City of London Police

Telephone: 101

About City of London Police

The force team have provided the following description of their work:

Community Policing is at the very heart of our daily duties to protect and serve the 300,000 people who live in, work within and visit the City of London. Police officers and PCSOs work with City communities across three specific teams – Residential, Business and Street Intervention.

This structured approach helps focus our work within both the residential and business sectors of the City, while maintaining an active presence on the streets and helping to prevent crime.

Positioning our teams in this way makes for smarter, more efficient working with communities.

The teams have an integrated approach and share their knowledge and skills to help each other - to help you. This style of policing is designed to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges in an ever evolving vibrant City culture.

Neighbourhoods within City of London Police

The City of London Police includes the following policing neighbourhoods:

You may click on any of the neighbourhoods to view their contact details, information about the neighbourhood priorities, and so forth. Data courtesy of See our Data Sources page for more information.