Battins and West Leigh Policing Neighbourhood

The Battins and West Leigh neighbourhood in the Hampshire Constabulary area covers the land indicated on the map to the right. For non-urgent queries, contact 101. For emergency assistance, please contact 999.

Contact Address Battins and West Leigh
Civic Centre Road
Telephone: 101
Force Website:

About Battins and West Leigh

The neighbourhood team have provided the following description of their work:

Battins and Bonfields sector is situated in the middle and is at the heart of Leigh Park with West Leigh to one side and Warren Park to the other.
It has a mixture of residential, retail and greenland within its borders, and is also host to the scenic Staunton Country Park. There are educational premises within the sector, which are the key to developing the understanding of young minds in the way the world functions.

There are signs of investment and regeneration creeping in around the Greywell shopping area, there is a new and improved library service and new accommodation is being built which is changing the landscape and hopefully a sign of things to come.

Many of the homes within the sector have become privately owned over the years, but local housing associations still play a major role in supporting local residents tenancies. As the public gain in confidence in our efforts more and more neighbourhood watch schemes are being developed which indicates that community cohesion is there waiting to be unlocked.

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