All Postcodes in the B78 Postcode District

Below are all of the active postcodes that we currently have on file for the B78 postcode district. The list also includes expired postcodes that we may have data for (those that have been discontinued by Royal Mail). We maintain several years of data on expired codes. Click here to view demographic information about B78 as a whole.

Note: Some postcodes may be listed as "Large User" - this indicates that they are assigned to large businesses and similar entities, rather than residential homes. While we often have data on the areas in which these postcodes exist, some are not tied to a particular place, so data on these may be more limited.

Dark Lane, Birchmoor, Tamworth, B78 1AA
Birchmoor Road, Birchmoor, Tamworth, B78 1AB
Birchmoor Road, Birchmoor, Tamworth, B78 1AD
New Street, Birchmoor, Tamworth, B78 1AE
New Street, Birchmoor, Tamworth, B78 1AF
Green Lane, Birchmoor, Tamworth, B78 1AG
Cockspur Street, Birchmoor, Tamworth, B78 1AH
Cockspur Street, Birchmoor, Tamworth, B78 1AJ
Westfields, Birchmoor, Tamworth, B78 1AL
Green Lane, Birchmoor, Tamworth, B78 1AN
Birch Grove, Birchmoor, Tamworth, B78 1AP
Green Lane, Birchmoor, Tamworth, B78 1AQ
Robeys Lane, Birchmoor, Tamworth, B78 1AR
Robeys Lane, Alvecote, Tamworth, B78 1AS
Tamworth, B78 1AT (No Longer In Use)
Birchmoor Road, Birchmoor, Tamworth, B78 1AU
Green Lane, Birchmoor, Tamworth, B78 1AW
Aldridge Close, Birchmoor, Tamworth, B78 1AX
Woodland Way, Birchmoor, Tamworth, B78 1AY
Dexter Way, Birchmoor, Tamworth, B78 1AZ
The Lair, Birchmoor, Tamworth, B78 1BA
Foxwood Road, Birchmoor, Tamworth, B78 1BB
Spinney Close, Birchmoor, Tamworth, B78 1BD
Tamworth, B78 1BE (No Longer In Use)
Jim Casey Way, Birch Coppice Business Park, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1BF
Station Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1BG
Bear Lane Close, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1BH
Tamworth, B78 1BJ (No Longer In Use)
Francis Close, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1BL
Pooley View, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1BN
Pooley View, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1BP
Station Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1BQ
Ankerside, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1BS
Pooley View, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1BT
Greenway, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1BU
Pooley View, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1BW
Rowland Avenue, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1BX
Goodere Drive, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1BY
Goodere Drive, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1BZ
Windsor Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1DA
Orchard Close, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1DB
The Gables, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1DD
Rickyard Close, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1DE
Market Place, Market Street, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1DF
Tamworth, B78 1DG (No Longer In Use)
Brunel Walk, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1DH
Oak Tree Court, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1DJ
Tamworth, B78 1DL (No Longer In Use)
Danny Morson Way, Birch Coppice Business Park, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1DN
Station Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1DP
Abbey Croft, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1DQ
Bridge Street, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1DR
Bridge Street, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1DS
Bridge Street, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1DT
High Street, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1DU
Rofs Croft, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1DW
High Street, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1DX
High Street, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1DY
High Street, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1DZ
High Street, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1EA
Coronation Avenue, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1EB
Coronation Avenue, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1ED
Nethersole Street, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1EE
Nethersole Street, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1EF
Waterside, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1EG
Elizabeth Avenue, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1EH
Princes Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1EJ
Station Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1EL
Hermitage Close, Tamworth Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1EN
Browns Lane, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1EP
High Street, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1EQ
Tamworth, B78 1ES (No Longer In Use)
Millers Wharf, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1EZ
Tamworth, B78 1FE (No Longer In Use)
Grendon Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1HA
Grendon Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1HB
Grendon Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1HD
Potters Lane, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1HE
Potters Lane, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1HF
Fairfields Hill, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1HG
The Gullet, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1HH
Fairfields Hill, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1HJ
Fairfields Hill, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1HL
Market Street, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1HN
Tamworth Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1HP
Fairfields Hill, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1HQ
Tamworth Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1HR
Birchmoor Lane, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1HS
Tamworth Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1HT
Tamworth Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1HU
Market Street, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1HW
Tamworth Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1HX
Tamworth, B78 1HY (No Longer In Use)
Paddocks Close, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1HZ
Pooley Lane, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1JA
Pooley Lane, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1JB
The Lynch, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1JD
Kiln Way, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1JE
Kiln Way, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1JF
Saxon Close, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1JG
Tamworth Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1JH
Ensor Drive, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1JJ
Hermitage Lane, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1JL
Ensor Drive, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1JN
Chaytor Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1JP
Miners Walk, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1JQ
Goodere Avenue, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1JR
Chaytor Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1JS
Morris Hill, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1JT
Chetwynd Avenue, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1JU
Ensor Drive, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1JW
Ridding Gardens, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1JX
St Leonards View, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1JY
St Leonards View, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1JZ
St Leonards View, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1LA
St Edithas Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1LB
Anker View, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1LD
Tamworth, B78 1LE (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 1LF (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 1LG (No Longer In Use)
St Leonards View, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1LH
Byford Drive, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1LJ
Tamworth, B78 1LL (No Longer In Use)
Byford Drive, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1LN
Common Lane, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1LP
Knight Close, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1LQ
Common Lane, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1LR
Common Lane, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1LS
Laurel Avenue, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1LT
The Beeches, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1LU
Sunfields Close, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1LW
Sunset Close, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1LX
Common Lane, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1LY
Common Lane, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1LZ
Park Avenue, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1NA
Park Avenue, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1NB
Park Avenue, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1ND
Sycamore Avenue, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1NE
Monument View, Sycamore Avenue, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1NF
Rowan Gardens, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1NG
Hollies Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1NH
St Helena Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1NJ
Park Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1NL
St Helena Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1NN
Abbey View, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1NP
Atkins Walk, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1NQ
Grendon Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1NR
Grendon Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1NS
Grendon Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1NT
Grendon Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1NU
St Helena Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1NW
Grendon Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1NX
Limekilns, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1NY
Hoo Walk, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1NZ
Little Jims Close, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1PA
Thompson Way, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1PB
Tamworth, B78 1PD (No Longer In Use)
Kitwood Avenue, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1PE
Kitwood Avenue, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1PF
Kitwood Avenue, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1PG
Barn Close, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1PH
Roman Way, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1PJ
Corbin Road, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1PL
Dukes Road, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1PN
Queens Way, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1PP
Kitwood Avenue, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1PQ
Ashlea, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1PR
Grinham Avenue, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1PS
Wood Road, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1PT
Alan Smith Close, Polesworth, Tamworth, B78 1PU
Dukes Road, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1PW
Tamworth, B78 1PX (No Longer In Use)
Long Street, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1PY
Long Street, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1PZ
Long Street, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1QA
Bardon View Road, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1QB
Bardon View Road, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1QD
Whitehouse Road, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1QE
Whitehouse Road, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1QF
Whitehouse Road, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1QG
St Leonards View, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1QH
Hill Crest Road, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1QJ
Bardon View Road, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1QL
Dordon Road, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1QN
St Leonards View, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1QP
Whitehouse Road, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1QQ
Bardon View Road, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1QR
Whitehouse Road, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1QS
Dordon Road, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1QT
Birchwood Avenue, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1QU
Dordon Road, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1QW
Birchwood Avenue, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1QX
Coppice Drive, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1QY
Coppice Drive, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1QZ
Birchwood Avenue, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1RB
Roman Way, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1RD
Tamworth, B78 1RL (No Longer In Use)
Church Road, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1RN
St Leonards Close, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1RP
Dunns Lane, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1RR
Dunns Lane, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1RS
Dunns Lane, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1RT
Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1RU
Church Road, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1RW
Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1RX
The Edge, Dunns Lane, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1RY
Church Road, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1RZ
Arley Drive, Birch Coppice Business Park, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1SA
Common Lane, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1SB
Derek Avenue, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1SD
Danny Morson Way, Birch Coppice Business Park, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1SE
Pooley Hall Drive, Birch Coppice Business Park, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1SG
Long Street, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1SH
Long Street, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1SJ
Long Street, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1SL
Long Street, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1SN
Woodlands Close, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1SP
Ansley Hall Drive, Birch Coppice Business Park, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1SQ
Woodlands Terrace, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1SR
Watling Street, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1SS
Watling Street, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1ST
Watling Street, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1SU
Long Street, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1SW
Gipsy Lane, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1SX
Watling Street, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1SY
Watling Street, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1SZ
Tamworth, B78 1TA (No Longer In Use)
Watling Street, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1TB
Watling Street, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1TD
Watling Street, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1TE
Watling Street, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1TF
New Street, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1TG
Vicarage Close, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1TH
Browns Lane, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1TJ
Browns Lane, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1TL
Browns Lane, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1TN
The Shortwoods, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1TP
New Street, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1TQ
Browns Lane, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1TR
Watling Street, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1TS
Browns Lane, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1TT
Baddesley Drive, Birch Coppice Business Park, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1TU
Quarry Close, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1TW
Meridian Drive, Core 42 Business Park, Dordon, Tamworth, B78 1TX
B78 1TY
Tamworth, B78 1WA (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 1WB (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 1WH (No Longer In Use)
Alvecote, Tamworth, B78 1WL
Tamworth, B78 1WQ (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 1WU (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 1XA (No Longer In Use)
Portleys Lane, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 2AA
Portleys Lane, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 2AB
Portleys Lane, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 2AD
Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2AE
Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2AF (No Longer In Use)
Peartree Avenue, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2AG
Tamworth Road, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2AH
Crowberry Lane, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2AJ
Church Lane, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2AL
Church Lane, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2AN
Simmons Close, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2AP
Samuel White Close, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2AQ
Coppice Lane, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2AR
Vicarage Hill, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2AS
Vicarage Hill, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2AT
Wishaw Lane, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2AU
Church Lane, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2AW
Wishaw Lane, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2AX
Park Lane, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2AY
Tamworth, B78 2AZ (No Longer In Use)
Brick Kiln Lane, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2BA
Bodymoor Heath Lane, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2BB
Tamworth Road, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2BD
Wishaw Lane, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2BE
Lichfield Road, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2BH
Green Lane, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2BJ
Middleton Lane, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2BL
Middleton Lane, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2BN
London Road, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2BP
Coppice Lane, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2BS
Coppice Lane, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2BT
Coppice Lane, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2BU
Middleton Lane, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2BW
Coppice Lane, Middleton, Tamworth, B78 2BX
Tamworth, B78 2BY (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 2DA (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 2DB (No Longer In Use)
Granary Place, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2DE
Arden Mews, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2DF
Arden Mews, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2DG
Tamworth, B78 2DH (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth Road, Cliff, Tamworth, B78 2DJ
Tamworth Road, Cliff, Tamworth, B78 2DL
Arden Mews, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2DN
Granary Place, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2DP
Arden Mews, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2DQ
Cliff Hall Lane, Cliff, Tamworth, B78 2DR
Tamworth Road, Cliff, Tamworth, B78 2DS
Tamworth, B78 2DT (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 2DU (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 2DW (No Longer In Use)
Coventry Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2DX
Coventry Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2DY
Coventry Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2DZ
Piccadilly Way, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2EA
Piccadilly Way, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2EB
Tamworth, B78 2ED (No Longer In Use)
Trinity Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2EE
Trinity Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2EF
Tamworth, B78 2EG (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 2EH (No Longer In Use)
Trinity Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2EJ
Piccadilly Crescent, Piccadilly, Tamworth, B78 2EL
The Elms, Trinity Road, Piccadilly, Tamworth, B78 2EN
Piccadilly, Tamworth, B78 2EP
Tamworth, B78 2EQ (No Longer In Use)
Piccadilly, Tamworth, B78 2ER
Whateley, Tamworth, B78 2ES
Whateley Lane, Whateley, Tamworth, B78 2ET
Whateley, Tamworth, B78 2EU
Slateley, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2EW
Kingsbury Link, Trinity Road, Piccadilly, Tamworth, B78 2EX
Freasley, Tamworth, B78 2EY
Freasley, Tamworth, B78 2EZ
Colonel Dibley Close, Piccadilly, Tamworth, B78 2FD
Piccadilly Way, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2HA
Barlow Court, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2HB
Tamworth, B78 2HD (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 2HE (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2HH
Tamworth Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2HJ
Ralph Crescent, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2HL
Bromage Avenue, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2HN
Bracebridge Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2HP
Stanyers Close, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2HQ
Kingsway, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2HR
Tame Bank, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2HS
The Green, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2HT
Tamworth Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2HU
Bromage Avenue, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2HW
Tamworth Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2HX
Tamworth Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2HY
Tamworth Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2HZ
Chestnut Close, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2JA
Sycamore Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2JB
Sycamore Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2JD
Sycamore Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2JE
Oak Tree Close, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2JF
Elm Tree Close, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2JG
Laburnum Close, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2JH
Beech Close, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2JJ
Sycamore Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2JL
Birch Close, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2JN
Willow Close, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2JP
Cedar Crescent, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2JQ
Rowan Close, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2JR
Sycamore Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2JS
The Hawthorns, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2JT
Fircroft, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2JU
Ash Grove, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2JW
Tamworth, B78 2JX (No Longer In Use)
The Aspens, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2JY
Hazelcroft, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2JZ
Trinity Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2LA
Trinity Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2LB
Tamworth Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2LD
Tamworth Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2LE
Tamworth Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2LF
Peartree Avenue, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2LG
Coventry Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2LH
Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2LJ
Jubilee Court, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2LL
Coventry Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2LN
Coventry Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2LP
Peartree Avenue, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2LQ
Church Lane, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2LR
Coventry Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2LS
Mill Crescent, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2LT
Brook Close, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2LU
Coventry Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2LW
Mill Crescent, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2LX
Tamworth, B78 2LY (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 2LZ (No Longer In Use)
Range Way, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2NA
Mill Crescent, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2NB
Hill Side, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2ND
Tamworth, B78 2NE (No Longer In Use)
Hill Side, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2NH
Hemlingford Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2NJ
South View, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2NL
Mill Crescent, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2NN
Coventry Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2NP
Meadow Close, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2NR
Wright Close, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2NS
Hadleys Croft, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2NT
Mill Crescent, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2NW
The Larches, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2PA
Elder Close, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2PB
Tamworth, B78 2PD (No Longer In Use)
Sorrel Drive, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2PE
Aldersgate, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2PF
The Firs, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2PG
The Laurels, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2PH
Sorrel Drive, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2PJ
Maple Drive, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2PL
Redwood Drive, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2PP
Sorrel Drive, Kingsbury, Tamworth, B78 2PQ
Tamworth, B78 2PR (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 2WA (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 2WB (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 2YD (No Longer In Use)
Hints Road, Hopwas, Tamworth, B78 3AA
Hints Road, Hopwas, Tamworth, B78 3AB
School Lane, Hopwas, Tamworth, B78 3AD
Lichfield Road, Hopwas, Tamworth, B78 3AE
Lichfield Road, Hopwas, Tamworth, B78 3AF
Lichfield Road, Hopwas, Tamworth, B78 3AG
Daintry Drive, Hopwas, Tamworth, B78 3AH
Lichfield Crescent, Hopwas, Tamworth, B78 3AJ
Church Drive, Hopwas, Tamworth, B78 3AL
Lichfield Road, Hopwas, Tamworth, B78 3AN
Tamworth, B78 3AP (No Longer In Use)
Lichfield Road, Hopwas, Tamworth, B78 3AQ
Knoxs Grave Lane, Hopwas, Tamworth, B78 3AR
Nursery Lane, Hopwas, Tamworth, B78 3AS
Hints Road, Hopwas, Tamworth, B78 3AT
Plantation Lane, Hopwas, Tamworth, B78 3AU
Lichfield Road, Hopwas, Tamworth, B78 3AW
Dunstall Lane, Hopwas, Tamworth, B78 3AX
Packington Lane, Hopwas, Tamworth, B78 3AY
Packington Lane, Hopwas, Tamworth, B78 3AZ
Tamworth, B78 3BA (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 3BB (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 3BD (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 3BE (No Longer In Use)
Marina View, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3BF
Two Trees Close, Hopwas, Tamworth, B78 3BG
B78 3BJ (No Longer In Use)
Greenwood Place, Bonehill, Tamworth, B78 3BL
Tamworth, B78 3BY (No Longer In Use)
Hints Lane, Hints, Tamworth, B78 3DA
Hints Lane, Hints, Tamworth, B78 3DB
Tamworth, B78 3DD (No Longer In Use)
Watling Street, Hints, Tamworth, B78 3DE
Watling Street, Hints, Tamworth, B78 3DF
Tamworth, B78 3DG (No Longer In Use)
Hints, Tamworth, B78 3DH
Hints Road, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3DJ
Tamworth, B78 3DL (No Longer In Use)
School Lane, Hints, Tamworth, B78 3DN
Hints, Tamworth, B78 3DP
Plantation Lane, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3DQ
Hints Road, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3DR
Hints Road, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3DS
Carroway Head, Bangley, Tamworth, B78 3DT
Woodlands Close, Hopwas, Tamworth, B78 3DU
School Lane, Hints, Tamworth, B78 3DW
Sutton Road, Tamworth, B78 3DX
Sutton Road, Tamworth, B78 3DY
Sutton Road, Tamworth, B78 3DZ
Bangley Lane, Hints, Tamworth, B78 3EA
Bangley Lane, Hints, Tamworth, B78 3EB
Bangley Lane, Hints, Tamworth, B78 3ED
Drayton Lane, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 3EE
Drayton Lane, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 3EF
Shirrall Drive, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 3EG
The Laurels, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3EH
The Laurels, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3EJ
Tamworth, B78 3EL (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 3EN (No Longer In Use)
Shirrall Drive, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 3EQ
Coleshill Road, Tamworth, B78 3GL
Tamworth, B78 3HA (No Longer In Use)
Ventura Retail Park, Ventura Park Road, Bonehill, Tamworth, B78 3HB
Bitterscote Drive, Bonehill, Tamworth, B78 3HD
Bonehill Road, Tamworth, B78 3HE
Etchell Road, Tamworth, B78 3HF
Winchester Road, Tamworth, B78 3HG
Bonehill Road, Tamworth, B78 3HH
Bonehill Road, Tamworth, B78 3HJ
Ventura Park Road, Tamworth, B78 3HL
Marston Park, Tamworth, B78 3HN
Bonehill Road, Tamworth, B78 3HP
Bonehill Road, Tamworth, B78 3HQ
West Drive, Bonehill, Tamworth, B78 3HR
Stud Farm Drive, Tamworth, B78 3HS
Aldin Close, Bonehill, Tamworth, B78 3HT
Marston Park, Tamworth, B78 3HU
The Green, Bonehill, Tamworth, B78 3HW
Park Lane, Bonehill, Tamworth, B78 3HX
Park Lane, Bonehill, Tamworth, B78 3HY
Park Lane, Bonehill, Tamworth, B78 3HZ
Etchell Court, Tamworth, B78 3JA
Hopwas, Tamworth, B78 3JB
Ventura Retail Park, Ventura Park Road, Tamworth, B78 3JD
High Broom Court, Tamworth, B78 3JE
Kinson Drive, Tamworth, B78 3JF
Ventura Park Road, Tamworth, B78 3JG
Winchester Road, Tamworth, B78 3JH
Fazeley Road, Tamworth, B78 3JJ
Tamworth, B78 3JL (No Longer In Use)
Fazeley Road, Tamworth, B78 3JN
Tamworth, B78 3JP (No Longer In Use)
Lakeview Avenue, Tamworth, B78 3JQ
Tamworth, B78 3JR (No Longer In Use)
Fazeley Road, Tamworth, B78 3JS
Crutchley Avenue, Tamworth, B78 3JT
Colbourne Road, Tamworth, B78 3JU
Lady Meadow Close, Tamworth, B78 3JW
Crutchley Avenue, Tamworth, B78 3JX
Sutton Avenue, Tamworth, B78 3JY
Sutton Avenue, Tamworth, B78 3JZ
Morgan Road, Tamworth, B78 3LA
Morgan Road, Tamworth, B78 3LB
Milo Crescent, Tamworth, B78 3LD
Bitterscote Lane, Tamworth, B78 3LE
Bitterscote Lane, Tamworth, B78 3LF
Bitterscote Lane, Tamworth, B78 3LG
Yenton Close, Tamworth, B78 3LH
Crutchley Avenue, Tamworth, B78 3LJ
Fazeley Road, Tamworth, B78 3LL
Tamworth, B78 3LN (No Longer In Use)
Meadowbank, Tamworth, B78 3LP
Bitterscote Lane, Tamworth, B78 3LQ
Aitken Close, Tamworth, B78 3LR
Willowbank, Tamworth, B78 3LS
Tamworth, B78 3LT (No Longer In Use)
Fazeley Road, Tamworth, B78 3LW
Fox Hollow Drive, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3LX
Ventura Park Road, Tamworth, B78 3LY (No Longer In Use)
Ventura Park Road, Tamworth, B78 3LZ
Manor Road, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3NA
Manor Road, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3NB
Watling Street, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3ND
Watling Street, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3NE
Watling Street, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3NF
Plantation Lane, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3NG
Allton Avenue, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3NH
Affleck Avenue, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3NJ
Price Avenue, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3NL
Coronation Avenue, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3NN
Longwood Path, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3NP
Tamworth, B78 3NQ (No Longer In Use)
Brookside Road, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3NR
Tamworth, B78 3NS (No Longer In Use)
Lakeside Industrial Park, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3NT
Tamworth, B78 3NU (No Longer In Use)
Coronation Avenue, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3NW
Tamworth, B78 3NX (No Longer In Use)
Manor Court, Manor Road, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3NY
Tamworth, B78 3NZ (No Longer In Use)
Sutton Road, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3PA
French Avenue, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3PB
Sutton Road, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3PD
Sutton Road, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3PE
Sutton Road, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3PF
Hints Road, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3PG
Sutton Road, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3PH
Gainsborough Drive, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3PJ
Kirkland Way, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3PL
George Avenue, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3PN
The Island, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3PP
Hints Road, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3PQ
Oak Drive, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3PR
Bonehill Road, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3PS
Caistor Close, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3PT
Cranwell Rise, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3PU
George Avenue, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3PW
Chapel Drive, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3PX
Heathcote Drive, Mile Oak, Tamworth, B78 3PY
Tamworth, B78 3PZ (No Longer In Use)
Lichfield Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3QA
Tamworth, B78 3QB (No Longer In Use)
Mill Lane, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3QD
Lichfield Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3QE
Lichfield Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3QF
Lichfield Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3QG
Victoria Drive, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3QH
Albert Road, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3QJ
Broomfield Avenue, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3QL
Lichfield Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3QN
Deer Park Road, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3QP
Lichfield Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3QQ
Littlefield Close, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3QR
Lichfield Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3QS
Brewster Close, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3QT
Bonehill Mews, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3QU
Lichfield Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3QW
Tamworth, B78 3QX (No Longer In Use)
Evans Croft, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3QY
Evans Croft, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3QZ (No Longer In Use)
Coleshill Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3RA
Coleshill Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3RB
New Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3RD
Atherstone Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3RE
Atherstone Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3RF
Coleshill Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3RG
Tamworth Road, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3RH
Tamworth Road, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3RJ
Tamworth, B78 3RL (No Longer In Use)
Watling Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3RN
Buxton Avenue, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3RP
Coleshill Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3RQ
Brook End, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3RR
Brook End, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3RS
Brook End, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3RT
Tolson Avenue, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3RU
Riverside Industrial Estate, Atherstone Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3RW
New Mill Lane, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3RX
Coleshill Road, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3RY
Tamworth, B78 3RZ (No Longer In Use)
Coleshill Road, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3SA
Tamworth, B78 3SB (No Longer In Use)
Riverside Industrial Estate, Atherstone Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3SD
Coleshill Road, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3SE
Tamworth, B78 3SF (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 3SG (No Longer In Use)
Drayton Manor Drive, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3SH
Fallow Road, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3SJ
Reindeer Road, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3SL
Reindeer Road, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3SN
Reindeer Road, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3SP
Tamworth, B78 3SQ (No Longer In Use)
Reindeer Road, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3SR
Sambar Road, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3SS
Rangifer Road, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3ST
Dama Road, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3SU
Reindeer Road, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3SW
Mayama Road, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3SX
Deer Park Road, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3SY
Deer Park Road, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3SZ
Yorksand Road, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3TA
Bourne Avenue, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3TB
Tamworth, B78 3TD (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 3TE (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 3TF (No Longer In Use)
Mayfair Drive, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3TG
Drayton Manor Drive, Fazeley, Tamworth, B78 3TH (No Longer In Use)
Drayton Manor Drive, Tamworth, B78 3TJ
Coleshill Road, Tamworth, B78 3TL
Drayton Manor Drive, Tamworth, B78 3TN
Drayton Lane, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 3TP
Tamworth, B78 3TQ (No Longer In Use)
Drayton Lane, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 3TR
Drayton Lane, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 3TS
Heathley Lane, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 3TT
Heathley Lane, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 3TU
Tamworth, B78 3TW
Drayton Lane, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 3TX
Drayton Lane, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 3TY
Drayton Lane, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 3TZ
Drayton Lane, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 3UA
Drayton Lane, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 3UB
Salts Lane, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 3UD
Peel Close, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 3UE
Tamworth, B78 3UF (No Longer In Use)
Moat Drive, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 3UG
Rectory Close, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 3UH
Church Close, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 3UJ
Eddens Wood Close, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 3UL
Tamworth, B78 3UN (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 3UP (No Longer In Use)
Old Manor Close, Drayton Bassett, Tamworth, B78 3UQ
Tamworth, B78 3UR
Tamworth, B78 3US (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 3UT (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 3UW (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 3WS (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 3WY (No Longer In Use)
Westmorland Close, Tamworth, B78 3XA
Surrey Drive, Tamworth, B78 3XB
Suffolk Way, Tamworth, B78 3XD
County Drive, Tamworth, B78 3XE
County Drive, Tamworth, B78 3XF
Tamworth, B78 3XG (No Longer In Use)
Somerset Close, Tamworth, B78 3XH
Rutland Drive, Tamworth, B78 3XJ
Northumberland Close, Tamworth, B78 3XL
Coleshill Road, Tamworth, B78 3XN
Norfolk Drive, Tamworth, B78 3XP
Tamworth, B78 3XQ
Kent Avenue, Tamworth, B78 3XR
Huntingdon Close, Tamworth, B78 3XS
Hereford Way, Tamworth, B78 3XT
Hampshire Close, Tamworth, B78 3XU
Tamworth, B78 3XW (No Longer In Use)
Durham Close, Tamworth, B78 3XX
Dorset Close, Tamworth, B78 3XY
Devonshire Drive, Tamworth, B78 3XZ
Cumberland Drive, Tamworth, B78 3YA
Cornwall Avenue, Tamworth, B78 3YB
Tamworth, B78 3YD (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 3YE (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 3YG (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 3YQ (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 3YU (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 3YZ (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 3ZQ (No Longer In Use)
Tamworth, B78 3ZR (No Longer In Use)