Crimes Committed Near Low Cotehill, Carlisle, CA4 0EL in September 2019

Low Cotehill, Carlisle, CA4 0EL is within the Brampton policing neighbourhood, under the Cumbria Constabulary force area.

We have found 2 crimes in September 2019 within half a mile of the centre of CA4 0EL. All crime locations are approximate for reasons of privacy. Find out more here

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Violence and sexual offences

These are the 2 Violence and sexual offences crimes recorded in September 2019 within half a mile of Low Cotehill, Carlisle, CA4 0EL. Click the tabs above to view crimes in other categories.

Date Location Latest Outcome
September 2019 On or near Front Street September 2019: Investigation complete; no suspect identified
September 2019 On or near Townhead Road September 2019: Under investigation

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