Announcing the Release of the StreetCheck API

Announcing the Release of the StreetCheck API

We're pleased to announce the initial release of our API offering for businesses looking to integrate StreetCheck's data into their business applications and websites.

The API gives software developers access to not only the raw statistics, but also all of the charts and commentary that you can already find on As with all of the data on the StreetCheck website itself, we are fully committed to keeping the data up-to-date, and making new datasets available to all our API partners as soon as they become available on the website.

We are really excited to see what other businesses can do with the data that we have worked hard to bring together. Already, we are talking to several businesses who want to use the data for estate agent websites, targeting mailings and more.

Peter Bailey, MD of StreetCheck

The API costs just a half penny per lookup. There are no upfront costs, and all future improvements are provided at no additional cost.

If you would like more information on the new API, you can read our API page and sign up for a trial here. We provide you with a free trial login to the API (covering a small selection of the postcodes), and guide you through the process of setting up your systems to use the API.

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