2US

Durham, DH6 2UT (No Longer In Use)

Windsor Drive, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2UU

South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2UW

Ravensworth Court, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2UX

Front Street, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2UY

Front Street Industrial Estate, Front Street, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2UZ

Jubilee Place, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2XA

Windsor Place, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2XB

Elizabeth Place, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2XD

George Square, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2XE

East Green, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2XF

Pinedale Drive, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2XG

Elemore View, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2XH

Coldwell Close, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2XJ

Durham, DH6 2XL (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 2XP (No Longer In Use)

Plantation Walk, South Hetton, Durham, DH6 2XQ

Blossomfield Way, Haswell, Durham, DH6 2XR

Haswell, Durham, DH6 2XS

Grange Court, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2XT

Atkinson Grove, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2YA

Westgarth Grove, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2YB

Church View, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2YD

Durham, DH6 2YE (No Longer In Use)

Sutherland Grove, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2YF

Waskerley Drive, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2YG

Wellburn Close, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2YH

Weldon Close, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2YJ

Worton Close, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2YL

Durham, DH6 2YN (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 2YP (No Longer In Use)

Waverley Close, Shotton Colliery, Durham, DH6 2YQ

Durham, DH6 2YR (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 2YS (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 2YT (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 2YU (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 2YW (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 2YX (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 2YY (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 2YZ (No Longer In Use)

Hartlepool Street North, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3AA

Hartlepool Street North, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3AB

Ashford Grove, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3AD

New Road, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3AE

Moor View, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3AF

Garden Terrace, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3AG

Galt Street, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3AH

Bow Street East, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3AJ

Bow Street West, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3AL

Hartlepool Street North, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3AN

Percy Street West, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3AP

Asquith Street, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3AQ

Albert Street North, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3AR

Arran Grove, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3AS

Vincent's Court, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3AT

Whitton Court, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3AU

Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3AW

Marley Fields, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3AX

Durham, DH6 3AY (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3AZ (No Longer In Use)

Coopers Close, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3BA (No Longer In Use)

Coopers Close, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3BB

Durham, DH6 3BD (No Longer In Use)

Hartlepool Street South, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3BE

Marley Fields, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3BF

Hartlepool Street South, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3BG

East Street, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3BH

Henry Street, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3BJ

Fairview, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3BL

Dunelm Stables, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3BN

Church Street, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3BP

Hartlepool Street South, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3BQ


Elliot Street, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3BT

Coopers Terrace, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3DA

Passfield Square, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3DB

East View, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3DD

Shinwell Crescent, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3DE

Shinwell Crescent, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3DF

Ruskin Crescent, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3DG

Morris Crescent, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3DH

Shinwell Crescent, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3DJ

Gore Lane, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3DL

Shinwell Crescent, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3DN

Roselea, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3DP

Roseberry Crescent, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3DQ

Gore Lane, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3DR

Gore Hill Estate, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3DS

Gore Hill Estate, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3DT

Gore Hill Estate, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3DU

Hillsyde Crescent, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3DW

Thornley, Durham, DH6 3DX

Gore Lane, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3DY

Coopers Terrace, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3DZ

East Lea, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3EA

Emmerson Square, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3EB

East Lea, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3ED

Thornley, Durham, DH6 3EE

Church View, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3EF

South Parade, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3EG

Cedar Court, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3EH

Cottingham Grove, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3EJ

High Street, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3EL

Church Walk, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3EN

The Villas, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3EP

School Green, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3EQ

The Gables, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3ER

Stanley Terrace, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3ES

Ashwood Grange, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3ET

The Villas, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3EU

The Villas, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3EW

Thornlaw North, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3EX

Prospect Road, Durham, DH6 3EY (No Longer In Use)

Thornlaw North, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3EZ

Ashwood Grange, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3FA

Ellerby Mews, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3FB

St. Leonard Crescent, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3GA

Crossways Court, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3GZ

Dunelm Road, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3HA

St. Chad Square, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3HB

The Green, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3HD

Kenton Crescent, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3HE

Thornley, Durham, DH6 3HF

The Bungalows, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3HG

Laurel Crescent, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3HH

Durham, DH6 3HJ (No Longer In Use)

St. Bede Crescent, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3HL

St. Bede Crescent, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3HN

Dunelm Road, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3HP

St. Cuthbert Road, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3HQ

Thornley, Durham, DH6 3HR

Thornley, Durham, DH6 3HS

Dunelm Road, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3HT (No Longer In Use)

Hilltop Bungalows, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3HU

Dunelm Road, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3HW

Dunelm Road, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3HX

Dunelm Road, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3HY

Hawthorn View, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3HZ

Youll Close, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3JA

Back Granville Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3JG

Durham, DH6 3JH (No Longer In Use)

Front Street, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3JJ

Front Street, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3JL

Black Lane, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3JN

Woodlands Avenue, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3JP

Granville Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3JQ

Greenhills Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3JR

Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3JS

Gable Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3JT

Woodlands Avenue, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3JU

Alexandra Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3JW

Aged Miners Homes, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3JX

Woodlands Avenue, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3JY

Cemetery Road, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3JZ

Burns Street, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3LA

Shakespeare Street, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3LB

Byron Street, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3LD

Moore Street, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3LE

East View, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3LF

Woodlands Avenue, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3LG

Johnson Estate, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3LH

Durham Road, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3LJ

South View, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3LL

Sandwick Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3LN

Wingate Lane, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3LP

Johnson Estate, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3LQ

Andrew Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3LR

Bevan Crescent, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3LS

Wharrier Square, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3LT

Harper Bungalows, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3LU

Wingate Lane South, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3LW

Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3LX

Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3LY

Wayside, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3LZ

Wingate Lane South, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3NA

The Oaklands, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3NB

Meadow View, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3ND

St. Oswald Bungalows, Thornley, Durham, DH6 3NE

Rock Farm Mews, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3NG

Durham, DH6 3NH (No Longer In Use)

Front Street, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3NJ

Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3NL

Dennis Street, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3NN

Ashmore Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3NP

Moor View, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3NQ

Thornley Road, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3NR

Co-Operative Villas, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3NS

The Avenue, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3NT

Durham, DH6 3NU (No Longer In Use)

Percy Street, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3NW

First Street, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3NX

Durham, DH6 3PA (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3PB (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3PD (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3PE (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3PF (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3PG (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3PH (No Longer In Use)

Black Lane, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3PJ

Durham, DH6 3PL (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3PN (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3PP (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3PQ (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3PR (No Longer In Use)

Front Street, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3PS

Church Street, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3PT

Back Church Street, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3PU

Durham, DH6 3PW (No Longer In Use)

Miners Villas, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3PX

Durham, DH6 3PY (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3PZ (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3QA (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3QB (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3QD (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3QE (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3QF (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3QG (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3QH (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3QJ (No Longer In Use)

Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3QL

Lynn Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3QN

Durham, DH6 3QP (No Longer In Use)

Weardale Park, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3QQ

Office Street, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3QR

Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3QS

Dodds Close, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3QT

Greenwood Close, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3QU

Gowland Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3QW

Watson Close, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3QX

Patton Walk, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3QY

Front Street Industrial Estate, Front Street, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3QZ

Gable Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3RA

Wordsworth Avenue, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3RB

Wordsworth Avenue, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3RD

Wordsworth Avenue, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3RE

Quilstyle Road, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3RF

Fred Peart Square, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3RG

Peter Lee Cottages, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3RH

Dalton Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3RJ

Liddell Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3RL

Shinwell Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3RN

Stoker Crescent, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3RP

Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3RQ

Ryan Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3RR

Handel Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3RS

Jack Lawson Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3RT

Jack Lawson Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3RU

Wheatley Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3RW

Luke Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3RX

Luke Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3RY

Henderson Avenue, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3RZ

Cain Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3SA

Quetlaw Road, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3SB

Quetlaw Road, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3SD

Church Park, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3SJ

Cypress View, Wheatley Hill, Durham, DH6 3SL

Durham, DH6 3WY (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3WZ (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3YX (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3YY (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 3YZ (No Longer In Use)

Blackgate East, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4AA

Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4AB (No Longer In Use)

The Avenue, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4AD

Leslie Villas, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4AE

The Avenue, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4AF

The Avenue, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4AG

The Avenue, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4AH

Blackgate West, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4AJ

Blackgate East, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4AL

Vicarage Terrace, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4AN

The Grove, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4AP

The Avenue, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4AQ

The Grove, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4AR

Station Road West, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4AS

Station Road East, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4AT

Belgrave Avenue, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4AU

The Grove, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4AW

The Pottery, Back Street, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4AX

The Pottery, Front Street, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4AY

Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4AZ

Station Road East, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4BA

Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4BB

Green Crescent, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4BD

Green Crescent, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4BE

Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4BF

Grange Crescent, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4BG

Belgrave Court, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4BH

Durham, DH6 4BJ (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 4BN (No Longer In Use)

Roslyn Mews, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4BP

Grange Crescent, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4BQ

Majolica Mews, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4BS

Welby Way, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4BT

Earls Way, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4BU

Grint Close, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4BW

Lime Close, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4BX

The Avenue Courtyard, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4BY

Rear Of Commercial Road East, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4BZ

Church Street East, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4DA

Front Street East, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4DB

Church Street, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4DD

Durham, DH6 4DE (No Longer In Use)

Sanderson Street, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4DF

Sanderson Street, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4DG

Lansdowne Road, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4DH

Lansdowne Road, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4DJ

Lansdowne Road, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4DL

Lansdowne Road, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4DN

Linden Grove, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4DP

Cooperative Terrace, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4DQ

Linden Grove, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4DR

Welfare Terrace, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4DS

Linden Terrace, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4DT

Lumley Terrace, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4DU

Linden Grove, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4DW

Linden Villas, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4DX

Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4DY

Meadow View, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4DZ

Victoria Terrace, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4EA

School Avenue, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4EB

Meadow Close, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4ED

Kenmir Buildings, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4EE

Barkers Buildings, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4EF

Gladstone Terrace, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4EG

Garden Terrace, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4EH

Cornforth Lane, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4EJ

Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4EL

Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4EN

Browns Close, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4EP

Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4EQ

Cornforth Lane, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4ER

Lynn Park Crescent, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4ES

Thinford Road, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4ET

Thinford Road, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4EU

Bogma Avenue, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4EW

Lumley Buildings, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4EX

Cow Close, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4EY

Petterson Dale, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4EZ

Raisby Hill, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4FA

Chatsworth Mews, Station Road, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4FB


Doulton Court, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4GA

Quarrington Heights, Quarrington Hill, Durham, DH6 4GE

Petterson Dale, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4HA

Browning Hill, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4HB

Durham, DH6 4HD (No Longer In Use)

Church Street, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4HE

Church Street, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4HF

Coronation Terrace, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4HG

Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4HH

Commercial Road West, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4HJ

West Parade, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4HL

Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4HN

West Terrace, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4HP

Back Coronation Terrace, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4HQ

Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4HR

Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4HS

Durham, DH6 4HT (No Longer In Use)

Bridge End, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4HU

Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4HW

Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4HX

Clarence Street, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4HY

Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4HZ

Wylam Terrace, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4JA

St. Marys Terrace, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4JB

Hollyhock Terrace, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4JD

Beverley Close, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4JE

Newton Villas, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4JF

Holmfield Villas, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4JG

Parkhill Estate, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4JH

Park Avenue, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4JJ

Park Avenue, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4JL

Park Avenue, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4JN

Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4JP

Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4JQ

Durham, DH6 4JR (No Longer In Use)

Clarence Villas, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4JS

Bower Court, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4JT

Commercial Road East, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4JU

Park Avenue, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4JW

Durham, DH6 4JX (No Longer In Use)

Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4JY

Commercial Road East, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4JZ

Prospect Place, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4LA

Sandgate, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4LB

Commercial Road East, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4LD

Foundry Row, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4LE

Basic Cottages, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4LF

Wesley Place, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4LG

Westlands, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4LH

Parkfield, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4LJ

Sycamore Close, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4LL

Foundry Close, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4LN

Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4LP

Southlands, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4LQ

Tate Avenue, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4LR

Tate Avenue, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4LS

Tate Avenue, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4LT

Woodland Crescent, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4LU

Woodland Crescent, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4LX

Woodland Crescent, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4LY

Woodland Crescent, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4LZ

Woodland Crescent, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4NA

Woodland Crescent, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4NB

Ramona Avenue, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4ND

Sharon Avenue, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4NE

Ann Avenue, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4NF

Ann Avenue, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4NG

School Avenue, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4NH

Mary Crescent, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4NJ

Mary Crescent, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4NL

Morley Crescent, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4NN

Morley Crescent, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4NP

School Avenue, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4NQ

Durham, DH6 4NR (No Longer In Use)

Morley Crescent, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4NS

Front Street, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4NT

The Green, Woodland Crescent, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4NU

Morley Crescent, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4NW

Foxton Court, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4NX

Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4PA

Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4PB

Front Street, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4PD

Front Street, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4PE

Aged Miners Homes, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4PF

Front Street, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4PG

Burnett Crescent, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4PH

Woodside Ridge, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4PJ

Bradyll Street, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4PL

Kelloe Villas, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4PN

Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4PP

Front Street, Davy Lamp, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4PQ

Town Kelloe, Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4PR

Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4PS

Church Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4PT

Kelloe, Durham, DH6 4PW

Old Cassop, Durham, DH6 4QA

Old Cassop, Durham, DH6 4QB

Cassop, Durham, DH6 4QD

Belle Vue, Quarrington Hill, Durham, DH6 4QE

Church Street, Quarrington Hill, Durham, DH6 4QF

Front Street North, Quarrington Hill, Durham, DH6 4QG

Aged Miners Homes, Quarrington Hill, Durham, DH6 4QH

Steetley Terrace, Quarrington Hill, Durham, DH6 4QJ

Carole Dunes, Quarrington Hill, Durham, DH6 4QL

Front Street South, Quarrington Hill, Durham, DH6 4QN

Hawthorn Crescent, Quarrington Hill, Durham, DH6 4QP

Front Street South, Quarrington Hill, Durham, DH6 4QQ

Hawthorn Crescent, Quarrington Hill, Durham, DH6 4QR

Hazel Avenue, Quarrington Hill, Durham, DH6 4QS

Malcolm Avenue, Quarrington Hill, Durham, DH6 4QT

David Terrace, Quarrington Hill, Durham, DH6 4QU

Hawthorn Crescent, Quarrington Hill, Durham, DH6 4QW

Neil Crescent, Quarrington Hill, Durham, DH6 4QX

St. Helens Crescent, Quarrington Hill, Durham, DH6 4QY

Durham, DH6 4QZ (No Longer In Use)

Cassop, Durham, DH6 4RA

Cassop, Durham, DH6 4RB

Luke Avenue, Cassop, Durham, DH6 4RD

Quality Row, Cassop, Durham, DH6 4RE

Front Street South, Cassop, Durham, DH6 4RF

Front Street South, Cassop, Durham, DH6 4RG

Lynn Crescent, Cassop, Durham, DH6 4RH

Front Street North, Cassop, Durham, DH6 4RJ

High Cross Street, Cassop, Durham, DH6 4RL

Elizabeth Vale, Cassop, Durham, DH6 4RN

Dene View, Cassop, Durham, DH6 4RP

Cassop, Durham, DH6 4RQ

Cassop, Durham, DH6 4RR

The Orchard, Old Cassop, Durham, DH6 4RS

Quarrington Hill, Durham, DH6 4RT

Wilson Close, Cassop, Durham, DH6 4RU

Dene View, Cassop, Durham, DH6 4RW

Browning Hill, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4SA

Beechfield Rise, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4SB

Beechfield Rise, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4SD

Ashbourne Drive, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4SE

The Paddock, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4SF

The Cedars, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4SG

Pelham Court, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4SH

Hadleigh Court, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4SJ

Applegarth, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4SL

Mulberry, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4SN

Ashbourne Drive, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4SP

Oakwood, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4SQ

Ashbourne Drive, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4SR

Ashbourne Court, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4SS

Burdon Way, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4ST

Blackiston Close, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4SU

Ashbourne Drive, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4SW


Kennet Grove, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4SY

Willow Court, Coxhoe, Durham, DH6 4SZ

Durham, DH6 4YP (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 4YR (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 4YS (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 4YT

Durham, DH6 4YU (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 4YW (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 4YX (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 4YY (No Longer In Use)

The Leazes, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AA

Durham Road North, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AB

Bowburn South Industrial Estate, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AD

Romaine Square, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AE

Tweddle Terrace, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AF

Castle Street, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AG

Norton Avenue, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AH

Newburn Avenue, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AJ

Bow Street, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AL

Burn Street, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AN

Cranson Close, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AP

St. Johns Crescent, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AQ

Edna Street, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AR

Ash Terrace, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AS

Durham Road, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AT

Durham Road West, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AU

Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AW (No Longer In Use)

Oxford Terrace, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AX

Cambridge Terrace, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AY

Steavenson Street, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AZ

Steavenson Street, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5BA

Clarence Street, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5BB

Wylam Street, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5BD

Wylam Street, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5BE (No Longer In Use)

Cranson Close, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5BF

Walker Street, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5BG

Crowtrees Lane, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5BH

Heath Close, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5BJ

Lansdowne Crescent, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5BL

Neville Terrace, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5BN

Durham, DH6 5BP (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 5BQ (No Longer In Use)

Hill Top View, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5BU

Grange Park Crescent, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5BW

Barnsett Grange, Sunderland Bridge, Durham, DH6 5BX

McCormick Close, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5BY

Victoria Square, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5BZ

Broadmeadows, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5DA

Lambs Place, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5DB

Leyland Close, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5DD

Millford Way, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5DE

Oakfield Crescent, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5DF

Charlesworth Close, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5DG

Mary Terrace, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5DH

Prince Charles Avenue, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5DJ

Prince Charles Avenue, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5DL

Prince Charles Avenue, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5DN

George Street, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5DP

Mary Terrace, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5DQ

George Street, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5DR

Bede Terrace, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5DS

Bede Terrace, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5DT

Robson Crescent, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5DU

Prince Charles Avenue, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5DW

Margaret Court, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5DX

William Street, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5DY

Surtees Avenue, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5DZ

Surtees Avenue, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5EA (No Longer In Use)

Edward Avenue, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5EB

Lawson Road, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5ED

Tunstall Avenue, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5EE

David Terrace, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5EF

Robert Terrace, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5EG

Philip Avenue, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5EH

Horton Crescent, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5EJ

Henry Avenue, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5EL

Henry Avenue, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5EN

Marlene Avenue, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5EP

Philip Avenue, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5EQ

Marlene Avenue, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5ER

Dallymore Drive, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5ES

Durham, DH6 5ET (No Longer In Use)

Albert Court, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5EU

Marlene Avenue, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5EW

Carey Close, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5EX

Runcie Road, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5EY

Wolsey Close, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5EZ

Carlin Close, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5FA

Charlton Court, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5FB

Griffiths Court, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5FD

Cavell Drive, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5FE

Longley Mews, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5FF

Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5FG

Tilery Close, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5FH

Leamside Way, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5FJ

Forge Close, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5FL

Peat Edge Court, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5FN

Crowtrees Lane, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5FP

Low Main Court, Integra 61 North, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5FQ

Kirbys Drive, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5GA

Croxdale Business Park, Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5GZ

Sunderland Bridge, Durham, DH6 5HA

Sunderland Bridge, Durham, DH6 5HB

Sunderland Bridge, Durham, DH6 5HD

Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5HE

Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5HF

Johnson Terrace, Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5HG

Rogerson Close, Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5HH

Rogerson Terrace, Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5HJ

Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5HL

Queens Garth, Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5HN

Foster Terrace, Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5HP

Cross Street, Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5HQ

Durham, DH6 5HR (No Longer In Use)

Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5HS

Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5HT (No Longer In Use)

Valley View, Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5HU

Wayside, Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5HW

Front Street East, Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5HX

Front Street, Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5HY

Salvin Street, Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5HZ

Salvin Street, Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5JA

Wood View, Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5JB

Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5JD

Windsor Court, Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5JE

Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5JJ

Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5JL

Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5JN

Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5JP

Thinford, Durham, DH6 5JQ

Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5JR

Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5JS

Durham, DH6 5JT (No Longer In Use)

Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5JU

Croxdale, Durham, DH6 5JW

Thinford, Durham, DH6 5JX

Thinford, Durham, DH6 5JY (No Longer In Use)

Thinford Lane, Thinford, Durham, DH6 5JZ

Durham, DH6 5LA (No Longer In Use)

Thinford Street, Metal Bridge, Durham, DH6 5LB

Thinford Street, Metal Bridge, Durham, DH6 5LD

Grove Court, Hett, Durham, DH6 5LE

Durham, DH6 5LF (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 5LG (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 5LH (No Longer In Use)

Hett, Durham, DH6 5LJ

Hett, Durham, DH6 5LL

Hett, Durham, DH6 5LN

East Street, Hett, Durham, DH6 5LP

Bridge Street, Metal Bridge, Durham, DH6 5LQ

North Street, Hett, Durham, DH6 5LR

West Street, Hett, Durham, DH6 5LS

South View, Hett, Durham, DH6 5LT

The Green, Hett, Durham, DH6 5LU

Hett, Durham, DH6 5LW

The Green, Hett, Durham, DH6 5LX

South Green, Hett, Durham, DH6 5LY

Hett, Durham, DH6 5LZ

Brockwell Street, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5NA

Robert Moore Close, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5NB

Durham, DH6 5ND (No Longer In Use)

Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5NE

Durham, DH6 5NF (No Longer In Use)

Durham Road, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5NG

Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5NH

Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5NJ

Old Quarrington, Durham, DH6 5NL

Old Quarrington, Durham, DH6 5NN

Tursdale Road, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5NP

Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5NQ

Tursdale, Durham, DH6 5NR

Ramsay Street, Tursdale, Durham, DH6 5NS

Durham, DH6 5NT (No Longer In Use)

Tursdale, Durham, DH6 5NU

Heugh Hall Row, Old Quarrington, Durham, DH6 5NW

Tursdale, Durham, DH6 5NX

Tursdale, Durham, DH6 5NY

Harle Oval, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5NZ

Aged Mine Workers War Memorial Homes, Tursdale, Durham, DH6 5PA

Tursdale, Durham, DH6 5PB

Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5PD

Bell Avenue, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5PE

Bowburn North Industrial Estate, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5PF

Tursdale Business Park, Tursdale, Durham, DH6 5PG

Slater Place, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5PH

Bell Avenue, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5PJ

Grange Way, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5PL

Grange Way, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5PN

Jones Court, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5PS

Beaumont Close, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5QA

Monteigne Drive, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5QB

Barrington Way, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5QD

Durham, DH6 5WA (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 5WU (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 5WW (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 5WY (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 5WZ (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 5XA (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 5XB (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 5XD (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 5XE (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 5XF (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 5XG (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 5XH (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 5XJ (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 5XQ (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 5YY (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 5YZ (No Longer In Use)

Durham, DH6 5ZZ (No Longer In Use)