All Postcodes in the B31 Postcode District

Below are all of the active postcodes that we currently have on file for the B31 postcode district. The list also includes expired postcodes that we may have data for (those that have been discontinued by Royal Mail). We maintain several years of data on expired codes. Click here to view demographic information about B31 as a whole.

Note: Some postcodes may be listed as "Large User" - this indicates that they are assigned to large businesses and similar entities, rather than residential homes. While we often have data on the areas in which these postcodes exist, some are not tied to a particular place, so data on these may be more limited.

Birmingham, B31 1AA (No Longer In Use)

Cromwell Lane, Birmingham, B31 1AB

Cromwell Lane, Birmingham, B31 1AD

Senneleys Park Road, Birmingham, B31 1AE

Senneleys Park Road, Birmingham, B31 1AF

Senneleys Park Road, Birmingham, B31 1AG

Kingsdown Road, Birmingham, B31 1AH

Kingsdown Road, Birmingham, B31 1AJ

Senneleys Park Road, Birmingham, B31 1AL

Senneleys Park Road, Birmingham, B31 1AN

Bartley Drive, Birmingham, B31 1AP

Birmingham, B31 1AQ (No Longer In Use)

Bartley Drive, Birmingham, B31 1AR

Cromwell Lane, Birmingham, B31 1AS

Cromwell Lane, Birmingham, B31 1AT

Cromwell Lane, Birmingham, B31 1AU

Birmingham, B31 1AW (No Longer In Use)

Cromwell Lane, Birmingham, B31 1AX

Bartley Mews, Birmingham, B31 1AY

Birmingham, B31 1AZ (No Longer In Use)

Woodcock Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1BA

Woodcock Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1BB

Woodcock Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1BD

Woodcock Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1BE

Roundlea Road, Birmingham, B31 1BG

Longfield Road, Birmingham, B31 1BH

Roundlea Road, Birmingham, B31 1BJ

Roundlea Road, Birmingham, B31 1BL

Guardians Way, Birmingham, B31 1BN

Woodcock Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1BP

Loxley Close, Birmingham, B31 1BQ

Far Wood Road, Birmingham, B31 1BS

Bridgeburn Road, Birmingham, B31 1BT

Woodcock Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1BU

Birmingham, B31 1BW (No Longer In Use)

Woodcock Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1BX

Woodcock Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1BY

Birmingham, B31 1BZ (No Longer In Use)

Roundlea Road, Birmingham, B31 1DA

Roundlea Road, Birmingham, B31 1DB

Woodcock Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1DD

Clavedon Close, Birmingham, B31 1DE

Dunchurch Drive, Birmingham, B31 1DF

Moors Lane, Birmingham, B31 1DG

Moors Lane, Birmingham, B31 1DH

Hillwood Road, Birmingham, B31 1DJ

Hillwood Road, Birmingham, B31 1DL

Hillwood Road, Birmingham, B31 1DN

Long Nuke Road, Birmingham, B31 1DP

Moors Lane, Birmingham, B31 1DQ

Westhaven Drive, Birmingham, B31 1DR

Long Nuke Road, Birmingham, B31 1DS

Long Nuke Road, Birmingham, B31 1DT

Birmingham, B31 1DU (No Longer In Use)

Draycott Drive, Birmingham, B31 1DW

Long Nuke Road, Birmingham, B31 1DX

Long Nuke Road, Birmingham, B31 1DY

Cherrington Close, Birmingham, B31 1DZ

Poppy Drive, Birmingham, B31 1EA

Birmingham, B31 1EB (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 1ED (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 1EE (No Longer In Use)

Long Nuke Road, Birmingham, B31 1EF

Birmingham, B31 1EG (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 1EH (No Longer In Use)

Corwen Croft, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1EJ

Genners Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1EL

Birmingham, B31 1EN (No Longer In Use)

Genners Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1EP

Genners Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1EQ

Pool Field Avenue, Birmingham, B31 1ER

Bangham Pit Road, Birmingham, B31 1ES

Bangham Pit Road, Birmingham, B31 1ET

Bangham Pit Road, Birmingham, B31 1EU

Homedene Road, Birmingham, B31 1EW

Fourlands Road, Birmingham, B31 1EX

Fourlands Road, Birmingham, B31 1EY

Fourlands Road, Birmingham, B31 1EZ

Oaklands, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1FD

Foxfield, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1FE

Bluebell Croft, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1FF

Flatlea, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1FG

Bellfield, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1FH

Lakefield, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1FQ

Senneley Mews, Birmingham, B31 1GA

Bunford Close, Birmingham, B31 1GB

Shenley Hill, Birmingham, B31 1HA

Dawn Road, Birmingham, B31 1HB

Shenley Hill, Birmingham, B31 1HD

Halescroft Square, Birmingham, B31 1HF

Merritts Hill, Birmingham, B31 1HG

Long Mynd Road, Birmingham, B31 1HH

Long Mynd Road, Birmingham, B31 1HJ

Paxford Way, Birmingham, B31 1HL

Coln Close, Birmingham, B31 1HN

Cutsdean Close, Birmingham, B31 1HP

Birmingham, B31 1HT (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 1HU (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 1HW (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 1HX (No Longer In Use)

Merritts Hill, Birmingham, B31 1HY

Merritts Hill, Birmingham, B31 1HZ

Cornfield Drive, Birmingham, B31 1JA

Birmingham, B31 1JB (No Longer In Use)

Foel Grove, Birmingham, B31 1JD

Merritts Hill, Birmingham, B31 1JE

Merritts Hill, Birmingham, B31 1JF

Kewstoke Croft, Birmingham, B31 1JG

Birmingham, B31 1JH (No Longer In Use)

Lodge Croft, Birmingham, B31 1JJ

Birmingham, B31 1JL (No Longer In Use)

Pembrook Drive, Birmingham, B31 1JN

Tregaron Drive, Birmingham, B31 1JP

Taysfield Road, Birmingham, B31 1JQ

Ley Hill Farm Road, Birmingham, B31 1JR

Taysfield Road, Birmingham, B31 1JS

Taysfield Road, Birmingham, B31 1JT

Berchelai Avenue, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1JU

Birmingham, B31 1JW (No Longer In Use)

Brochan Way, Birmingham, B31 1JX

Bell Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1JY

Bell Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1JZ

Bell Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1LA

Bell Hill, Birmingham, B31 1LB

Bell Hill, Birmingham, B31 1LD

Bell Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1LE

Fancott Road, Birmingham, B31 1LG

Nigel Avenue, Birmingham, B31 1LH

Nigel Avenue, Birmingham, B31 1LJ

Nigel Avenue, Birmingham, B31 1LL

Brookside, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1LP

Bell Court, Birmingham, B31 1LQ

Merritts Hill, Birmingham, B31 1LR

Bell Holloway, Birmingham, B31 1LS

Birmingham, B31 1LT (No Longer In Use)

Saxon Wood Close, Birmingham, B31 1LU

Cutlers Rough Close, Birmingham, B31 1LX

Bentham Court, Birmingham, B31 1LY

Bentham Court, Birmingham, B31 1LZ

Birmingham, B31 1NA (No Longer In Use)

Meadow Brook Road, Birmingham, B31 1NB

Meadow Brook Road, Birmingham, B31 1ND

Meadow Brook Road, Birmingham, B31 1NE

Verbena Road, Birmingham, B31 1NG

Bramble Close, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1NH

Spiceland Road, Birmingham, B31 1NJ

Spiceland Road, Birmingham, B31 1NL

Gentian Close, Birmingham, B31 1NN

Wistaria Close, Birmingham, B31 1NP

Spiceland Road, Birmingham, B31 1NR

Spiceland Road, Birmingham, B31 1NS

Spiceland Road, Birmingham, B31 1NT

Clun Road, Birmingham, B31 1NU

Wirral Road, Birmingham, B31 1NX

Kerry Close, Birmingham, B31 1NY

Birmingham, B31 1NZ (No Longer In Use)

Merritts Hill, Birmingham, B31 1PA

Spiceland Road, Birmingham, B31 1PB

Field Avenue, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1PD

Little Meadow Croft, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1PE

Ulwine Drive, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1PF

Vineyard Road, Birmingham, B31 1PG

Birmingham, B31 1PH (No Longer In Use)

Vineyard Road, Birmingham, B31 1PJ

Sage Croft, Birmingham, B31 1PL

Merritts Brook Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1PN

Merritts Brook Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1PP

Greenvale, Birmingham, B31 1PQ

Vineyard Road, Birmingham, B31 1PR

Crossland Road, Birmingham, B31 1PS (No Longer In Use)

Vineyard Road, Birmingham, B31 1PT

Ulwine Drive, Birmingham, B31 1PU (No Longer In Use)

Merritts Brook Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1PW

Birmingham, B31 1PX (No Longer In Use)

Lockwood Road, Birmingham, B31 1PZ

Hilary Grove, Birmingham, B31 1QA

Bellwood Road, Birmingham, B31 1QB

Lockwood Road, Birmingham, B31 1QD

Lockwood Road, Birmingham, B31 1QE

Birmingham, B31 1QF (No Longer In Use)

Wasdale Road, Birmingham, B31 1QH

Westcliffe Place, Birmingham, B31 1QJ

Colworth Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1QL

St. Heliers Road, Birmingham, B31 1QP

Lockwood Road, Birmingham, B31 1QQ

St. Heliers Road, Birmingham, B31 1QR

St. Heliers Road, Birmingham, B31 1QS

St. Heliers Road, Birmingham, B31 1QT

Birmingham, B31 1QU (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 1QX (No Longer In Use)

Lofthouse Crescent, Birmingham, B31 1QZ

Honeycomb Way, Birmingham, B31 1RA

Lydney Grove, Birmingham, B31 1RB

Lofthouse Grove, Birmingham, B31 1RD

Inverness Road, Birmingham, B31 1RE

Inverness Road, Birmingham, B31 1RF

Inverness Road, Birmingham, B31 1RG

Tinkers Farm Road, Birmingham, B31 1RH

Tinkers Farm Road, Birmingham, B31 1RJ

Tinkers Farm Grove, Birmingham, B31 1RL

Tinkers Farm Road, Birmingham, B31 1RN

Kelby Road, Birmingham, B31 1RP

Birmingham, B31 1RQ (No Longer In Use)

Kelby Close, Birmingham, B31 1RR

Cheverton Road, Birmingham, B31 1RS

Cheverton Road, Birmingham, B31 1RT

Cheverton Road, Birmingham, B31 1RU

Walmesley Way, Birmingham, B31 1RX

Birmingham, B31 1RY (No Longer In Use)

Hoggs Lane, Birmingham, B31 1RZ

Bidford Road, Birmingham, B31 1SA

Hoggs Lane, Birmingham, B31 1SB

Hoggs Lane, Birmingham, B31 1SD

Elmdale Crescent, Birmingham, B31 1SE

Elmdale Grove, Birmingham, B31 1SG

Elmdale Crescent, Birmingham, B31 1SH

Elmdale Crescent, Birmingham, B31 1SJ

Elmdale Crescent, Birmingham, B31 1SL

Elmdale Crescent, Birmingham, B31 1SN

Elmdale Crescent, Birmingham, B31 1SP

Birmingham, B31 1SQ (No Longer In Use)

Hoggs Lane, Birmingham, B31 1SR

Hoggs Lane, Birmingham, B31 1SS

Hoggs Lane, Birmingham, B31 1ST

Hoggs Lane, Birmingham, B31 1SU

Barnsdale Crescent, Birmingham, B31 1TA

Barnsdale Crescent, Birmingham, B31 1TB

Barnsdale Crescent, Birmingham, B31 1TD

Honiton Crescent, Birmingham, B31 1TE

Honiton Crescent, Birmingham, B31 1TF

Honiton Crescent, Birmingham, B31 1TG

Honiton Close, Birmingham, B31 1TH

Merritts Hill, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1TN

Holloway, Birmingham, B31 1TP

Holloway, Birmingham, B31 1TR

Birmingham, B31 1TS (No Longer In Use)

Holloway, Birmingham, B31 1TT

Caban Close, Birmingham, B31 1TU

Reservoir Close, Birmingham, B31 1TW

Rhayader Road, Birmingham, B31 1TX

Claerwen Grove, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1TY

Birmingham, B31 1TZ (No Longer In Use)

Ley Hill Farm Road, Birmingham, B31 1UA

Ley Hill Farm Road, Birmingham, B31 1UB

Birmingham, B31 1UD (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 1UE (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 1UF (No Longer In Use)

Church Hill, Birmingham, B31 1UG (No Longer In Use)

Merritts Brook Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1UH

Merritts Brook Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1UJ

Birmingham, B31 1UL (No Longer In Use)

Lodge Grove, Birmingham, B31 1UN

Ley Hill Farm Road, Birmingham, B31 1UQ

Bourn Avenue, Birmingham, B31 1UR

Birmingham, B31 1UT (No Longer In Use)

Bartley Crescent, Birmingham, B31 1UU

Bartley Crescent, Birmingham, B31 1UW

Birmingham, B31 1WA (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 1WB (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 1WE (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 1WF (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 1WH (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 1WU (No Longer In Use)

Pinewoods, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1XA

Greenways, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 1XB

Shenley Fields Drive, Birmingham, B31 1XH

Fircroft, Birmingham, B31 1XL

Forsythia Close, Birmingham, B31 1XN

Birmingham, B31 1XQ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 1YA (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 1ZW (No Longer In Use)

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2AA

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2AB

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2AD

Oakville Drive, Birmingham, B31 2AE

Manor House Drive, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2AF (No Longer In Use)

Manor Drive, Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2AG

Hole Lane, Birmingham, B31 2AH

Longbridge Lane, Birmingham, B31 2AJ

Birmingham, B31 2AL (No Longer In Use)

Oakville Drive, Birmingham, B31 2AN

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2AP

Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2AQ

Maryland Drive, Birmingham, B31 2AR

Maryland Drive, Birmingham, B31 2AS

Maryland Drive, Birmingham, B31 2AT

St. Laurence Road, Birmingham, B31 2AU

Oakville Drive, Birmingham, B31 2AW

St. Laurence Road, Birmingham, B31 2AX

St. Laurence Road, Birmingham, B31 2AY

Birmingham, B31 2AZ (No Longer In Use)

Heath Road South, Birmingham, B31 2BA

Heath Road South, Birmingham, B31 2BB

Heath Road South, Birmingham, B31 2BD

Heath Road South, Birmingham, B31 2BE

Birmingham, B31 2BF (No Longer In Use)

Dinmore Avenue, Birmingham, B31 2BG

Heath Road South, Birmingham, B31 2BH

Heath Road South, Birmingham, B31 2BJ

Heath Road South, Birmingham, B31 2BL

Heath Road South, Birmingham, B31 2BN

Hole Farm Road, Birmingham, B31 2BP

Lowhill Lane, Birmingham, B31 2BQ

Hole Farm Road, Birmingham, B31 2BS

Garland Way, Birmingham, B31 2BT

The Paddock, Birmingham, B31 2BU

Ascot Way, Birmingham, B31 2BW

Heath Road South, Birmingham, B31 2BX

Hole Lane, Birmingham, B31 2BY

Hole Lane, Birmingham, B31 2BZ

Hole Lane, Birmingham, B31 2DA

Hole Lane, Birmingham, B31 2DB

Hole Lane, Birmingham, B31 2DD

Hole Lane, Birmingham, B31 2DE

Hole Lane, Birmingham, B31 2DF

Hole Lane, Birmingham, B31 2DG

Birmingham, B31 2DH (No Longer In Use)

Bunbury Road, Birmingham, B31 2DJ

Bunbury Road, Birmingham, B31 2DL

Bunbury Road, Birmingham, B31 2DN

Bunbury Road, Birmingham, B31 2DP

Birmingham, B31 2DQ (No Longer In Use)

Bunbury Road, Birmingham, B31 2DR

Bunbury Road, Birmingham, B31 2DS

Lindsey Avenue, Birmingham, B31 2DT

Innage Road, Birmingham, B31 2DU

Bunbury Road, Birmingham, B31 2DW

Innage Road, Birmingham, B31 2DX

Innage Road, Birmingham, B31 2DY

Princess Street, Birmingham, B31 2DZ

Cornfield Road, Birmingham, B31 2EA

Cornfield Road, Birmingham, B31 2EB

Newent Road, Birmingham, B31 2ED

Claines Road, Birmingham, B31 2EE

Wynds Point, Birmingham, B31 2EF

Somerdale Road, Birmingham, B31 2EG

Knighton Road, Birmingham, B31 2EH

Badsey Close, Birmingham, B31 2EJ

Birmingham, B31 2EL (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2EN (No Longer In Use)

Norman Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2EP

Belmont Covert, Birmingham, B31 2EQ

Barron Road, Birmingham, B31 2ER

Norman Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2ES

Bunbury Road, Birmingham, B31 2ET

Overbury Road, Birmingham, B31 2EU

Norman Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2EW

The Davids, Birmingham, B31 2EX

Watkins Gardens, Birmingham, B31 2EY

Sundbury Rise, Birmingham, B31 2EZ

Lady Bracknell Mews, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2FD

Birmingham, B31 2FE (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2FF (No Longer In Use)

Woodbrooke Grove, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2FG

Belmont Crescent, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2FH

Griffin Close, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2FJ

Middlepark Drive, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2FL

New House Farm Drive, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2FN

Woodbrooke Grove, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2FP

Middlepark Drive, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2FQ

Bristol Road South, Birmingham, B31 2FR

Bristol Road South, Birmingham, B31 2FS

Bristol Road South, Birmingham, B31 2FT

Chatham Court, Birmingham, B31 2FU

New House Farm Drive, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2FW

New House Farm Drive, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2FX

Lickey Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2FY

Austin Way, Birmingham, B31 2FZ

Riverpark Way, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2GA

Riverpark Way, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2GB

Saxon Court, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2GD

Austin Way, Birmingham, B31 2GE

Austin Way, Birmingham, B31 2GF

Austin Way, Birmingham, B31 2GG

Bristol Road South, Birmingham, B31 2GH

New House Farm Drive, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2GJ

New House Farm Drive, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2GL

New House Farm Drive, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2GN

New House Farm Drive, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2GP

Lowhill Lane, Birmingham, B31 2GQ

Groveley Lane, Birmingham, B31 2GR

Flight Shed Way, Birmingham, B31 2GS

Bristol Road South, Birmingham, B31 2GT (No Longer In Use)

Hawker Close, Birmingham, B31 2GU

Victoria Drive, Birmingham, B31 2GW

Austin Way, Birmingham, B31 2GX

Dalmuir Road, Birmingham, B31 2GY

Ambassador Avenue, Birmingham, B31 2GZ

Overbury Road, Birmingham, B31 2HA

Overbury Road, Birmingham, B31 2HB

Overbury Close, Birmingham, B31 2HD

Overbury Road, Birmingham, B31 2HE

Overbury Road, Birmingham, B31 2HF

Overbury Road, Birmingham, B31 2HG

Ingoldsby Road, Birmingham, B31 2HH

Ingoldsby Road, Birmingham, B31 2HJ

Masefield Square, Birmingham, B31 2HL

Ingoldsby Road, Birmingham, B31 2HN

Middleton Grange, Birmingham, B31 2HP

Birmingham, B31 2HQ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2HR (No Longer In Use)

Woodland Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2HS

Norton Close, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2HT

Woodland Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2HU

Ingoldsby Road, Birmingham, B31 2HW

Conifer Drive, Birmingham, B31 2HX

Woodland Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2HY

Woodland Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2HZ

Church Hill, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2JA

Church Hill, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2JB

Woodland View, Birmingham, B31 2JD

Church Hill, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2JE

Birmingham, B31 2JF (No Longer In Use)

Spinney Close, Birmingham, B31 2JG

Copse Close, Birmingham, B31 2JH

Church Hill, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2JJ

Pine Walk, Birmingham, B31 2JL

Birmingham, B31 2JN (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2JP (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2JQ (No Longer In Use)

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2JR

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2JS

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2JT

Grosvenor Shopping Centre, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2JU

Chatham Road, Birmingham, B31 2JW

Millfield, Church Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2JX

Church Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2JY

Church Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2JZ

Birmingham, B31 2LA (No Longer In Use)

Church Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2LB

Meeting House Lane, Birmingham, B31 2LD

Church Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2LE

Birmingham, B31 2LF (No Longer In Use)

Beech Farm Croft, Birmingham, B31 2LG

Kingshurst Road, Birmingham, B31 2LH

Kingshurst Road, Birmingham, B31 2LJ

Kingshurst Road, Birmingham, B31 2LL

Kingshurst Road, Birmingham, B31 2LN

Hazel Croft, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2LP

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2LQ

Great Stone Road, Birmingham, B31 2LR

Great Stone Road, Birmingham, B31 2LS

Great Stone Road, Birmingham, B31 2LT

Church Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2LU

Church Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2LX

Old Moat Drive, Birmingham, B31 2LY

Birmingham, B31 2LZ (No Longer In Use)

Rectory Road, Birmingham, B31 2NA

Bunbury Road, Birmingham, B31 2NB

Bunbury Road, Birmingham, B31 2ND

Birmingham, B31 2NE (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2NF (No Longer In Use)

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2NG

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2NH

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2NJ

Birmingham, B31 2NL (No Longer In Use)

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2NN

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2NP

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2NQ

Rochester Road, Birmingham, B31 2NR

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2NS

Birmingham, B31 2NT (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2NU (No Longer In Use)

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2NW

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2NX (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2NY (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2NZ (No Longer In Use)

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2PA

Impey Road, Birmingham, B31 2PB

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2PD

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2PE

Morland Place, Birmingham, B31 2PF

Sylvan Avenue, Birmingham, B31 2PG

Chatham Road, Birmingham, B31 2PH

Chatham Road, Birmingham, B31 2PJ

Chatham Road, Birmingham, B31 2PL

Deal Grove, Birmingham, B31 2PN

Maas Road, Birmingham, B31 2PP

Rea Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2PQ

Maas Road, Birmingham, B31 2PR

Maas Road, Birmingham, B31 2PS

Maas Road, Birmingham, B31 2PT

Birmingham, B31 2PU (No Longer In Use)

Rea Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2PW

William Road, Birmingham, B31 2PX

Quarry Lane, Birmingham, B31 2PY

Quarry Lane, Birmingham, B31 2PZ

Winchester Gardens, Birmingham, B31 2QA

Winchester Gardens, Birmingham, B31 2QB

Quarry Lane, Birmingham, B31 2QD

Verstone Croft, Birmingham, B31 2QE

Birmingham, B31 2QF (No Longer In Use)

Pamela Road, Birmingham, B31 2QG

Pamela Road, Birmingham, B31 2QH

Quarry Lane, Birmingham, B31 2QJ

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2QP

Pamela Road, Birmingham, B31 2QQ

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2QT

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2QU

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2QW

South Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2QX

South Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2QY

South Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2QZ

Ellerside Grove, Birmingham, B31 2RA

South Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2RB

Pineview, Birmingham, B31 2RD

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2RE

Birmingham, B31 2RF (No Longer In Use)

Steel Road, Birmingham, B31 2RG

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2RH

Hawkesley Mill Lane, Birmingham, B31 2RJ

Hawkesley Mill Lane, Birmingham, B31 2RL

Mill Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2RN

Mill Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2RP

Steel Road, Birmingham, B31 2RQ

Peters Avenue, Birmingham, B31 2RR

Greenslade Croft, Birmingham, B31 2RS

Mill Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2RT

Birmingham, B31 2RU (No Longer In Use)

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2RW

Birmingham, B31 2RX (No Longer In Use)

Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2RY (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2RZ (No Longer In Use)

Tessall Lane, Birmingham, B31 2SA

Mavis Road, Birmingham, B31 2SB

Mavis Road, Birmingham, B31 2SD

Tessall Lane, Birmingham, B31 2SE

Tessall Lane, Birmingham, B31 2SF

Kemshead Avenue, Birmingham, B31 2SG

School Close, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2SH

Birmingham, B31 2SJ (No Longer In Use)

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2SL

Meadow Gate, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2SN

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2SP

Kemshead Avenue, Birmingham, B31 2SQ

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2SR

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2SS

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2ST

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2SU

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2SW

Birmingham, B31 2SX (No Longer In Use)

Broughton Crescent, Birmingham, B31 2SY

Broughton Crescent, Birmingham, B31 2SZ

Birmingham, B31 2TA (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2TB (No Longer In Use)

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2TD

Birmingham, B31 2TE (No Longer In Use)

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2TF

Birmingham, B31 2TG (No Longer In Use)

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2TH

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2TJ

Birmingham, B31 2TL (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2TN (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2TP (No Longer In Use)

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2TQ

Devon Way, Birmingham, B31 2TS

The Roundabout, Birmingham, B31 2TT

The Roundabout, Birmingham, B31 2TU

Longbridge Lane, Birmingham, B31 2TW

The Roundabout, Birmingham, B31 2TX

The Roundabout, Birmingham, B31 2TY

The Roundabout, Birmingham, B31 2TZ

The Roundabout, Birmingham, B31 2UA

Lydiate Avenue, Birmingham, B31 2UB

The Roundabout, Birmingham, B31 2UD

The Roundabout, Birmingham, B31 2UE

The Roundabout, Birmingham, B31 2UF

The Walmers Walk, Birmingham, B31 2UG

Colmers Walk, Birmingham, B31 2UH

Pooltail Walk, Birmingham, B31 2UJ

Colmers Walk, Birmingham, B31 2UL

Pooltail Walk, Birmingham, B31 2UN

Sandalls Close, Birmingham, B31 2UP

High Street, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2UQ

Colmers Walk, Birmingham, B31 2UR

College Street, Birmingham, B31 2US

Longbridge Lane, Birmingham, B31 2UT

Birmingham, B31 2UU (No Longer In Use)

Tessall Farm Croft, Birmingham, B31 2UW

Birmingham, B31 2UX (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2UY (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2UZ (No Longer In Use)

Bristol Road South, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2WD

Birmingham, B31 2WE (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2WF (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2WG (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2WH (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2WP (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2XA (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2XB (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2XD (No Longer In Use)

St. Josephs Avenue, Birmingham, B31 2XG

Birmingham, B31 2XJ (No Longer In Use)

Jervoise Drive, Birmingham, B31 2XL

Windmill Hill, Birmingham, B31 2XN

Bayliss Close, Birmingham, B31 2XP

St. Josephs Avenue, Birmingham, B31 2XQ

The Leys, Birmingham, B31 2XR

Jervoise Drive, Birmingham, B31 2XS

Welches Close, Birmingham, B31 2XT

Jervoise Drive, Birmingham, B31 2XU

Windmill Close, Birmingham, B31 2XW

Birmingham, B31 2XX (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2XY (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2YA (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2YB (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2YD (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2YE (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2YF (No Longer In Use)

Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2YG (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2YH (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2YJ (No Longer In Use)

Appletree Close, Birmingham, B31 2YP

Birmingham, B31 2YQ (No Longer In Use)

Oak Grove, Birmingham, B31 2YR

Mill Brook Drive, Birmingham, B31 2YS

Cypress Grove, Birmingham, B31 2YT

Daffodil Way, Birmingham, B31 2YU

Birmingham, B31 2YY (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2ZF (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2ZL (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2ZR (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 2ZY (No Longer In Use)

Wychall Road, Birmingham, B31 3AA

Wychall Road, Birmingham, B31 3AB

Pensford Road, Birmingham, B31 3AD

Farlow Road, Birmingham, B31 3AE

Birmingham, B31 3AF (No Longer In Use)

Pensford Road, Birmingham, B31 3AG

Farlow Road, Birmingham, B31 3AH

Wychall Road, Birmingham, B31 3AJ

Hollow Croft, Birmingham, B31 3AL

West Heath Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3AN

Wychall Road, Birmingham, B31 3AP

Birmingham, B31 3AQ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 3AR (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 3AS (No Longer In Use)

Hobbis Croft, Birmingham, B31 3AT

Wychall Road, Birmingham, B31 3AU

Alvechurch Close, Birmingham, B31 3AW

Wychall Road, Birmingham, B31 3AX

Birmingham, B31 3AY (No Longer In Use)

Wychall Road, Birmingham, B31 3AZ

Chaddesley Road, Birmingham, B31 3BA

Birmingham, B31 3BB (No Longer In Use)

Witley Road, Birmingham, B31 3BD

Birmingham, B31 3BE (No Longer In Use)

Chaddesley Road, Birmingham, B31 3BF

Grimley Road, Birmingham, B31 3BG

Birmingham, B31 3BH (No Longer In Use)

Chaddesley Road, Birmingham, B31 3BJ

Kinver Road, Birmingham, B31 3BL

Birmingham, B31 3BN (No Longer In Use)

Oddingley Road, Birmingham, B31 3BP

Ainsworth Road, Birmingham, B31 3BQ

Oddingley Road, Birmingham, B31 3BS

Elsworth Road, Birmingham, B31 3BT

Elmbridge Way, Birmingham, B31 3BU

Birmingham, B31 3BW (No Longer In Use)

Jubilee Court, Birmingham, B31 3BX

Staple Lodge Road, Birmingham, B31 3BY

Staple Lodge Road, Birmingham, B31 3BZ

Oakleigh, Birmingham, B31 3DA

Beach Close, Birmingham, B31 3DB

Hallow Close, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3DD

Oakridge Road, Birmingham, B31 3DE

Lime Tree Grove, Birmingham, B31 3DF

Staple Lodge Road, Birmingham, B31 3DG

Ombersley Way, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3DH

Birmingham, B31 3DJ (No Longer In Use)

Staple Lodge Road, Birmingham, B31 3DL

Kinlet Avenue, Birmingham, B31 3DN

Monkswood Avenue, Birmingham, B31 3DP

Birmingham, B31 3DQ (No Longer In Use)

Shrawley Avenue, Birmingham, B31 3DR

Birmingham, B31 3DT (No Longer In Use)

Slingfield Road, Birmingham, B31 3DU

Birmingham, B31 3DW (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 3DX (No Longer In Use)

Slingfield Road, Birmingham, B31 3DY

Slingfield Road, Birmingham, B31 3DZ

Birmingham, B31 3ED (No Longer In Use)

Staple Lodge Road, Birmingham, B31 3EE

Shrawley Road, Birmingham, B31 3EG (No Longer In Use)

Middle Field Road, Birmingham, B31 3EH

Lordswood Road, Birmingham, B31 3EJ (No Longer In Use)

Middle Field Road, Birmingham, B31 3EL

Birmingham, B31 3EN (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 3EP (No Longer In Use)

Staple Lodge Road, Birmingham, B31 3ER

Birmingham, B31 3ES (No Longer In Use)

Staple Lodge Road, Birmingham, B31 3ET

West Heath Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3EZ

The Morelands, Birmingham, B31 3HA

West Heath Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3HB

West Heath Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3HD

Stepney Grove, Birmingham, B31 3HE (No Longer In Use)

St. Johns Court, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3HF

Staple Lodge Road, Birmingham, B31 3HG

Houldey Road, Birmingham, B31 3HH

Houldey Road, Birmingham, B31 3HJ

Houldey Road, Birmingham, B31 3HL

Houldey Road, Birmingham, B31 3HN

Tristram Avenue, Birmingham, B31 3HP

Staple Lodge Road, Birmingham, B31 3HQ

Shipston Road, Birmingham, B31 3HR

Shipston Road, Birmingham, B31 3HS

Pitclose Road, Birmingham, B31 3HT

Pitclose Road, Birmingham, B31 3HU

Seven Acres Road, Birmingham, B31 3HX

South Walk, Birmingham, B31 3HY

Birmingham, B31 3HZ (No Longer In Use)

Seven Acres Road, Birmingham, B31 3JA

North Walk, Birmingham, B31 3JB

Aldersmead Road, Birmingham, B31 3JD

North Walk, Birmingham, B31 3JE

Aldersmead Road, Birmingham, B31 3JG

Seven Acres Road, Birmingham, B31 3JH

Alvechurch Road, Birmingham, B31 3JP

Redhill Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3JR

Redhill Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3JS

Lilley Lane, Birmingham, B31 3JT

Lilley Lane, Birmingham, B31 3JU

Alvechurch Road, Birmingham, B31 3JW

The Grove, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3JX

Birmingham, B31 3JY (No Longer In Use)

Grove Mews, The Grove, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3JZ

Redhill Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3LA

Exe Croft, Birmingham, B31 3LB

Redhill Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3LD

Sylvia Avenue, Birmingham, B31 3LE

Birmingham, B31 3LF (No Longer In Use)

The Fordrough, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3LG

The Fordrough, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3LH

Wakeford Road, Birmingham, B31 3LJ

Hill Close, Birmingham, B31 3LL

Wakeford Road, Birmingham, B31 3LN

Littlemead Avenue, Birmingham, B31 3LP

Aire Croft, Birmingham, B31 3LQ

The Fordrough, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3LR

The Fordrough, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3LS

Burnlea Grove, Birmingham, B31 3LT

The Fordrough, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3LU

Wakeford Road, Birmingham, B31 3LW

The Fordrough, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3LX

The Fordrough, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3LY

Birmingham, B31 3LZ (No Longer In Use)

Grange Walk, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3NA

Redhill Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3ND

Sir Hiltons Road, Birmingham, B31 3NE

Fryer Road, Birmingham, B31 3NG

Sir Hiltons Road, Birmingham, B31 3NH

Sant Road, Birmingham, B31 3NJ

Pritchett Road, Birmingham, B31 3NL

Sir Hiltons Road, Birmingham, B31 3NN

Sir Hiltons Road, Birmingham, B31 3NP

Redhill Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3NR

Redhill Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3NS

Redhill Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3NT

Tomlan Road, Birmingham, B31 3NU

Sir Hiltons Road, Birmingham, B31 3NW

Tomlan Road, Birmingham, B31 3NX

Gibbs Hill Road, Birmingham, B31 3NY

Gibbs Hill Road, Birmingham, B31 3NZ

Redhill Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3PA

Redhill Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3PB

Cedar Drive, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3PE

Laughton Close, Birmingham, B31 3PF

Birmingham, B31 3PG (No Longer In Use)

Lightning Way, Birmingham, B31 3PH

Lightning Way, Birmingham, B31 3PJ

Westminster Place, Birmingham, B31 3PL

Alvechurch Road, Birmingham, B31 3PN

Birmingham, B31 3PP (No Longer In Use)

West Way, Birmingham, B31 3PQ

Birmingham, B31 3PR (No Longer In Use)

Alvechurch Road, Birmingham, B31 3PS

Alvechurch Road, Birmingham, B31 3PT

Alvechurch Road, Birmingham, B31 3PU

Alvechurch Road, Birmingham, B31 3PW

Alvechurch Road, Birmingham, B31 3PX

The Crest, Birmingham, B31 3PY

The Crest, Birmingham, B31 3PZ

The Crest, Birmingham, B31 3QA

The Crest, Birmingham, B31 3QB

Old Meadow Road, Birmingham, B31 3QD

Old Meadow Road, Birmingham, B31 3QE

Hollyoak Croft, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3QF

The Hayes, Birmingham, B31 3QG

Alvechurch Road, Birmingham, B31 3QH

Lightning Way, Birmingham, B31 3QJ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 3QL (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 3QN (No Longer In Use)

Cofton Road, Birmingham, B31 3QP

Birmingham, B31 3QQ (No Longer In Use)

Cofton Road, Birmingham, B31 3QR

Cofton Road, Birmingham, B31 3QS

Cofton Road, Birmingham, B31 3QT

Cropredy Road, Birmingham, B31 3QU

Alvechurch Road, Birmingham, B31 3QW

Condover Road, Birmingham, B31 3QX

Condover Road, Birmingham, B31 3QY

Birmingham, B31 3QZ (No Longer In Use)

Broseley Avenue, Birmingham, B31 3RA

Cropredy Road, Birmingham, B31 3RB

Cropredy Road, Birmingham, B31 3RD

Clee Road, Birmingham, B31 3RE

Clee Road, Birmingham, B31 3RF

Clee Road, Birmingham, B31 3RG

Sibdon Grove, Birmingham, B31 3RH

Beeches Way, Birmingham, B31 3RJ

Highcrest Close, Birmingham, B31 3RL

Birmingham, B31 3RN (No Longer In Use)

Dormy Drive, Birmingham, B31 3RP

Birmingham, B31 3RQ (No Longer In Use)

Fairfax Road, Birmingham, B31 3RR

Fairfax Road, Birmingham, B31 3RS

Fairfax Road, Birmingham, B31 3RT

Edgehill Road, Birmingham, B31 3RU

Birmingham, B31 3RW (No Longer In Use)

Edgehill Road, Birmingham, B31 3RX

Chirbury Grove, Birmingham, B31 3RY

Edgehill Road, Birmingham, B31 3SA

Fairfax Road, Birmingham, B31 3SB

Fairfax Road, Birmingham, B31 3SD

Fairfax Road, Birmingham, B31 3SE

Fairfax Road, Birmingham, B31 3SF

Fairfax Road, Birmingham, B31 3SG

Fairfax Road, Birmingham, B31 3SH

Merrishaw Road, Birmingham, B31 3SJ

Merrishaw Road, Birmingham, B31 3SL

Merrishaw Road, Birmingham, B31 3SN

Birmingham, B31 3SP (No Longer In Use)

Fairfax Drive, Birmingham, B31 3SQ

Birmingham, B31 3SR (No Longer In Use)

Fairfax Road, Birmingham, B31 3SS

Fairfax Road, Birmingham, B31 3ST

Worthen Grove, Birmingham, B31 3SU

Merrishaw Road, Birmingham, B31 3SW

Titterstone Road, Birmingham, B31 3SX

Clunbury Road, Birmingham, B31 3SY

Clunbury Road, Birmingham, B31 3SZ

Birmingham, B31 3TA (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 3TB (No Longer In Use)

Station Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3TE

Birmingham, B31 3TF (No Longer In Use)

West Heath Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3TG

Staple Hall Road, Birmingham, B31 3TH

Abbeydale Road, Birmingham, B31 3TJ

Abbeydale Road, Birmingham, B31 3TL

West Heath Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3TN

Bowood Crescent, Birmingham, B31 3TP

West Heath Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3TQ

Chesterfield Close, Birmingham, B31 3TR

Chesterfield Close, Birmingham, B31 3TS

Kelvin Road, Birmingham, B31 3TT

West Heath Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3TU

West Heath Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3TW

West Heath Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3TX

Birmingham, B31 3TZ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 3UA (No Longer In Use)

Church Hill, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3UB

Middlemore Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3UD

The Croft, Birmingham, B31 3UE

Middlemore Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3UG

Corley Avenue, Birmingham, B31 3UH

Eastville, Birmingham, B31 3UJ

Middlemore Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3UL

Middlemore Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3UN

Middlemore Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3UP

Middlemore Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3UW

Birmingham, B31 3UZ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 3WH (No Longer In Use)

Rea Valley Drive, Birmingham, B31 3XA

Over Brunton Close, Birmingham, B31 3XB

Old Bank Top, Birmingham, B31 3XD

Rea Valley Drive, Birmingham, B31 3XE

Bridge Piece, Birmingham, B31 3XF

Crabtree Close, Birmingham, B31 3XG

Open Field Close, Birmingham, B31 3XH

Furlong Meadow, Birmingham, B31 3XJ

Moor Leasow, Birmingham, B31 3XL

Rea Valley Drive, Birmingham, B31 3XN

Ockam Croft, Birmingham, B31 3XP

Rea Valley Drive, Birmingham, B31 3XQ

Cookes Croft, Birmingham, B31 3XR

Rea Valley Drive, Birmingham, B31 3XS

New Meadow Close, Birmingham, B31 3XT

Rea Valley Drive, Birmingham, B31 3XU

Dice Pleck, Birmingham, B31 3XW

Farfield Close, Birmingham, B31 3XX

Birmingham, B31 3XY (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 3YA (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 3YB (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 3YH (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 3YN (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 3YQ

Birmingham, B31 3YT (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 3ZE (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 3ZT (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 3ZY (No Longer In Use)

Turves Green, Birmingham, B31 4AA

Turves Green, Birmingham, B31 4AB

Coleys Lane, Birmingham, B31 4AD

Birmingham, B31 4AE (No Longer In Use)

Coleys Lane, Birmingham, B31 4AF

Coleys Lane, Birmingham, B31 4AG

Turves Green, Birmingham, B31 4AH

Bishops Gate, Birmingham, B31 4AJ

Greenland Avenue, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 4AL

Birmingham, B31 4AN (No Longer In Use)

Harpers Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 4AP

Long Green Close, Birmingham, B31 4AQ

Harpers Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 4AR

Purslow Grove, Birmingham, B31 4AS

Harpers Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 4AT

Adstone Grove, Birmingham, B31 4AU

Harpers Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 4AW

Cressage Avenue, Birmingham, B31 4AX

Centenary Close, Birmingham, B31 4AY

Treeside Way, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 4AZ

Heathlands Grove, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 4BA

Willetts Road, Birmingham, B31 4BB

Willetts Road, Birmingham, B31 4BD

Willetts Road, Birmingham, B31 4BE

Willetts Road, Birmingham, B31 4BG

Willetts Road, Birmingham, B31 4BH

Turves Green, Birmingham, B31 4BJ

Turves Green, Birmingham, B31 4BL

Turves Green, Birmingham, B31 4BN

Turves Green, Birmingham, B31 4BP

Willetts Road, Birmingham, B31 4BQ

Turves Green, Birmingham, B31 4BS

Merino Avenue, Birmingham, B31 4BT

Birmingham, B31 4BU (No Longer In Use)

Turves Green, Birmingham, B31 4BW

Birmingham, B31 4BX (No Longer In Use)

Turves Green, Birmingham, B31 4BY

Turves Green, Birmingham, B31 4BZ

Turves Green, Birmingham, B31 4DA

Turves Green, Birmingham, B31 4DB

Munslow Grove, Birmingham, B31 4DD

Munslow Grove, Birmingham, B31 4DE

Jubilee Close, Birmingham, B31 4DF

Turves Green, Birmingham, B31 4DG

Birmingham, B31 4DJ (No Longer In Use)

Hawkesley Crescent, Birmingham, B31 4DL

Hawkesley Crescent, Birmingham, B31 4DN

Coney Green Drive, Birmingham, B31 4DP

Coney Green Drive, Birmingham, B31 4DR

Coney Green Drive, Birmingham, B31 4DS

Coney Green Drive, Birmingham, B31 4DT

Coney Green Drive, Birmingham, B31 4DU

Coney Green Drive, Birmingham, B31 4DX

Birmingham, B31 4DZ (No Longer In Use)

Tollgate Close, Birmingham, B31 4EA

Coney Green Drive, Birmingham, B31 4EB

Shifnal Walk, Birmingham, B31 4ED

Shifnal Walk, Birmingham, B31 4EE

Birmingham, B31 4EF (No Longer In Use)

Shifnal Walk, Birmingham, B31 4EG

Shifnal Walk, Birmingham, B31 4EH

Coney Green Drive, Birmingham, B31 4EJ

Coney Green Drive, Birmingham, B31 4EL

Reabrook Road, Birmingham, B31 4EN

Reabrook Road, Birmingham, B31 4EP

Birmingham, B31 4EQ (No Longer In Use)

Stokesay Grove, Birmingham, B31 4ER

Walnut Way, Birmingham, B31 4ES

Walnut Way, Birmingham, B31 4ET

Hawkesley Drive, Birmingham, B31 4EU

Birmingham, B31 4EW (No Longer In Use)

Hawkesley Drive, Birmingham, B31 4EX

Hawkesley Drive, Birmingham, B31 4EY

Hawkesley Drive, Birmingham, B31 4EZ

The Oak Walk, Birmingham, B31 4HA

Moorpark Road, Birmingham, B31 4HB

Moorpark Road, Birmingham, B31 4HD

Moorpark Road, Birmingham, B31 4HE

Eden Close, Birmingham, B31 4HG

The Mill Walk, Birmingham, B31 4HH

Birmingham, B31 4HJ (No Longer In Use)

The Mill Walk, Birmingham, B31 4HL

Central Avenue, Birmingham, B31 4HN

Central Avenue, Birmingham, B31 4HQ

Cedar Way, Birmingham, B31 4HR

Laburnum Way, Birmingham, B31 4HS

Central Avenue, Birmingham, B31 4HT

Central Avenue, Birmingham, B31 4HU

Central Avenue, Birmingham, B31 4HW

Rowan Way, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 4HX

Maple Way, Birmingham, B31 4HY

Birmingham, B31 4HZ (No Longer In Use)

Central Avenue, Birmingham, B31 4JA

Central Avenue, Birmingham, B31 4JB

Cypress Way, Birmingham, B31 4JD

Cypress Way, Birmingham, B31 4JE

Birmingham, B31 4JF (No Longer In Use)

Central Avenue, Birmingham, B31 4JG

Central Avenue, Birmingham, B31 4JH

Central Avenue, Birmingham, B31 4JJ

Culmington Road, Birmingham, B31 4JL

Culmington Road, Birmingham, B31 4JN

Central Avenue, Birmingham, B31 4JP

Central Avenue, Birmingham, B31 4JQ

Central Avenue, Birmingham, B31 4JR

Central Avenue, Birmingham, B31 4JS

Longbridge Lane, Birmingham, B31 4JT

Whitcot Grove, Birmingham, B31 4JU

Culmington Road, Birmingham, B31 4JW

Longbridge Lane, Birmingham, B31 4JX

Burnside Way, Birmingham, B31 4JY

Burnside Way, Birmingham, B31 4JZ

Longbridge Lane, Birmingham, B31 4LA

Bittell Close, Birmingham, B31 4LB

Elder Close, Birmingham, B31 4LD

Longbridge Lane, Birmingham, B31 4LF

Birmingham, B31 4LG (No Longer In Use)

Bittell Close, Birmingham, B31 4LH

Sunbury Road, Birmingham, B31 4LJ

Sunbury Road, Birmingham, B31 4LL

Haldon Grove, Birmingham, B31 4LN

Thurlestone Road, Birmingham, B31 4LP

Longbridge Lane, Birmingham, B31 4LQ

Birmingham, B31 4LR (No Longer In Use)

Thurlestone Road, Birmingham, B31 4LS

Falfield Grove, Birmingham, B31 4LT

Thurlestone Road, Birmingham, B31 4LU

Birmingham, B31 4LW (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 4LX (No Longer In Use)

Dearmont Road, Birmingham, B31 4LY

Dearmont Road, Birmingham, B31 4LZ

Thurlestone Road, Birmingham, B31 4NA

Thurlestone Road, Birmingham, B31 4NB

Thelbridge Road, Birmingham, B31 4ND

Thelbridge Road, Birmingham, B31 4NE

Fountain Close, Birmingham, B31 4NF

Lannacombe Road, Birmingham, B31 4NG

Thelbridge Road, Birmingham, B31 4NH

Hartland Road, Birmingham, B31 4NJ

Ilsham Grove, Birmingham, B31 4NL

Bayford Avenue, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 4NN

Cofton Grove, Birmingham, B31 4NP

Ilsham Grove, Birmingham, B31 4NR

Ilsham Grove, Birmingham, B31 4NS

Lannacombe Road, Birmingham, B31 4NT

Lannacombe Road, Birmingham, B31 4NU

Bayford Avenue, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 4NW

Lannacombe Road, Birmingham, B31 4NX

Goodleigh Avenue, Birmingham, B31 4NY

Goodleigh Avenue, Birmingham, B31 4NZ

Thurlestone Road, Birmingham, B31 4PA

Crowhurst Road, Birmingham, B31 4PB

Thurlestone Road, Birmingham, B31 4PD

Birmingham, B31 4PE (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 4PF (No Longer In Use)

Edenhurst Road, Birmingham, B31 4PH

Edenhurst Road, Birmingham, B31 4PJ

Edenhurst Road, Birmingham, B31 4PL

Edenhurst Road, Birmingham, B31 4PN

Edenhurst Road, Birmingham, B31 4PP

Edenhurst Road, Birmingham, B31 4PQ

Hopwood Grove, Birmingham, B31 4PR

Groveley Lane, Birmingham, B31 4PS

Groveley Lane, Birmingham, B31 4PT

Birmingham, B31 4PU (No Longer In Use)

Edenhurst Road, Birmingham, B31 4PW

Birmingham, B31 4PY (No Longer In Use)

Groveley Lane, Birmingham, B31 4PZ

Groveley Lane, Birmingham, B31 4QA

Groveley Lane, Birmingham, B31 4QB

Groveley Lane, Birmingham, B31 4QD

Groveley Lane, Birmingham, B31 4QE

Groveley Lane, Birmingham, B31 4QF

Groveley Lane, Birmingham, B31 4QG

Groveley Lane, Birmingham, B31 4QH

Carbridge Close, Birmingham, B31 4QJ

Austin Rise, Birmingham, B31 4QN

Longbridge Lane, Birmingham, B31 4QP

Groveley Lane, Birmingham, B31 4QQ

Grayswood Road, Birmingham, B31 4QR

Coombes Lane, Birmingham, B31 4QS

Coombes Lane, Birmingham, B31 4QT

Coombes Lane, Birmingham, B31 4QU

Coombes Lane, Birmingham, B31 4QW

Coombes Lane, Birmingham, B31 4QX

Hewell Close, Birmingham, B31 4QY

Orchard Drive, Birmingham, B31 4QZ

Somerset Drive, Birmingham, B31 4RA

Coombes Lane, Birmingham, B31 4RB

Longbridge Lane, Birmingham, B31 4RD

Longbridge Lane, Birmingham, B31 4RE

Longbridge Lane, Birmingham, B31 4RF

Heath Croft, Birmingham, B31 4RG

Longbridge Lane, Birmingham, B31 4RH

Longbridge Lane, Birmingham, B31 4RJ

Francis Walk, Birmingham, B31 4RL

Parkdale Drive, Birmingham, B31 4RN

Kingswood Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 4RP

Birmingham, B31 4RQ (No Longer In Use)

Kingswood Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 4RR

Marden Grove, Birmingham, B31 4RS

Kingswood Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 4RT

Kingswood Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 4RU

Parkdale Drive, Birmingham, B31 4RW

Brandon Grove, Birmingham, B31 4RX

Ditton Grove, Birmingham, B31 4RY

Birmingham, B31 4RZ (No Longer In Use)

Heronfield Drive, Birmingham, B31 4SA

Kingswood Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 4SB

Beeches Farm Drive, Birmingham, B31 4SD

Birmingham, B31 4SE (No Longer In Use)

Longhurst Croft, Birmingham, B31 4SG

Longbridge Lane, Birmingham, B31 4SH

Longbridge Lane, Birmingham, B31 4SJ

Forrell Grove, Birmingham, B31 4SL

Forrell Grove, Birmingham, B31 4SN

Longbridge Lane, Birmingham, B31 4SP

Longhurst Croft, Birmingham, B31 4SQ

Nuthurst Road, Birmingham, B31 4SR

Leycester Close, Birmingham, B31 4SS

Wootton Road, Birmingham, B31 4ST

Longmeadow Grove, Birmingham, B31 4SU

Birmingham, B31 4SW (No Longer In Use)

Nuthurst Road, Birmingham, B31 4SX

Windsor Close, Birmingham, B31 4SY

Nimmings Close, Birmingham, B31 4TA

Walters Close, Birmingham, B31 4TB

Nuthurst Road, Birmingham, B31 4TD

Richards Close, Birmingham, B31 4TE

Nuthurst Road, Birmingham, B31 4TG

Nuthurst Road, Birmingham, B31 4TH

Wootton Road, Birmingham, B31 4TJ

Nuthurst Road, Birmingham, B31 4TL

Plymouth Close, Birmingham, B31 4TN

Birmingham, B31 4TP (No Longer In Use)

Nuthurst Road, Birmingham, B31 4TQ

Longbridge Lane, Birmingham, B31 4TS

Rea Close, Birmingham, B31 4TT

Robinsfield Drive, Birmingham, B31 4TU

Longbridge Lane, Birmingham, B31 4TX

Longbridge Lane, Birmingham, B31 4TY

Robinsfield Drive, Birmingham, B31 4TZ

Alvechurch Road, Birmingham, B31 4UB

Longbridge Lane, Birmingham, B31 4UD

Birmingham Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 4UE

Birmingham, B31 4UF (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 4UG

Birmingham Road, Birmingham, B31 4UH

Birmingham, B31 4UJ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 4UP (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 4UZ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 4WA (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 4WB (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 4WD (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 4WH

Birmingham, B31 4WQ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 4WT (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 4XH (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 4YA (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 4YB (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 4YH (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 4ZH (No Longer In Use)

Frankley Beeches Road, Birmingham, B31 5AA

Frankley Beeches Road, Birmingham, B31 5AB

Newlyn Road, Birmingham, B31 5AD

Frankley Beeches Road, Birmingham, B31 5AE

Frankley Beeches Road, Birmingham, B31 5AF

Birmingham, B31 5AG (No Longer In Use)

Barn Meadow Close, Birmingham, B31 5AJ

Low Field Close, Birmingham, B31 5AL

Hill Top Road, Birmingham, B31 5AN

Hill Top Road, Birmingham, B31 5AP

Birmingham, B31 5AQ (No Longer In Use)

Park View Road, Birmingham, B31 5AR

Park View Road, Birmingham, B31 5AS

Park View Road, Birmingham, B31 5AT

Park View Road, Birmingham, B31 5AU

Hill Top Road, Birmingham, B31 5AW

Green Park Road, Birmingham, B31 5AX

Fairway, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5AY

Birmingham, B31 5AZ (No Longer In Use)

Fairway, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5BA

Fairway, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5BB

Green Park Road, Birmingham, B31 5BD

West Park Avenue, Birmingham, B31 5BE

West Park Avenue, Birmingham, B31 5BG

West Park Avenue, Birmingham, B31 5BH

Birmingham, B31 5BJ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 5BL (No Longer In Use)

Long Saw Drive, Birmingham, B31 5BN

Out Wood Drive, Birmingham, B31 5BP

West Park Avenue, Birmingham, B31 5BQ

Chelston Road, Birmingham, B31 5BS

Chelston Road, Birmingham, B31 5BT

Chelston Road, Birmingham, B31 5BU

Birmingham, B31 5BW (No Longer In Use)

Torre Avenue, Birmingham, B31 5BX

Hanging Lane, Birmingham, B31 5BY

Hanging Lane, Birmingham, B31 5BZ

Hanging Lane, Birmingham, B31 5DA

Beech Park Road, Birmingham, B31 5DB

Frogmill Road, Birmingham, B31 5DD

Josiah Road, Birmingham, B31 5DE

Josiah Road, Birmingham, B31 5DF

Josiah Road, Birmingham, B31 5DG

Dockar Road, Birmingham, B31 5DH

Dockar Road, Birmingham, B31 5DJ

Hanging Lane, Birmingham, B31 5DL

Hanging Lane, Birmingham, B31 5DN

Bodenham Road, Birmingham, B31 5DP

Broad Field Road, Birmingham, B31 5DQ

Bodenham Road, Birmingham, B31 5DR

Bodenham Road, Birmingham, B31 5DS

Bodenham Road, Birmingham, B31 5DT

Bedlam Wood Road, Birmingham, B31 5DU

Bedlam Wood Road, Birmingham, B31 5DW

Sovereign Heights, Birmingham, B31 5DX

Sovereign Heights, Birmingham, B31 5DY

Parkside Way, Birmingham, B31 5DZ

Oaklands Way, Birmingham, B31 5EA

Tessall Lane, Birmingham, B31 5EB

Tessall Lane, Birmingham, B31 5ED

Tessall Lane, Birmingham, B31 5EE

Tessall Lane, Birmingham, B31 5EF

Tessall Lane, Birmingham, B31 5EG

Woodcock Close, Birmingham, B31 5EH

Sheldon Drive, Birmingham, B31 5EJ

Woodcock Close, Birmingham, B31 5EL

Tessall Lane, Birmingham, B31 5EN

Elan Road, Birmingham, B31 5EP

Tessall Lane, Birmingham, B31 5EQ

Manor Park Grove, Birmingham, B31 5ER

Parkside Way, Birmingham, B31 5ES

Tessall Lane, Birmingham, B31 5ET

Tessall Lane, Birmingham, B31 5EU (No Longer In Use)

Illey Close, Birmingham, B31 5EW

Blue Gate Lane, Birmingham, B31 5EX

Tessall Lane, Birmingham, B31 5EY

Tessall Lane, Birmingham, B31 5EZ

Lower Beeches Road, Birmingham, B31 5FL

Herbert Road, Birmingham, B31 5GA

Frogmill Road, Birmingham, B31 5GB

Little Cott Lane, Birmingham, B31 5GD

Tessall Lane, Birmingham, B31 5HA

Larch Drive, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5HB

New Wood Drive, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5HD

Hollymoor Way, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5HE

Balaams Wood Drive, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5HF

Great Farley Drive, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5HG

Farren Road, Birmingham, B31 5HH

Farren Road, Birmingham, B31 5HJ

Farren Road, Birmingham, B31 5HL

Farren Road, Birmingham, B31 5HN

Farren Road, Birmingham, B31 5HP

Sedgebourne Way, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5HQ

Grigg Grove, Birmingham, B31 5HR

Birch Avenue, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5HS

The Green, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5HT

Tarragon Gardens, Birmingham, B31 5HU

Farren Road, Birmingham, B31 5HW

Pepper Wood Drive, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5HX

Dordale Close, Birmingham, B31 5HY

Birmingham, B31 5HZ (No Longer In Use)

Lower Beeches Road, Birmingham, B31 5JA

Lower Beeches Road, Birmingham, B31 5JB

Lime Kiln Road, Birmingham, B31 5JD

Raven Hays Road, Birmingham, B31 5JE

The Coppice, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5JF

Topland Grove, Birmingham, B31 5JG

Handley Grove, Birmingham, B31 5JH

Topland Grove, Birmingham, B31 5JJ

Gorsymead Grove, Birmingham, B31 5JL

Hop Leasow, Birmingham, B31 5JN

Raven Hays Road, Birmingham, B31 5JP

Elm Drive, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5JQ

Raven Hays Road, Birmingham, B31 5JR

Drumlin Walk, Birmingham, B31 5JS

Birmingham, B31 5JT (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 5JU (No Longer In Use)

Ash Drive, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5JW

Birmingham, B31 5JX (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 5JY (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 5JZ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 5LA (No Longer In Use)

Knowles Way, Birmingham, B31 5LB

Birmingham, B31 5LD (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 5LE (No Longer In Use)

Lower Beeches Road, Birmingham, B31 5LF

Frankley Beeches Road, Birmingham, B31 5LN

Hanging Lane, Birmingham, B31 5LP

Lomas Drive, Birmingham, B31 5LR

Birmingham, B31 5LS (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 5LT (No Longer In Use)

Frankley Beeches Road, Birmingham, B31 5LW

Frankley Beeches Road, Birmingham, B31 5LX

Frankley Beeches Road, Birmingham, B31 5LY

Frankley Beeches Road, Birmingham, B31 5LZ

Masonleys Road, Birmingham, B31 5NA

Frankley Beeches Road, Birmingham, B31 5NH

Frankley Beeches Road, Birmingham, B31 5NJ

Frankley Beeches Road, Birmingham, B31 5NL

Frankley Beeches Road, Birmingham, B31 5NN

Egghill Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5NP

Egghill Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5NR

Westcote Avenue, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5NS

Egghill Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5NT

Egghill Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5NU

Norrington Road, Birmingham, B31 5NX

Norrington Grove, Birmingham, B31 5NY

Birmingham, B31 5NZ (No Longer In Use)

Norrington Road, Birmingham, B31 5PA

Norrington Road, Birmingham, B31 5PB

Fitzroy Road, Birmingham, B31 5PD

Wilden Close, Birmingham, B31 5PE

Taunton Close, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5PF

Fitzroy Road, Birmingham, B31 5PG

Norrington Road, Birmingham, B31 5PH

Norrington Road, Birmingham, B31 5PJ

Birmingham, B31 5PN (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 5PR (No Longer In Use)

Basil Road, Birmingham, B31 5PS

Basil Grove, Birmingham, B31 5PT

Frankley Lodge Road, Birmingham, B31 5PU

Frankley Lodge Road, Birmingham, B31 5PX

Frankley Lodge Road, Birmingham, B31 5PY

Frankley Lodge Road, Birmingham, B31 5PZ

Trescott Road, Birmingham, B31 5QA

Trescott Road, Birmingham, B31 5QB

Trescott Road, Birmingham, B31 5QD

Hare Grove, Birmingham, B31 5QE

Norman Lane, Birmingham, B31 5QF

Trescott Road, Birmingham, B31 5QG

Steene Grove, Birmingham, B31 5QH

Berwick Grove, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5QJ

Borrowdale Road, Birmingham, B31 5QL

Borrowdale Grove, Birmingham, B31 5QN

Borrowdale Road, Birmingham, B31 5QP

Borrowdale Road, Birmingham, B31 5QR

Birmingham, B31 5QT (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 5QU (No Longer In Use)

Tudbury Road, Birmingham, B31 5QZ

Porlock Crescent, Birmingham, B31 5RA

Tetbury Grove, Birmingham, B31 5RB

Dimsdale Road, Birmingham, B31 5RD

Dimsdale Road, Birmingham, B31 5RE

Allens Farm Road, Birmingham, B31 5RG

Besford Grove, Birmingham, B31 5RH

Dimsdale Grove, Birmingham, B31 5RJ

Waterworks Drive, Birmingham, B31 5RS

Frankley Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5SA

Frankley Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5SB

Frankley Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5SD

Broad Acres, Birmingham, B31 5SE

Russet Way, Birmingham, B31 5SF

Nutbush Drive, Birmingham, B31 5SG

Birmingham, B31 5SH (No Longer In Use)

Nutbush Drive, Birmingham, B31 5SJ

The Dell, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5SL

Hollyhedge Close, Birmingham, B31 5SN

Frankley Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5SP

Frankley Lane, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 5SR

Wheatfield View, Birmingham, B31 5SW

Birmingham, B31 5SZ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 5WA (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 5WB (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 5ZR (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9AA (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9AB (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9AD (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9AE (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9AF (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9AG (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9AH (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9AJ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9AL (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9AN (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9AP (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9AQ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9AR (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9AS

Birmingham, B31 9AT (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9AU (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9AW (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9AX (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9AY (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9AZ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9BA (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9BB (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9BD (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9BE (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9BF (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9BG (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9BH (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9BJ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9BL (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9BN (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9BP (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9BQ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9BR (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9BS (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9BT (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9BU (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9BW (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9BX (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9BY (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9BZ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9DA (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9DB (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9DD (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9DE (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9DF (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9DG (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9DH (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9DJ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9DL (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9DN (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9DP

Birmingham, B31 9DQ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9DR (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9DS (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9DT (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9DU (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9DW (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9DX (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9DY (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9DZ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9EA

Birmingham, B31 9EB (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9ED (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9EE (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9EF

Birmingham, B31 9EG (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9EH (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9EJ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9EN (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9EP (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9EQ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9ER (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9ES (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9ET (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9EU (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9EW (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9EX

Birmingham, B31 9EZ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9FA (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9FB

Birmingham, B31 9FD (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9FE

Birmingham, B31 9FF

Birmingham, B31 9FG

Birmingham, B31 9FH (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9FJ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9FL

Birmingham, B31 9FN

Birmingham, B31 9FQ (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9FR (No Longer In Use)

Birmingham, B31 9FS

Birmingham, B31 9PF