We work hard to make sure that we have as much data as possible on all postodes in the United Kingdom. However, due to the size of the dataset (over two million postcodes), occassional errors and ommissions are inevitable. As some powers are devolved, not all datasets are available in all regions.

The following matrix helps to show which data is available in each region.

  England Wales Scotland N. Ireland
Demographics Yes Yes Yes Yes
Schools Yes Yes Yes Yes
Railway Stations Yes
(also Tube/DLR in London)
Yes Yes Yes
Broadband Yes Yes Yes Yes
GPs/Hospitals Yes Yes Yes Yes
Opticians/Dentists Yes No No No
House Prices Yes Yes No No

We do not have data for the Channel Islands, Isle of Man or British Overseas Territories at this time.

Interpreting the Data

Using our data requires some understanding of postcode and demographic data. In particular, we would like to draw your attention to the following:

Some postcodes are non-geographic. Some postcodes are asssigned to PO boxes, ships, trains, overseas military camps or other moveable locations. In those cases we will not be able to supply demographic data.

Street names will not be available for all postcodes. When viewing postcodes through our main website, you will note that we have street names for all relevant postcodes. However, when looking up those postcodes through the API, some street names will be omitted. This is for two reasons: 1) our API is not intended as an address lookup service, but as a demographic lookup service, and 2) our licencing agreement with Royal Mail specifically disallows re-selling of the address data we have licenced from them for our webpages.

If you require address lookups there are many providers of address information, we recommend Postcode Anywhere.

We try hard to source good open source address data for use in the API. We currently have addresses in the API for 75% of postcodes in England and Wales, and hope to add N.I. and Scotland information soon. Where we have a street name available through the API, it is always one that we have been able to source from open-source data, so can be freely used.